Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 26: I m Nothing but A Slut in His Eyes 2

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F*cking ruthless. It was already eleven o’clock, meaning there were less than two hours left to prepare.

Yue Tingfeng looked at Wu Fang’s expression and said, “In order to fully express the company’s philosophy of benevolence and charity, I hope you’ll see through the construction of all fifty schools, from the beginning until the very end. Whenever it finishes, that’s when you’ll come back.”

He then stood up and patted Wu Fang on the shoulder. “I have the utmost faith in you, Little Cousin.”

Wu Fang thought to himself, ‘F*ck…it’s a move designed specifically to shut me out.’

It would be the death of him to oversee fifty highland primary schools from start to finish.


Jiang Lai caught up hurriedly to Yue Tingfeng and entered the CEO’s office. Yue Tingfeng then stretched out his hand. Jiang Lai’s mind was briefly unable to process anything, but soon after, he quickly rummaged through own pockets and fished out a white smartphone.

It was already unlocked by the time Yue Tingfeng took it, and the first app he tapped on was the photo album.

Many a picture filled the gallery, but most of those images were that of scenery and only a few were shots of people.

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Among those few was a picture of a man and a woman.

Smiling happily at the camera was a handsome male foreigner and Yan Qingsi. The man placed his arm around Yan Qingsi’s neck, with both their heads leaning intimately against each other.

Jiang Lai laid eyes on the phone briefly before looking down. Was the phone about to shatter into pieces at the very next moment?

Without warning, Yue Tingfeng launched something through the air. Fortunately, Jiang Lai managed to catch it thanks to his acute reflexes.

“Destroy it.”

Jiang Lai nodded frantically and said, “Yes.”

He went out with the smartphone in hand and breathed out a long-drawn sigh.

Miss Sun, the secretary, held some documents intending to go in, but she asked Jiang Lai beforehand, “Is it okay to go in?”

Jiang Lai gestured by waving no, then proceeded to make a throat-slitting motion.

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‘Don’t dig your own grave.’

Yan Qingsi returned to her rental room, where Miss Mai had been waiting for her.

Impatience could be heard from Miss Mai’s question. “So?”

Yan Qingsi collapsed onto the sofa and said, “It’s a fail.”

Her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling, without giving away any inkling of her current mood and state of mind.

Miss Mai wanted to chastise Yan Qingsi, but the latter’s downtrodden demeanor elicited more pity than anger. Miss Mai cursed out, “There’s no such thing as a good man! All you can do is count on your own self in the future. You can’t place any hope in them.”

“You’re right…” Yan Qingsi mumbled.

Hope could be placed only on oneself, not others; trust no one and rely only on oneself.

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Those thoughts floated in Yan Qingsi’s mind, leaving her on the verge of a bitter laugh. Why would someone like Yue Tingfeng come to her aid after three years of her absence?

What was his reason for helping her? The fact that she slept with him once three years ago?

Heh, a man like Yue Tingfeng had no shortage of women to choose from.

Who did Yan Qingsi think she was?

Yan Qingsi was no more than a slut in his eyes. Yes, a slut.

How could she be a good character when she seduced her aunt’s man?

Even if she did spend the previous night with him, it was she who ‘voluntarily’ hit on him—it would have been a loss for him if he did not sleep with her.

Miss Mai was familiar with the cold harsh truth of the world, but if she could leave a good employer and open up her own studio, it was because she saw something special in Yan Qingsi. Miss Mai’s spirits were not to be dampened.

“I’ll look for an old friend. Recently she’s been shooting a film too, but it’ll be broadcasted on the internet instead of the mainstream because they kept production costs low. With our current situation, we can’t be choosy. I’ll bring you to meet her later.”

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Yan Qingsi nodded. “Okay.”

There were still a couple of things Miss Mai wanted to say, but when she looked at Yan Qingsi’s lethargic face, all she could do was pat Yan Qingsi’s shoulder. “Rest well…I’ll be going now.”

Miss Mai got up and went for the door. Her hand was about to reach for the handle when she heard Yan Qingsi’s mumbling behind her. “Miss Mai. The feeling when someone tramples over your dignity, it’s really…unbearable…”

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