Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 34: Her Man Was Nothing

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Yue Tingfeng let out a pained groan. The shadows in the car flickered.

The next moments had Yan Qingsi kicking the car door open and running barefooted at top speed with Yue Tingfeng’s custom-made shirt clutched tightly in her hands.

A bewildered Yue Tingfeng felt about his neck. His face was almost distorted by his anger as he shouted, “Yan Qingsi, you b*tch! You better get back here!”

Yan Qingsi was already standing across the road beneath the streetlight, her head held high. She had on a defiant look as she licked the blood at the side of her mouth like a vampire right after a meal. There was a delighted smile on her face.

A man was truly at his weakest when consumed by lust. How else would she have pulled off something like this?

She not only got a bite of his neck, she even landed a kick on his package.

With a flick of her wrist, Yue Tingfeng’s shirt landed in the trash can. Yan Qingsi followed up with a middle finger in his direction as she tipped her head back as if challenging him. After some adjustments to her own clothes, she hailed a passing cab and left without looking back.

The whole scene played out in less than a minute.

As she sat in the cab, the thought of a dark-faced Yue Tingfeng made her smile.

The topless Yue Tingfeng could not run after her without embarrassing himself in public.

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She initially wanted to steal even his pants but that would reduce her chance of escaping.

Yan Qingsi had had enough of Yue Tingfeng and his uppity behavior.

She was done with his demeaning stare.

She was not going to lie down and let him have his way with her just because he lusted for her.

She wanted him to have a taste of the forbidden fruit but nothing more. He missed his chance to sleep with her.

If it were not for the fear of retaliation, Yan Qingsi would have made sure he never had children with that kick.

Yan Ruke’s man.


He was nothing.

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Yue Tingfeng’s mood was as if he swallowed a few hundred kilos of explosives. Here he was, topless and his neck wounded by Yan Qingsi’s bite attack.

He had been seduced by countless ladies before but he was never on the losing end. He could not believe that she managed to trick him—it was truly the most embarrassing moment in his life.

To think that he believed Yan Qingsi wanted to have car sex with him.

Yue Tingfeng never thought the adjective ‘gullible’ would be used to describe him.

Alas, today’s encounter with Yan Qingsi proved him wrong.

The driver saw Yan Qingsi running out of the car from afar and figured something was wrong. He quickly approached the vehicle, “Young master… Young master…”

All he saw was Yue Tingfeng with his torse bared and a bite mark on his neck that did not look like it would heal anytime soon.

That was all he needed to see—he looked away.

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“We’re heading home.”

“Yes, sir.”

The driver immediately climbed into the driver’s seat.

Initially, the driver assumed the young master would be furious at this incident but ten minutes into their drive, Yue Tingfeng started laughing.

The driver was startled by the laughter. He was perplexed.

A half-naked Yue Tingfeng sat in the dark. A wicked grin widened on his face.

His fingers danced across the bite mark Yan Qingsi left. He chuckled, “Just you wait, Yan Qingsi.”

This game was turning interesting.

‘You have balls, Yan Qingsi!’

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