Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 23: I Remember That Scent!

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All three of them—Jiang Lai, Wu Fang, and the lady from the front desk—were so red-faced that their cheeks resembled the buttocks of a baboon.

Was the b*stard that Miss Yan spoke of really the CEO that everyone looked up to?

No one knew what the person on the other end of the phone said, but a few seconds later, Yan Qingsi threw the phone back to Jiang Lai. “Let’s go.”

Jiang Lai placed his phone back into his pocket and did not dare to press on any further. “After you.”

Curious, Wu Fang followed closely behind.

Once they reached the thirty-sixth floor, Yan Qingsi saw through the glass wall of the meeting room that Yue Tingfeng really was in a meeting.

Not only was the soundproofing expertly done, the glass walls were also incredibly crystal clear, to the point where Yue Tingfeng’s facial features could be seen with the utmost clarity.

The CEO’s seat was exclusively for him, while further down the table were the various Heads of Departments seated on either side. In Yan Qingsi’s opinion, no other man could rival Yue Tingfeng’s in terms of sheer breathtaking greatness.

She admitted to herself that she was a fetishist for good looks—his face was the only one she remembered during the past three years, for the sole reason that he was a pretty boy.

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He was so good-looking that her heart was rocked to its core.

Jiang Lai remarked, “See, CEO Yue is really having a meeting. Is it alright if you wait for a while?”

Yan Qingsi stared intently at Yue Tingfeng. “How long till it ends?”

Jiang Lai hesitated to answer, “I think… Well, I can’t say for sure.”

Yan Qingsi was not one to wait. Yue Tingfeng’s calm composure and aloof manner stirred the fire within her heart.

How could someone do what he did to her and still have a clear conscience?

Yan Qingsi wanted to get the b*stard back whenever she thought about all the ‘good deeds’ he did to her the night before.

She stretched her hand out and pushed the door, prompting Jiang Lai to stop her immediately. “Miss Qingsi, you can’t go in.”

Yan Qingsi pushed him away. “I insist on going in.”

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Jiang Lai was afraid to lay a hand on her; all he could do was stare at her as she pushed open the door and walked into the conference room.

The entire room fell silent as soon as Yan Qingsi entered.

Yue Tingfeng ignored her presence and said, “Continue…”

The department head who was presenting hurriedly picked up where was left off, “We’ve done an extensive survey of the market. Those between the age bracket of sixteen to forty seem most promising. We can focus on this group of people and listen to their suggestions, which we can then use to make improvements to the product.”

Yan Qingsi took slow steps toward Yue Tingfeng, but his expression did not deviate much from earlier. A few comments on the presentation escaped his thin lips. “This report isn’t detailed enough. Make a fresh one with more detail and have it sent to my office…”

She glanced at him once more and noticed his lack of reaction. Nothing seemed to change, and he looked as though he forbade himself from being affected by her presence during work hours.

Her lips crept into a smile. She bent her waist suddenly and placed her palms on the table, pressing herself onto his upper body and saying sarcastically, “Mr. Yue, can you see me now?”

Yue Tingfeng continued ignoring her. He knocked on the table and urged those dumfounded department heads, “Continue.”

Yan Qingsi lifted Yue Tingfeng’s chin. “You’ve already slept with me, you know. Why the f*ck are you still pretending?”

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The angle with which she bent down was sufficient for him to glance through her low-cut V-neck collar and see her cleavage. It was a treat for his eyes when he spotted a ‘peach flower’ printed on her snow-white skin.

His eyes turned frigid and he gently moved Yan Qingsi’s arm away.

“Continue. Who’s next? Don’t even think about leaving if we haven’t addressed the key issues of this season’s performance.”

Yan Qingsi smiled and nodded. “Really, Yue Tingfeng? Don’t force me to use my lethal skills…”

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