Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 32: Because I Can’t Bear To Part With Young Master Yue! 2

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Miss Mai said, “You can head home first. This movie probably won’t work to our advantage. It’ll save us the trouble of dealing with the young master.”

Yan Qingsi was touched. “Thank you, Miss Mai…”

“I’ll head in now.”


Yan Qingsi glanced at the figure on the phone standing a few feet away from them. A smirk formed on her lips.

Yue Tingfeng ended the phone call and went back to the private room. There was no sign of Yan Qingsi so he asked Miss Mai about it. Apparently, Yan Qingsi left because she was feeling unwell.

Hearing the news, Yue Tingfeng’s mood darkened. If Yan Qingsi was not here, why was he wasting his time?

He left the room with a gloomy face.

Once out of the steamboat shop, Yue Tingfeng took off his jacket in disgust. The smoke from the steamboat had seeped into his jacket and it smelled repulsive.

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Yue Tingfeng walked to his car that parked right outside the shop. The driver quickly came down from the car and opened the backseat door for him.

He bent down and got into the car. As the driver was closing the door, someone knocked into him. “Eh, what’s your problem?”

The driver raised his arm to block the person but he was too slow. The person had already wormed into the car.

The night sky was only dimly lit but Yue Tingfeng could clearly identify the other person sitting beside him.

Surprise dawned on his face but it was followed with a chuckle, “Didn’t you go home?”

Yan Qingsi ran her hand through her hair and shot him a mysterious smile. “You said before, how could I bear to part with you? Didn’t Mr. Yue say you wanted to have a go tonight? Or was that all talk?”

Yan Qingsi was not a lady to be taken advantage of. After the trickery that night, she was not going to lie back and take it. Though she was not allowed to have an emotional outburst, she was not going to let Yue Tingfeng enjoy his win.

‘If I can’t take you down, I can at least raise hell.’

Yue Tingfeng was a man of delicate taste—all she had to do was find the nicest car in the area.

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Yan Qingsi walked out to the carpark and surveyed the area. After spotting the potential car, she kept a lookout for Yue Tingfeng from a short distance.

Yue Tingfeng’s frustration ebbed after seeing Yan Qingsi. His two fingers lifted her jaw and his eyes studied her face—a grin formed on his.

The helpless driver was at a loss. “Mr. Yue?”

In a flash, Yue Tingfeng’s slender arm pulled Yan Qingsi into his embrace.


The driver averted his eyes and quickly sat back in the driver’s seat.

Yan Qingsi was pliant in his arms—her weight fully on him. Her scent permeated through the narrow confines of the car.

She had a unique scent that was intoxicating and addictive.

In the past three years, Yue Tingfeng had rarely thought of her existence. Yet this scent had pervaded him every day and night.

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With his urge unchecked, Yue Tingfeng leaned down to capture Yan Qingsi’s lips but she moved away at the last second. His kiss landed by her ear instead.

Yue Tingfeng nibbled at her earlobe. His raspy voice rumbled into her ear.

“To the hotel?”

With the element of surprise, Yan Qingsi pushed him away.

In a flurry of movements, Yan Qingsi straddled Yue Tingfeng’s thighs and laughed sarcastically at him, “Hotel? How about we do it in the car? I don’t want to be left paying the hotel bill when some money-obsessed *sshole just ups and leaves.”

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