Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 30: Ignoring Him Was the Best Option 2

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Despite that, there was not the slightest fluctuation in Yue Tingfeng’s face.

Dissatisfied, she twitched her lip and tried to be patient, but when she began to retract her leg, she was unable to move it at all.

Yue Tingfeng’s legs clamped down on her calf like a pair of pliers. Regardless of how much force she exerted, she could not break free of his grip.

Not only that, his hand was even crawling up her thigh. He was about to have his way with her right in front of everyone else!

In Yue Tingfeng’s mind, Yan Qingsi was nothing but a woman that he could play with as and when he pleased.

She felt for the back of his hand and pinched down as hard as she could, but instead of moving away, his hand made their way into her dress and inched deeper into her crotch.

Wretched though his actions were, his outward appearance remained dignified and aloof.

Yan Qingsi lifted her head abruptly. Her expression was icy and her face unemotive.

She smiled all of a sudden. Did he really think that she was that depraved and shameless? So be it then, if he wanted to touch her. She chose not to react to any of his advances.

She ignored him and chatted up the director and the film editor.

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When it came to people like Yue Tingfeng, provocation and confrontation were like fuel thrown over a fire. Ignoring him would be the best option.

Yan Qingsi did not have a habit of being frugal with her smiles. They were beautiful and irresistible, especially when she was not seducing other men on purpose. Those who laid eyes on that smile would find themselves unable to look away.

Sullenness began seeping through Yue Tingfeng’s eyes.

The film editor seemed very pleased with Yan Qingsi’s first impression. A little too much drink opened his floodgates slightly, and he told Yan Qingsi, “Miss Yan, your eyes look beautiful, don’t they? They’re so lively. Not many women in the entertainment industry have your kind of eyes…”

Yue Tingfeng said, “Canthoplasty.”

Slightly embarrassed, the film editor remarked, “Beautifully straight nose.”


“Your breasts are sexy too.”


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Yan Qingsi’s hand was trembling severely as she gripped the glass with full force. How she wished she could just choke his neck and shout at him, ‘Is there any part of this body that you haven’t kissed before? Just you f*cking wait if you’ve got the balls!’

Miss Mai had enough of it; she was Yan Qingsi’s manager, after all. She forced out a smile and said, “Hehe, CEO Yue, you seem to really like cracking jokes.”

Yue Tingfeng answered coldly, “I don’t seem to be laughing.”

‘Bang!’ Yan Qingsi slammed her glass onto the table. A grin crept on her face and she looked particularly dazzling under the light. She then remarked in front of everyone, “CEO Yue, why don’t you try them out tonight and see whether they’re implants.”

He leaned back slightly. “Sure.”

At the dead center on the table, the soup continued bubbling away in the hotpot. Beef balls and vegetables made brief appearances on the surface of the boiling soup.

No one said a word or dared to make a single squeak—the atmosphere was cold and stiff, with the sole warmth being that which was emanating from the hotpot.

The mood just could not get any more awkward and weird.

Miss Mai could no longer bear with what she was hearing, so she fabricated an excuse to bring Yan Qingsi away.

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“Excuse me. Qingsi, could you accompany me to the bathroom?”


Yan Qingsi made an attempt to rise from her seat, but her leg was still clasped between Yue Tingfeng’s legs. He had no intention of releasing her, and inertia did Yan Qingsi no favors by causing her to fall into him.

Yue TIngfeng did not help her up; he simply allowed the fall to happen naturally.

Moments later, Yue Tingfeng placed his hand on her waist and caressed her gently—his skin and hers were separated only by her thin clothing. “Miss Yan, are you that eager to throw yourself onto me?”

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