Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 36: Just Why Aren’t You His Type?

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Yan Ruke’s sincerity and affection towards Yue Tingfeng were indisputable.

Mrs. Yue felt sorry for her. “You are too kind. Those hussies out there are worth nothing compared to you, Tingfeng he… Go on up but… Don’t provoke him. If he’s in a disagreeable mood, don’t enter his room or else the consequences are yours to bear.”

Truth be told, the words that Mrs. Yue wanted to say were, ‘Just why aren’t you his type?’

She did not want to embarrass Yan Ruke any further and held her tongue.

Yan Ruke nodded, “I understand. Don’t worry.”

Yue Tingfeng tossed the bag on the floor and the contents peeked out. It was a pair of black high heels. They belonged to Yan Qingsi and were abandoned in the car when she ran off.

He squinted at the pair of heels—he had subconsciously brought them home with him.

Yue Tingfeng recalled the scene just now. Yan Qingsi had unceremoniously dumped his shirt into the trash can. He laughed, “How did I forget to throw these in the trash?”

Someone knocked on his door.

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“Who’s that?”

Yan Ruke’s voice reverberated through the door, “Tingfeng, it’s me. How’s the wound on your neck? I can help you apply some medicine.”

The owner of the voice irked Yue Tingfeng to no end. “Who told you to come upstairs. Get lost.”

Yan Ruke bit her lips and said, “Tingfeng, I won’t go in but I want to speak to you. I’ll stand outside here, okay?”

She was turning thirty next year—one year older than Yue Tingfeng. Her time was almost up. Every time she looked in the mirror, she saw wrinkles creeping up the side of her eyes despite her meticulous skincare routine.

She had to quickly marry into the Yue family. The longer she waited, the slimmer her chances.

Yan Ruke had gone through all the tricks in the book to obtain Yue Tingfeng’s affection but none of them worked. He would not even look at her.

Since that night Yue Tingfeng spent with Yan Qingsi three years ago, his aversion to her doubled—to the point where she could not meet him even once a month.

Yue Tingfeng let out a mocking laugh. The thoughts of Yan Qingsi’s hands running across his chest played in his mind as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. The memory gave him goosebumps. He would not let her escape next time.

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As he thought of Yan Qingsi, he said, “Yan Ruke, I advise you to give up your dream of entering the Yue family. You’re not worthy.”

His words struck a chord in Yan Ruke. It was her longest dream to marry into the Yue family. At this point, it was her life goal. She wanted to be at the pinnacle of high society—to be greeted respectfully by everyone in Luo city as ‘Mrs. Yue’ and envied by all the ladies.

Yue Tingfeng had spent the past three years ignoring her but never once had he completely shut down her dream of marrying into the family.

Yan Ruke felt herself crumble at those works. She pushed past the bedroom door and exclaimed, “Tingfeng, why won’t you accept me? I can do better. Just tell me what you want from me?”

Yue Tingfeng turned his head sharply. The cold glare he gave her cut like a sharpened blade. “Who said you could come in?”

Yan Ruke stumbled with her words, “I… Tingfeng, I… I didn’t mean…”

Her sight fell on the object lying next to his feet.

Yan Ruke’s eyes widened in surprise. Those were a pair of women’s high heels.

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