Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 2024: Miraculous Trinity Auspicious Jade

Chapter 2024: Miraculous Trinity Auspicious Jade Translator: Legge

The hall fell silent once more and the atmosphere was a little stuffy.

The current situation was clear. As long as the two of them left the hall, they would definitely be discovered before long.

At that time, neither of them would be able to escape from the prince’s residence, let alone Green Cloud City!

Although the Black Tortoise Sacred Soul on Su Zimo’s Hell Suppression Tripod could kill Earth Immortal experts, there were not only Earth Immortals but also Heaven Immortals in this prince’s residence!

There would definitely be Perfected Immortal experts presiding over Green Cloud County as well!

It was impossible for the two of them to fight their way out.

Feng Ziyi had a pitch-black paper umbrella that could turn her invisible.

However, the pitch-black paper umbrella could only hide from the Mirage Eye. It was difficult for it to hide from the senses of Earth Immortals and Heaven Immortals.

This was not the Ten Absolute Hell where they could escape by turning into a butterfly or a flying insect.

Any sudden appearance of any living being in the prince’s residence would alert the guards!

A moment later, Feng Ziyi pursed her lips and said softly, “Actually, Yuan Zuo is not wrong. Even if we destroy his clone, we won’t be able to escape.”

Su Zimo glared at the corpse of Prince Yuan Zuo’s clone and a glint flashed through his eyes as he murmured, “Not necessarily.”


Feng Ziyi was stunned and asked, “You have a way to escape?”

“I can give it a shot,”

Su Zimo nodded.

As he spoke, his face and figure began to change. His muscles twitched and his body shone with a mysterious green glow.

Feng Ziyi looked at Su Zimo who was not far away with disbelief in her eyes.

In a few breaths, Su Zimo’s face gradually resembled Prince Yuan Zuo and even his figure was changing!

“This is… Myriad Transformations?”

Feng Ziyi’s eyes widened.

However, she quickly denied that thought.

The divine powers of transformation were the 36 Transformations, 72 Transformations and Myriad Transformations.

The 36 Transformations was a lesser divine power that could transform into gravel, mud, water and objects, turning into something lifeless.

The 72 Transformations was a greater divine power and could transform into living beings such as birds, beasts, flora and insects.

However, in order to transform into another person, one would have to release the supreme divine power, Myriad Transformations.

After comprehending Myriad Transformations, one could transform into anything. From the Kun and Dragon races to insignificant specks of dust, everything could be done with a single thought.

After comprehending Myriad Transformations, it was difficult for cultivators of the same cultivation realm to differentiate between reality and illusion.

Some races could comprehend that supreme divine power without cultivating it.

Legend has it that among the ape race, there was a type of six-eared monkey demon that was extremely rare. However, once their innate divine powers were awakened, they could master Myriad Transformations directly.

In order to cultivate the Dao of assassination, one had to master divine powers related to transformation.

As a top-tier assassin, Feng Ziyi naturally knew everything by heart.

Myriad Transformations was a supreme divine power and Su Zimo was only a Grade 1 Earth Immortal. Even if his Essence Spirit realm was high, it was far from the level of a Heaven Immortal and there was no way he could release Myriad Transformations.

Furthermore, Feng Zimo could not sense any divine power from Su Zimo.

Feng Ziyi looked at Su Zimo in a daze and realized that she could not understand this person anymore.

Actually, even if it was anyone else, they would not know what was going on, let alone Feng Ziyi.

In Su Zimo’s consciousness, the Creation Lotus Platform spun slowly.

The Green Lotus Essence Spirit sat on it and waved a jade green divine jade weapon gently.

That jade weapon was the Trinity Auspicious Jade derived from the advancement of the Creation Green Lotus to Grade 10!

Each time the Green Lotus Essence Spirit waved the Trinity Auspicious Jade, the jade weapon would release a mysterious glow that enveloped the Green Lotus Essence Spirit.

As for Su Zimo’s body, it would undergo some changes and he would resemble Prince Yuan Zuo more closely.

In the end, even his green robes vanished completely and were replaced by a brocade robe. It was the same as what Prince Yuan Zuo was wearing!

The Trinity Auspicious Jade waved continuously.

Su Zimo’s brows, hair and everything on his body were transforming into Prince Yuan Zuo.

The Trinity Auspicious Jade was extremely mysterious and possessed unimaginable abilities.

Previously in the Emperor’s Tomb, Su Zimo did not cultivate the cultivation technique imparted to him by the Black Tortoise Sacred Soul, the Prajna Nirvana Sutra on the third wall of the Hell Suppression Tripod, the Void Thunder Manual or research the Soul Lantern. Instead, he chose to explore the Trinity Auspicious Jade.

It was because there were too many unfathomable mysteries in this jade weapon that made one immersed and unable to extricate themselves.

Before returning, Su Zimo had already sensed that the Trinity Auspicious Jade had such an ability.

This was his first attempt earlier on and he was still a little rusty.

Therefore, it took a little longer.

If he could control it completely, as long as the Trinity Auspicious Jade waved and swiped gently, Su Zimo might transform into another person right away!

After a while, Su Zimo had already disappeared and was replaced by Prince Yuan Zuo who was standing on the spot!

If Feng Ziyi had not witnessed this personally, she would not have believed that this Prince Yuan Zuo was transformed from Su Zimo!

“W-What’s going on?”

Feng Ziyi asked instinctively with a puzzled expression.

Su Zimo smirked sinisterly and said in a frivolous tone, “Take a guess?”

With the augmentation of the Trinity Auspicious Jade, Su Zimo’s voice was no different from Prince Yuan Zuo’s.

However, Su Zimo could only rely on himself to imitate Prince Yuan Zuo’s attitude and tone.

Feng Ziyi was stunned for a moment before shaking her head. “Your voice is very similar, but your expression and tone are still slightly substandard.”

However, that slight difference was usually difficult to notice.

Feng Ziyi had a preconceived notion after knowing Su Zimo’s identity and that was why she could notice the difference.

Su Zimo said, “This is just a transformation after all. It’s unrealistic to want to be able to imitate his characteristics in a short period of time.”

If he wanted to imitate someone’s characteristics, he would have to observe them carefully at a close distance for a long time.

How long had Su Zimo known Prince Yuan Zuo?

Furthermore, he rarely had the chance to come into close contact with Prince Yuan Zuo. It was already rare for him to be able to imitate the latter to this extent.

“You want to pretend to be Yuan Zuo and leave this place?”

When Feng Ziyi saw Su Zimo like this, she quickly guessed his intentions.

“I can give it a shot,”

Su Zimo said deeply, “As long as I speak less, I should be able to hide from everybody without revealing any flaws.”


Feng Ziyi nodded.

If Su Zimo did not say anything, he would look exactly the same as Prince Yuan Zuo—there was no difference at all!

Feng Ziyi seemed to have thought of something and suddenly frowned. “No, there is still a loophole. Your cultivation realm is different from Yuan Zuo.”

The Trinity Auspicious Jade could transform Su Zimo into Prince Yuan Zuo’s appearance and even change his voice. However, his cultivation realm could not be changed.

That was indeed the greatest loophole of the plan.

Su Zimo shook his head gently and analyzed calmly, “There’s no need to worry. Given Yuan Zuo’s status, no one in Green Cloud City would dare to check his cultivation, let alone in the prince’s residence.”

Chapter 2024: Miraculous Trinity Auspicious Jade
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