Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 29: Ignoring Him Was the Best Option 1

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She stopped short of telling him: ‘Yes, I’m doing this on purpose. Whatcha gonna do ’bout it?’

Seeing as Yue Tingfeng still did not touch his chopsticks, Yan Qingsi asked again, “You don’t like that one? How about…some sliced beef?”

Yan Qingsi took a few slices and gave it to him. His stomach churned at the sight of the food, but his expression gave nothing away.

She was not about to let him off the hook just yet. If Yue Tingfeng still did not touch his chopsticks, Yan Qingsi would continue piling food onto his plate.

Her act of sleeping with him two nights ago was done in vain—he bit her and left marks all over her body. He even humiliated her the day before. All that resentment and indignation she felt toward him had yet to dissipate, and she was adamant to act out those feelings on him.

Miss Mai looked on with a frown. She knew Yan Qingsi well and deemed it out of character for the latter to be so rude. Judging from the situation, Yan Qingsi was not cozying up to Yue Tingfeng, but rather, she seemed disgusted at him. What was she playing at here?

Did she not know that the Yue’s clan’s young master was not to be provoked?

Miss Mai worried silently to herself. She wanted to give Yan Qingsi a little reminder but was afraid that doing so would be too abrupt.

Yue Tingfeng looked at Yan Qingsi’s dazzling face. “Are you that eager for me to eat? Hm?”

A hint of arousal seemed to trail off from his last syllable, evoking a sense of curiousness in those who were present. Though it seemed insignificant, it surprised everyone because it gave the impression that there was more to the two of them than meets the eye.

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Smiling, Yan Qingsi responded, “Yes. I’m waiting to see…if you’ll do me the honor, Mr. Yue?”

Just as she was certain that Yue Tingfeng would not touch the chopsticks, he went and picked up a pair. Instead of his own, however, he used hers.

His elegant, fair fingers were a pleasant sight even though all they did was pick up some chopsticks.

He took an oil-tinted slice of beef and placed it in his mouth. It was the first time in his entire life that he actually ate something like that. He swallowed it whole without even chewing on it.

Yan Qingsi had a look of astonishment as Yue Tingfeng ate it. Soon enough, the sound of his uncontrollable coughing was heard.

The spiciness induced a coughing fit and it did not take long for his face to turn red. Yan Qingsi had an innocent look when she said, “You don’t take spicy food? Why didn’t you say something? I’m soooooo sorry.”

Yue Tingfeng drained an entire glass of water and wiped his lips dry using his handkerchief.

Anyone else would look sloppy and ill-mannered if they did what he just did, but Yue Tingfeng looked exceptionally elegant when executing those motions.

Still seething with anger, Yan Qingsi put on a hypocritically sympathetic face and said, “I’m so sorry. It didn’t cross my mind that CEO Yue can’t handle spicy food. Why didn’t you tell me?”

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The last thing Director Cai wanted was to offend her ‘God of Wealth’. She immediately remarked, “If we knew, we could’ve cooked it in the clear soup. I’m really sorry about that.”

Yue Tingfeng began to feel more and more annoyed at Yan Qingsi’s faked demeanor.

He deliberately commented, “Don’t worry about it. How could I refuse when a beautiful woman offers me food?”

By then, the entire table was looking at Yan Qingsi in utter confusion. She gritted her teeth so hard that they nearly cracked. “If you put it that way, would you drink a cup of poison if a pretty lady gave some to you?”

Yue Tingfeng maintained a poker face and replied, “That depends on who’s serving it.”

There was no way Yan Qingsi could continue smiling because Yue Tingfeng was stringing her up on purpose!

She downed another glass of alcohol, but this time it failed to quell the anger within her.

And so…

She searched for his foot under the table and stomped down forcefully.

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With stilettos adorning her feet—specifically one that had a thin, five-centimeter-high heel—she stepped down with all her might. It was akin to hammering a nail, and Yan Qingsi even made sure to give his foot a good grinding.

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