Everyone Else is a Returnee

Everyone Else is a Returnee

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Everyone Else is a Returnee novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Mystery, and Action genres. Written by the Author Toika. 358 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Left out during elementary school picnic.

Left out during middle school camp.

Left out during high school trip.

I finally became a college student and what? I’m left out from the entire humanity?

Yu IlHan who protects the earth alone while everybody’s away in other worlds.
His legend starts after humanity comes back and meets the Great Cataclysm!

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  • UnknownUserNo1
    Mar 02, 2021

    Chapter 1 Note : Missing dialogues with no link from prologue

  • lnUser08977
    Feb 24, 2021

    Is it hardcore harem or just light? I get really annoyed of harems sometimes, The cool smart females turn into tsunderes when Harem happens sometimes, I have no idea whether this is my type of story or not

    • Jasper_Festiva
      Mar 03, 2021

      He was extremely dense with any/all romantic relationships for a large portion of the novel. Only when one of the girls persists over a prolonged period of time did he accept her. Afterwards he was quite reluctant to accept any other girls, only which after various scenarios that proved the girls feelings did he accept them. So, I would say a moderate harem level is fine. It isn't really too hardcore, unlike some other novels where the MC actively tries to get girls into his harem. It kind of happens naturally as the story progresses.

      • lnUser08977
        Mar 06, 2021

        Well sometimes a dense MC can attract my attention but, he sounds kind of...MEHH, The other story I've dropped annoyed me since he has many (Alias'?) identities, that in the later part of the story is annoying because In one identity this girl has a crush on him, In his real identity he has accepted a girlfriend already, but an acquaintance who knows of his real identity is alright at first, however in the later parts of the story she falls in love with him, and is somewhat actively trying to get in the way of his solid relationship, which annoyed me so much

  • Chchch
    Jan 25, 2021

    Ok ....i am just beginning the story (within ch 10.)But i dunno why the useless passerbys are so eager to be struck by empress's lightning???.Are they all dumb idiots??

  • Renegademortal (Banned)
    Dec 30, 2020

    would have been so fun if it was a "normal" novel with a calm and ruthless MC rather than dumb idiotic MC

  • UsernameUnavailable
    Dec 29, 2020

    The beginning was fun. Halfway in it began to be boring. After that "half" it started getting interesting again. And the ending was neat. (I mean the epilogue not the dark history part. Ngl that kinda confused me but after reading it i understood what it was lol)

  • ProximusRel Admin
    Nov 20, 2020

    The missing extra chapters have been uploaded.
    There are also "Dark History" chapters.

  • __I2AmReincarnated__
    Oct 22, 2020

    How can all the novels of an author be this good? Toika >>> Other Authors

  • aya07
    Aug 20, 2020

    I'm just 1/3 thru this and I'm really enjoying the MC's OP-ness and for some reason, I don't want any more romance to develop. I'm not really feeling the members of the harem. Damn just be forever single and powerful with your cute dragon son.

  • Gyr
    Aug 05, 2020

    I stubbed my toe so hard, I began to feel bad for my table leg.

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The story didnt progress that much eventhough it reached more than 150 chapter. The author decided to focus more on crafting equipment and the boring interaction between the mc and the angels.

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this is good im still reading rn but i just wana say that author is stupid, so what he cant use mana how can he if you wont give him a skill that needs mana to function? they keep saying he will one day use mana but he isn't even practicing? and how tf can people like his dad who was said to be at least lvl 10 in the other world, wield mana while he cant its doesn't make sense!!! how did other people practice mana in the other world while he cant do same thing!!!!!!!

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Its really a good novel. I personally think that the mc took a bit long for getting into romance and the novel was short. I would've liked if There were more chapters.
I really recommend this

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Overhyped. The story starts with an interesting plot hook but soon gets pretty repetitive. As much as the author aimed for humour, I did not really found it funny, leaving the same overpowered and epic protagonist as in the other novels, just without the mindset of one, breaking the 4th wall and watching out for "flags" and "foreshadows" in typical novels. Stays pretty enjoyable in the beginning, becomes tiring in the middle. Dropped after 200 chapters, that's why 3/5 (as I heard the end is good, 200 chapters deserve about 2.5/5).

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Its shot but truly good to read. The ending is a little stretched and it too good as an ending like damn no body die like for real hahaha buts tobe honest some did and i didn't want them to die but well u know what happens

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One of the best novels i have ever read. There is good character development and MC who is extremely smart and decisive, while still being totally dull with women.........

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Personally, i binged this and enjoyed the hell out of it. The mc was good, my only regret was... SPOILER-ish, that it ended up harem but didn't really have much relationship with any of the other wives until the epilogue, so there was mostly one sided development.

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A thoroughly enjoyable read. It was really nice to have an MC who was aware of the "tropes" of the story he was in and made such efforts to avoid all the baggage that characters normally had to deal with. The self awareness made even the more boring sections good fun.

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This is one of my favorites its good the story is good but some chapters made me angry for a while like its rushed but thats okay for me. 4.6

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The story is a bit ordinary at first but it's get more interesting as the story goes on, I like how the mc level up and the way MC predict the future

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i would give it a five if i didnt have to deal with the psychotic gf of the mc. like shes thinking of killing someone for having a crush. and the romance is just annoying like we get it you like him you psychotic bitch dont kill people. her character can be so annoying i just dont like her. everyone is fine and the story is fine but shes too demanding and shit and its annoying cant deal the mc should just be with yuna or kang mira anyways thats what i think im on ch 233 so im close to finishing i hope that the romance wont ruin the story and plot ill update later

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Good things
-Ruthless MC
-Not Idiot MC and actually thinking
-Not really showing mercy even though it's a girl or a boy
-Best waifus (especially the angel waifu)
-Comedy aswell
-Long Chapters
Bad things
-Mc is dense but acceptable
-Loner Mindset
-Arrogant Characters?
-Sometimes it goes hype then boring and then hype and then boring.

Overall it's good you should read this novel it's one of the best KR novels out there and has some one of the best waifus out there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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As an aspiring writer and an avid reader, I can say with 100% certainty that this is one of the best stories I have ever read. I would totally love more stuff by this author.

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I absolutely love this novel. The mc is definitely one the best out there. The comedy is well written throughout the story and it never gets boring. The plot is also pretty good and has a fair bit of suspense. The characters joke around even in tense situations which lightens the plot a bit.

Overall this is my fav.

If u like ERR, then I suggest reading ''I reincarnated for nothing'' next as it comes from the same author.

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I rll thank the tranators that they did that I rll like that novel im currently at page 248 and I will continue to read it I rll hope that it won't turn into a harem ending it was said in one chapter it will not be a harem i rll hope it is still like that

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