Everyone Else is a Returnee
Everyone Else is a Returnee

Everyone Else is a Returnee

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Everyone Else is a Returnee novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Mystery, and Action genres. Written by the Author Toika. 358 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Left out during elementary school picnic.

Left out during middle school camp.

Left out during high school trip.

I finally became a college student and what? I’m left out from the entire humanity?

Yu IlHan who protects the earth alone while everybody’s away in other worlds.
His legend starts after humanity comes back and meets the Great Cataclysm!

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  • angelnosiah 6

    okay so it says it’s a harem but i’m curious, how many girls are in it cause if it’s more than two i can’t read 😭😭

  • Dan123 1

    Just finished. Personal Opinion: The first 2/3 were really good. Started after reading the manwha and the novel is in a similar style. The characters feel fresh, the story moves in a good pace (although I wouldn’t have needed the parts about cooking), the power system feels good and the humor was on point as the story doesn’t take itself to serious - so the OP Protagonist is ok! Sadly the last part was enormously disappointing for me. The story, about after Liera confesses just goes down the hill. The story sacrifices its key komponent - the humor, and takes itself way to serious! Power scaling gets thrown overbord as the MC now simply is the strongest without many explanation other than „ he is the chosen one“; Characters don’t get the screentime they deserve; an interesting story turns into the cliché good vs evil and the MC looses his character to become your typical „cool-op“ Harem Protagonist. Even characters that dies before get suddenly revived. Very rushed, bland ending

  • Khmerpd 1

    Is there another novel like this? I know that blood succubus has pretty much the same system as this

    • IReadAlotOfBooks 1

      Try cultivation online I was sent here from someone in that comment section saying this was similar lol

  • RAPznMUSICx 2

    I started this previous year and dropped it ate chapter 31 ... coz of draggy fight scenes... picked it again previous week, just realised that it's really good...


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    • DustyKitty 1

      Okay I will try to not spoil much but I will say this first, when you start reading it and if you feel it dragging on keep reading it's worth your time. All you have to do is wait for when everyone gets back and things start progressing faster and faster until it ends up at a good speed. There will be info dumps after returning but they are small and spaced far apart from each other you barely notice them. The fight sequences are very good. The character development is good but real romance stuff very late read if you could call it romance. Not very much world building in my opinion but when it's there, it's good. The fact that he is overpowered but not by much also is good and that he actively tries to get stronger, collect better loot, make better stuff through his own effort and not getting stuff handed to him is another plus. Well that's all I have to say so it's up to you now.

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  • Armin 8

    Guys lots of my friends recommended me to read this novel but a lot of comments and reviews are complaining about it's harem . How bad is it ? Pokémon style ?

    • Ateen_earold 3

      Yeah but atleast they had there personal goal at a point of time

  • Daoist_Pekkachu 4

    Guys i read till chapter 23 in the manhwa.. can u guys tell me Where it is here?? Chapter no. Plss😇

    • EzPz343 3

      Just read from the beginning... youll disrespect this otherwise... so much better than what the manhwa showed

      Edited: 25d
      • Jorginho26 1

        really, the webtoon is ending the story of this wonderful work.

  • LonelyVader 2

    Alright , I read the manhwa adaptation and this looked pretty good . Guess , its time to read the novel now that i've finally found it . - Lonely Vader , 20 Feb 2023

  • Kato09 5

    Bro the manhwa rlly made this novel get back on top

    • Yukihiro 2

      So that's why I suddenly found this in the top ranks

  • Zhaosi 1

    Yes, the other characters feel like a one dimensional characters. But, the MC's personality & way of thinking is likeable. This kind of MC is the most suitable for regression stories. Unlike regressors, he's in the blind. But he always prepares himself to face the unknown. He's not that stupid to ignore karma/cause & effect law/butterfly effect. No matter what he does, there will always be a consequence. He even takes into account about those cliches that happen in novels in case he may really experience those cliches. He always thinks that after killing a boss, he'll face a hidden boss, then after that another hidden boss willl appear, and so on. Unfortunately, there is no close combat scene. It's said that the MC's most terrifying aspect is his close combat capability, but he never fights bare-handed cuz there's no enemies that can drive him to do close combat.

    • raytbenmar 1

      yea, I just wish he was a little smarter, I'm not saying he's dumb, he's a bit ignorant but not dumb, but as someone who had read prob close to every book on earth, I expected him to be a big smarter-just not a stick-up-*ss know it all