Eternal Thief
Chapter 1060: Master & Disciple

Conner looked at Antonio with listless eyes, and a hint of confusion flashed past him, as all this was very strange to him.

Antonio suddenly released him from the Soul Torturing Nails and began asking him irrelevant questions. He didn't know what kind of play Antonio was playing with him, but he sure didn't like it.

"What can a heartless person who only knows how to cherish power would understand those who with a heart? Although I did something dumb in your eyes, I don't think you have the capacity to understand why I did what I did. So, stop with your mind games and just end me, or if you have a new way to torture me, bring it on!" His eyes flashed with undying determination and killing intent.

Ace sighed as he looked at Connor's determined expression. He was ready to die for what he believed in, and he didn't seem to regret anything he did.

Ace squatted down in front of Antonio and said with a complicated expression, "I don't think you would be so kind of someone who you know nothing about just because you had accepted him as your disciple; you are a worthy master that I never deserve."

Connor's eyes trembled when he heard those strange words from Antonio's mouth. He suddenly felt a strange familiarity. Before he could say anything, Antonio's figure suddenly began to twist, and under Connor's flabbergasted expression, Antonio's entire body changed into someone else, and this person was someone he was very familiar with.

This was the same person he blamed himself for pushing him to his death, the same person that haunted his dreams of not protecting him enough, and the same person he ended up in this miserable state.

"L-Leroy!?! No impossible! Bastard, are you trying to play tricks like this? You have no bottom line!" Connor roared like an angry lion with a murderous glare.

"You're right; I don't have any bottom line." Ace smiled wryly. But I'm not playing any tricks on you this time. You can see this if you don't believe it."

Ace then took out a bow before he released the orbit intent. Connor's heart skipped a beat because that bow was exactly the same that he had given to Leroy. Not to mention, the orbit intent was something he was most familiar with, and he didn't know anyone besides himself who had ever comprehended that intent. Not only that, but he sensed the Death Striker Archery Art's unique aura as well.

Leroy was the only one outside his clan who had ever thought of this art, and he was the only one who showed enough talent to comprehend the orbit intent and even surpass him one day. That's why he was so heartbroken and went on a rampage when he heard the news of Leroy's death.

But now, the same dead person was standing right in front of him, and the most shocking part was that he was also the Mortal Emperor, whom he hated the most. He had no idea if he was now under the illusion and his mind was playing tricks on him, but it seemed so real to be false.

"I-is it really you? But how…why?" Connor didn't even know what to ask anymore as his mind was too chaotic to think straight.

"It is me, but I'm neither Leroy nor Antonio. I took Leroy's face when I infiltrated the imperial school, and then I passed the test and became an imperial student, Leroy. I was the one you took as a disciple. I don't think the real Leroy would've even made it into the imperial school, much less passed your ridiculous test." Ace chuckled slightly.

"B-but why?" Connor still didn't understand why Ace did all this or what his purpose was.

"I don't think you'll understand even if I tell you. All I can give you is that I'm just a thief who goes around stealing from others as long as it suits me. The target was the Imperial Palace, so I needed an identity to infiltrate, and the Imperial School just happened to meet my requirements. There was another reason I went to the Imperial School; you'll understand it soon.

"Antonio is also gone, and I've taken his place just like I took Leroy's. I don't expect you to believe me, nor am I seeking your forgiveness. I'm here to repay you for teaching me archery and for showing kindness and care to me. You'll be my first teacher in my heart, whether you acknowledge me or not." Ace warmly smiled.

Connor was dazed, as he didn't know what to say or feel in this situation. On the one hand, he was relieved that his disciple was alive and somewhat elated because of his capability. On the other hand, he couldn't accept that Ace played with his kindness and goodwill.

Ace didn't wait for Connor's reply since he wasn't expecting anything from him. He flipped his hand, and a glistering silver egg appeared in it; this was the Life Jade of New Dawn that he found in Edward's space ring.

According to the system, it can bring anyone back to life from death and cure any wounds in an instant.

Ace then used his Qi, and the Life Jade of New Dawn suddenly glowed in gentle silvery light. A silver wisp of smoke began to rise. Using his Qi, he guided that smoke toward Connor.

Connor entire body was filled with wounds, and his meridians were broken. After being tortured for so long, he was extremely weak, and even a simple slap could kill him. So, he didn't have the ability to dodge this strange smoke, and even if he did, he didn't know if he would.

But suddenly, Connor's eyes widened with disbelief because the moment that silver smoke touched his body, he almost moaned in pleasure because an extremely gentle current began to circulate in his body, and the pain started to fade.

Furthermore, what shocked Connor was that his broken meridians were starting to heal as well. He had never heard of medicine that could heal the meridians like this; it was like he was being reborn again.

The five-foot egg in Ace's hand began to shrink visibly as Connor's body was taking that healing silver smoke. When it was shrunk up to 3'3-foot, Connor's body suddenly stopped absorbing more silver smoke.

Ace also stopped at this moment and looked at Connor, who was no longer in a miserable state. Except for his tattered clothes, he looked just like before, even healthier!

Connor opened his eyes, filled with vigor and complex emotions, as his meridians were completely healed. As long as he uses his cultivation technique to absorb Qi, he'll be at his peak in time and might even break through the bottleneck of the next stage.

It was quite ironic that the same person who was responsible for his state had now healed him. He didn't know if he should hate him or thank him.

"You said you are a thief who only knows how to steal and use others to reach your goals. Yet, you also know how to repay the kindness. I don't know how to judge you anymore.

"But since you still acknowledge me as your teacher and even healed me, I think I don't resent you. Having a capable disciple like you who can even infiltrate the imperial family and get rid of that bastard emperor, I can brag about it for life." Connor suddenly smiled warmly, feeling a weight lifted on his shoulders.

Ace was also relieved and smiled, "Thank you for your acknowledgment. It means a lot to me, Master."

Connor waved his hand and brushed it off, "Hah, I never thought I would have a thief as a disciple. It's still hard to process. Anyhow, can you do me another favor and save Principal Zack? Although he didn't know you, his purpose was the same as mine. He also lost his disciple and his reason to live.

"Furthermore, he should be in an even more miserable state than me since those guys were torturing him for his secret cultivation method." He sincerely requested.

Ace nodded without hesitation, "Even if you haven't asked me, I was going to save him anyway. Didn't I tell you I had another reason for entering the imperial school? Let me show you."

Connor was confused and suddenly felt something was not right as he followed behind Ace with a hint of strange anticipation!

Chapter 1060: Master & Disciple
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