Eternal Sacred King
Eternal Sacred King

Eternal Sacred King

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Eternal Sacred King novel is a popular light novel covering Action, and Xianxia genres. Written by the Author Snow-filled Bow Saber. 925 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


He is a young man without a spirit root. It is believed that this denies him the chance at cultivation. However, a mysterious lady imparts a Supreme Demon Classic to him and from then on, he starts his path of cultivation.
He undergoes a total transformation to emerge as the most fearsome and powerful fiendish demon in his era, that even immortals and fiends are fearful of him, and saints are at his beck and call.
Mastering the Supreme Demon Classic is the turning point in his life. He is able to unleash his immense and divine power from within, illuminating the entire universe!

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  • xrx

    Completely a hidden gem of a novel! Need more chapters!!

    11 days ago 0 Likes
    • Hash2O

      is there any love interest?

      3 days ago 0 Likes
    • xrx

      There are women who try to get close to him So far, he only acknowledges on girl but still isn’t with Not a harem, but there is a bit of romance I guess

      2 days ago 0 Likes
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So far im at chapter 670+, im liking this, this is somewhat like other cultivation novels but not exactly like it at the same time, he's not a simp and he has demonic cultivation which i find very interesting, some parts for me made me emotional, and some other were cliche, but so far im liking it so i hope it doesnt turn super cliche and annoying when there is more chapters translated, i will change my review if it does...


Well i gonna give it a review the story is still good. And also cause i am so boring after reading so many novel, manga, manhwa, manhua. This is a decent one


Wow I sure do enjoyed reading this novel the storyline everything about this novel is awesome I recommend this novel it has a different view in cultivation novel


i have just now started reading the novel and so far its really good. im interested in how the mc is going to continue to grow, and so far things are interesting.