Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 35: This Brazen Little Minx

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When Yue Tingfeng arrived home, he was in a new set of clothes carrying a bag into the living room.

It was past 11 o’clock at night but there were still people talking in the Yue family living room.

“Tingfeng, you’re home…”

Yue Tingfeng answered lazily, “Ma, you’re still not sleeping?”

His mother, Mrs. Yue, stood up and said, “This is not…”

Mrs. Yue’s words were interrupted by the person beside her. “Tingfeng, you’re home. I was free today so I came over to visit auntie and we didn’t notice the time.”

The appearance of Yan Ruke immediately had an effect on Yue Tingfeng’s demeanor. He ignored her and addressed his mother, “Ma, you’re old now. Don’t stay up so late unless you want more wrinkles on your face.”

Mrs. Yue was fifty-odd years old but her daily skincare routine made her appear ten years younger. She touched her face and said, “Wrinkles?”

“I’m tired. I’m gonna head up and sleep.” Yue Tingfeng’s patience was running low.

Mrs. Yue caught his arm. “Wait a minute. Ruke has been waiting a long time for you.”

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“She did it voluntarily. Not my business.”

Yue Tingfeng was never interested in Yan Ruke. A few years back, Yan Ruke assisted his mother with some matter and managed to charm the elderly woman. Since then, Yan Ruke had declared herself as Yue Tingfeng’s fiancée to the public.

Yue Tingfeng treated the whole affair with indifference. He had not spared Yan Ruke a glance in the past three years—let alone talk to her—yet she remained unflustered.

It was a wonder how she continued to manipulate the public’s perception of their relationship as if they were a loving couple.

This type of woman—with her ambitions bare to all—had no place in Yue Tingfeng’s eyes. If not for his mother, he would have long since taken care of her.

Mrs. Yue had intended to let her son and Yan Ruke mingle but the wound on his neck caught her eye. “Your neck. Who bit you? And that…”

There was a lipstick stain in the vicinity of the bite mark. Her son was obviously fooling around with some girl and did not even bother to hide it before coming home.

‘This brazen little minx!’ Mrs. Yue cursed in her mind.

Mrs. Yue turned back and watched Yan Ruke’s face pale. Her frail body trembled slightly in response to the shocking revelation.

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Mrs. Yue slapped Yue Tingfeng’s arm. “Look at you! Where are your principles? You’re no longer a young man and you have a girlfriend. It’s time you keep yourself in check.”

“I’m heading upstairs. Next time don’t simply let random people into our house.” He turned away and left.

Mrs. Yue yelled after him, “You… Tingfeng, what are you saying…”

She always tried her best to reign in her son but it never worked. Yue Tingfeng was her only son and he had always been an unruly, stubborn child. He listened to no one and expected everyone else to obey him. Being the only son, It was a habit ingrained in him since young.

He was in one of his better moods today. He even spoke a few sentences to her. If he was unhappy, he would just shoot an icy glare and Mrs. Yue would keep quiet.

Mrs. Yue looked to Yan Ruke awkwardly. “Ruke, why don’t you head home first…”

Yan Ruke’s eyes were red and watery. “Auntie, I… I want to speak to Tingfeng. I don’t blame him. It’s just… He shouldn’t just pick some random girl. The bite mark looked serious. He may not feel the pain, but I do…”

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