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Chapter n/a 15 days ago

In short: if you read only a few dozen chapters, you will understand, the novel is not bad at first, but for several factors you see that the story only gets worse, the author leaves it full of shit after the protagonist starts to progress maybe because of lack of ideas.

Chapter 157 2 months ago

for fuck sack i wrote a damn whole thing just to got error. i just want to say this novel have bearable writer, its typical harem novel with stupid MC who didn't fucking understand about his power for your note its have some good review in webnovel, so you can expect it, and some spoiler the Mother of MC its not his Mother

Chapter 466 2 months ago

not bad. . . but too much harem haha. . . i kinda dont like vampire maid(i forgot her name) and lilim daddy ver. . . . i like lilim serious ver tho. . . haha my bad. . .

Chapter 444 2 months ago

very good work, the harem is not done with just any girl, at least so far and it also has a good backstory. There are some points that leave the story unsettled, but nothing that gets in the way too much.

Chapter 25 2 months ago

Fairly straightforward story (at least so far) of MC who gets a second chance, in a different world and he has superpowers. MC so far tries to be good and sticking with his values. Kind of nice to have an MC that doesn't get corrupted by having power (ala "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, prepare for doom. ") Oh one thing I have noticed. . . this story ought to have an R-18/Adult tab due to sexual content.

Chapter 86 3 months ago

86 chapters in. The author is trying to write a smart mc but can’t because he cannot write a character smarter than himself. The moments where the MC is supposed to be smart are just common sense to most people. The type of author who uses a ton of modern terms to make his writing quirky but it just ruins any immersion. For example at one point a girl is confessing and she says “my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined” when asked what if the confession was a dream. Stuff like “cap” and “you’re not that guy pal” among others are common. All the women are one dimensional which can be expected from a smut novel, but still disappointing. Speaking of the smut, it’s written with a very limited vocabulary and imagination so don’t expect much. It’s abundantly clear from the interactions that it was written from the perspective of someone who has never been in a relationship. Also the MC is the kind of guy to complain about not being given oral, but won’t reciprocate for the woman. Give it a chance if you are bored, but there are better novels in this genre.

  • sempre00

    about him not receiving oral or doing it is his choice, there are many guys who don't like to use their mouth in s*x, this soap opera is just like that 1/5⭐

  • Ohoch

    Hey your review is very detailed and well written. You just saved from reading this but I’m still looking for something to read can I get your recommendations

    • BiteYouToDeath

      Similar to this type of novel that I’ve read, I’d say decent options include My Three Wives are beautiful vampires, Vampire hunter system, supreme harem god system, and dual cultivation. They may not be for you, but I think they are at least worth a try.

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Chapter 63 3 months ago

The MC is a yes man and a simp, constantly goaded into socially destructive situations because of a slutty ghost following him around. I managed to get through 40 chapters before dropping this to see if its decent even compared to smut novels. However, seeing the MC become more degenerate and turning into a Gary Stu completely ruined it. It doesn't deserve a 1 star rating since at the very least it isn't MTL or poor English. However, that's the only compliment I can give it.

Chapter 203 3 months ago

I think this novel is very good. Which mainly sees the mix of romance, harem, and comedy in it. For the depiction of time, the characters are good enough. The author is also quite ridiculous, recommended

Chapter 112 3 months ago

This review was written after reading 100 chapters. The writing quality of the novel is quite good with little to no mistakes. It has an interesting plot, with many mysteries surrounding the MC's powers and the world itself. Our MC, Rudy, is given a second chance at life except, as mentioned before, he now has godlike powers. Using this second chance, he wishes to amend the many mistakes he made in his first life and live his life differently from his first life, this includes creating a harem of girls he used to know and girls he has never met before. Overall, it is a great novel, with a lot of hilarious moments and . . . a lot of s*x.

Chapter n/a 3 months ago

Simply superb, light hearted novel. Yes the MC is OP and yes he does have a harem, but it’s very chill and fun. Think of it like a comedy from god’s POV.