Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 33: Mr. Yue Is Hardcore

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A devilish smile graced Yan Qingsi’s lips, “Also, I’ve never had sex in a Maybach before.”

Her frivolous tone was aimed to mislead people into believing that she had had car sex with a lot of men before.

In the shadows, a cold aura surrounded Yue Tingfeng.

Yan Qingsi ignored his suppressed anger and started to unbutton his shirt.

The angrier he gets, the better. She was not here to please him.

The more unpleasant this was for him, the better she felt.

Yue Tingfeng’s shirt was custom-made from overseas—the buttons on his cuffs even had jewels embedded in them.

As she undressed him, she said, “Weren’t there rumors about me? Saying that my boobs are fake, my waist is thin because of liposuction and that my face has undergone cosmetic surgery? Even after all that, you still want to have sex with me? Now, aren’t you hardcore?”

Yue Tingfeng did not move a muscle as she went about her way with his clothes. He raised an eyebrow at her questioningly, “Are you angry about that?”

“Oh. So you aren’t blind? I thought you had some eye disease,” Yan Qingsi said sardonically.

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She released the last button on his shirt. His upper body was bare to Yan Qingsi. Lean and strong muscles made up his frame without the unnerving bulges seen on muscular men. His waist was as slender as a woman’s.

Yan Qingsi was familiar with the perfection which was his body since three years ago.

She trailed her right index finger down his chest. It would be a waste to not touch perfection. Her hand was arrested when she dipped down to his abdomen. “Eager aren’t we?”

The edge of her lips quirked as she pulled up the hem of her dress. She peeled open the neckline of her dress, exposing a generous amount of fair skin. Her dainty shoulders and breasts held up by a black bra were out on display for Yue Tingfeng. The night was rife with sin and seduction.

Yan Qingsi grabbed his hands and placed them on her chest. “Why yes, I am eager. Eager to show you that I am the real deal and not some plastic doll.”

“Stop the car…” Yue Tingfeng’s loud voice boomed.

The driver momentarily lost control of the car due to shock and they swerved an ‘S’. When he regained his senses, he quickly brought the car to a stop.

“Get out,” Yue Tingfeng commanded.

The driver was confused. Was this order for him or for the lady in the backseat?

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“Get out!” Yue Tingfeng repeated harshly.

The harshness in his tone got the driver going. He left the car and ran a good twenty meters away in a single breath.

Within the car, there left only Yue Tingfeng and Yan Qingsi. She was in his lap biting his neck. “Scared that someone sees us?” she chuckled.

Yue Tingfeng held her waist and started kissing her exposed shoulder. “Your aunt was right. You really are shameless.”

A glint of bitterness flashed in Yan Qingsi’s eyes. Yan Ruke… She was going to kill that b*tch one day.

Yan Qingsi pressed down harder on his thighs and retorted, “And you? You’re not shameless? You’re still with my aunt, aren’t you? And here you are, fooling around with her niece. Aren’t you a shameless piece of work, Mr. Yue?”

Yue Tingfeng exhaled loudly through his nose. Yan Qingsi truly was a she-devil and he was entranced by her. He wanted to know exactly how far would she go.

He felt like he was going mad. His breathing labored as he fondled for the zipper to her dress. “You really are…”

Fingers brushed against the hidden metal zipper and Yue Tingfeng let out a pained cry.

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