Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 25: I m Nothing but A Slut in His Eyes 1

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Her footsteps halted and she turned to flash a devilish grin at him. “I’ll only meet with men in the bedroom.”

Wu Fang, “…”

A loud clatter prompted Jiang Lai and Wu Fang to turn their heads. The laptop that had been on his desk lay broken in half on the floor. Wreckage and a shattered screen were all that remained.

Yue Tingfeng remained seated, with his upper body still tidy and his emotions still unwavering. His handsome grace and calm composure belied the fact that it was he who destroyed the laptop.

He cast a sidelong glance and said, “Wu Fang. Come in.”

Despite the unassuming tone of his voice, Jiang Lai felt a chill creeping up his spine.

It was inevitable that Yue Tingfeng would look menacing, especially when he was so calm.

Yan Qingsi was long gone by then. Wu Fang held the door handle but was incredibly reluctant to go in. Jiang Lai saw that something was not quite right and wondered if Wu Fang had noticed it too.

Yue Tingfeng looked at Wu Fang and uttered a single word. “Now.”

Jiang Lai knew that Yue Tingfeng had reached his limit. Yue Tingfeng should not be forced to repeat himself a third time because if that happened, Jiang Lai might also be facing his wrath.

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Jiang Lai urged on. “Go, Manager Wu.”

Afraid, Wu Fang mumbled, “No… I…”

Jiang Lai did Wu Fang an unkind favor by pushing open the door and shoving Wu Fang in.

Inertia did the rest and admitted Wu Fang into the room.

He halted his steps as abruptly as the sudden braking of a car. “Elder Cousin…what is it?”

As college mates and distant cousins, calling him ‘elder cousin’ seemed proper on account of Yue Tingfeng’s seniority.

From out of nowhere, the coin appeared between Yue Tingfeng’s index and middle finger, shuttling back and forth between them with much liveliness.

“Sit,” Yue Tingfeng ordered.

Wu Fang stood a hundred and eighty-seven centimeters tall, but his forehead was practically soaked with sweat.

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He sat down slowly and carefully.

Surprisingly though, Yue Tingfeng’s queries were all company-related. It involved the suggestions Wu Fang had put forth regarding the current year’s operations.

As the conversation continued, Wu Fang let his guard down, thinking to himself that perhaps CEO Yue did not take the bold girl too seriously. After all, she was just another female who did not merit being Yue Tingfeng’s subject of rumination.

Upon finishing the discussion of work matters, Wu Fang had worked up enough courage to ask, “Cousin, when did you get involved with such a ferocious woman? She’s a hot one. Her temper’s red-hot and her body’s even hotter. Those perky t*ts and that round a*s, her jugs are probably a C cup at least…”

Yue Tingfeng glanced briefly at the womanly windbreaker-like jacket that was lying on the floor, “Is there anything else?”

Wu Fang’s gossipy side began surfacing. “Did you really sleep with her last night? She said you stole her phone. Did you really take it, Cousin?”

Yue Tingfeng’s fingers ceased fiddling with the coin, allowing it to drop into his palm. He looked up and said, “Wu Fang, I’ve been very satisfied with your work ethic and your results as of late.”

The sudden change of topic left Wu Fang feeling stupefied.

However, he still managed to blurt out in haste, “Thank you so much, CEO Yue. I’ll continue to do my best.”

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Yue Tingfeng continued, “The company has recently decided to assist in the construction of fifty primary schools in the highlands, at no cost. I think it’d be perfect if you were the person-in-charge.”

Wu Fang was absolutely dumbfounded. “Cousin, I mean… CEO Yue…”

“Any objections?” Yue Tingfeng shot him a stare.

That stare subjected Wu Fang to a chilly feeling and he immediately shook his head, “No… Not at all… Why would I object?”

“Then you’ll leave with the group at one o’clock this afternoon.”

“What? This afternoon?” Wu Fang thought that he would have at least a few extra days to himself, where he could ask for favors or perhaps wait until the man in front of him was less angry so a discussion could be held, but that was not to be…Yue Tingfeng did not give him the liberty of time.

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