Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 31: Because I Can’t Bear To Part With Young Master Yue! 1

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Yan Qingsi had just about had it with Yue Tingfeng but her professionalism ensured that her smile did not falter. She placed her palms on his chest and said coyly, “I am impatient. I want to see how manly Mr. Yue is.”

Yue Tingfeng replied, “Satisfaction guaranteed.”

The blatantly suggestive exchange made the old men around the table blush.

A shadow crossed Yue Tingfeng’s eyes and he tightened his grip on Yan Qingsi’s waist.

Miss Mai was not dumb—she could tell that the scene unfolding here went beyond carnal intentions. There was some backstory between these two and she was going to find out.

Miss Mai interjected, “I apologize Mr. Yue. Qingsi is new and she’s still green. I’ll give her a lecture when we get home.”

“Qingsi, come on. You’re making a scene.”

Yue Tingfeng gave her a stare that made her heart freeze. She could feel goosebumps rising just from that chilling look.

She had been in the entertainment industry for many years and had seen all sorts of people. Even the seasoned actors that frequently took on roles as emperors did not have a stare as terrifying as Yue Tingfeng’s.

Yan Qingsi took the cue and stood up. She smiled at the stunned Director Chai and his company, “Please excuse me for today.”

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Miss Mai hurried Yan Qingsi out of the room.

They did not get far before Miss Mai raised the question, “You and Yue Tingfeng, is there some grudge between the two of you? You knew him from before?”

She pulled out a pack of cigarettes and offered one to Yan Qingsi.

The fact that Yan Qingsi slept with Yue Tingfeng the other night remained unknown to her.

Yan Qingsi lit the cigarette and took a drag. She blew out a smoke ring and said, “Something like that.”

Yan Qingsi’s expression was one of repressed anger. Judging from the look on Yan Qingsi’s face, Miss Mai knew that there was more to their relationship than meets the eye.

“Relationship problems?”

Yan Qingsi barked a laugh—ash fell from the cigarette as her hand shook. “Haha… Relationship? Miss Mai, you give me too much credit. If I was involved with the Young Master of the Yue family, do you think I would be slumming here now?”

Yan Qingsi was agitated and impatient with their progress. Two years ago, Yan Qingsi met a touring Miss Mai abroad who said her face was suited for the entertainment circle.

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Hence, now that she was back, she intended to build her career first before taking care of the Yan family.

However, misfortune seemed to favor her as shown by the recent developments—whether her career would gain traction was still up in the air. Where did that leave her plot for revenge?

Yan Qingsi was at wit’s end.

What Yan Qingsi said was true enough. If she was related to Yue Tingfeng in any way, she would not be in this situation. She would not have any trouble getting roles, let alone financial assistance.

Disgust roiled in Miss Mai as she recalled the words spoken by Yue Tingfeng and the perverse nature of his actions. In her eyes, he was intentionally making Yan Qingsi uncomfortable.

He was a powerful man, but to abuse his status and bully a young lady?

While Miss Mai dared not to offend Yue Tingfeng, she had him labeled as a douchebag.

She took a drag of the cigarette in hand and said, “You’re a bit down on your luck. Getting the two auditions was a stroke of luck but one was ruined by the Luo family while the movie role was a botched attempt. Then, some *sshole takes advantage of you and now, Yue Tingfeng decides that you’re a good target. Life is not cutting you a break.”

Yan Qingsi blew another smoke ring and let her eyes roam. A man exited a private room. She squinted her eyes and a cold smile formed on her red lips. “You’re right. That man truly is an *sshole.”

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