Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 39: The F*cking Couple On The Balcony

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“For you, sir?” Jiang Lai asked.

The glare that he received made him regret ever asking. Jiang Lai said in a rushed tone, “I will get to it at once.”

“Find out who that man is.”

Jiang Lai wanted to puke blood. Who was this man? Was the chairman going to give him a hint?

Thankfully Jiang Lai was gifted with brains and he quickly realized who the man could be. It was probably the foreigner that was in the picture with Yan Qingsi.

“Yes, sir.”

“I want to know every detail of her life in these past three years.”

Jiang Lai nodded, “Yes, sir.”

When he walked out of the office, his head started to ache. Procurement was supposed to be Miss Sun’s job, not his.

Jiang Lai shook his head. Three years of whereabouts. Chairman Yue never asked before this, but perhaps his memory had been jogged.

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Men are so fickle.

Jiang Lai’s phone rang and the caller ID surprised him. “Yan Ruke?”

He frowned and hung up the phone. He was not a fan of her.

Yan Ruke calling him out of nowhere was definitely not a good sign.

Yan Qingsi thought that she would feel much better about herself after that showdown with Yue Tingfeng.

Yet, the good mood only lasted for a while. When she got home and laid on her bed, her mood took a turn for the worse. She could not feel a sliver of happiness.

Yan Qingsi stayed at home for two days waiting for news. Insomnia haunted her.

The morning sun was rising soon and she was still wide awake in bed.

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She did not bother to switch on the lights and walked onto the balcony in her sleepwear. She lit a cigarette.

She mocked herself. Tricking Yue Tingfeng once was worth being happy?

She did it for that temporary high. If Yue Tingfeng was truly mad at her, she would not be the one laughing in the end.

Fate was not on her side now, and there she went antagonizing Yue Tingfeng.

However, Yan Qingsi could not just let that night go unpunished.

She was stuck between a rock and a hard place, and she hated it. She needed to get out of this slump before it was too late. She still had much to do.

Yan Qingsi was lost in a daze when something caught her eye.

She looked over and saw a couple seeking excitement on the next-door balcony.

“There won’t be people right?” a woman panted. Her hands were on the guard rail and her body was bent forward.

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The man had a cigarette in his mouth and his shirt was still neatly tucked. He spoke in a steady tone, “Didn’t you want some excitement? Scared to show people how horny you are?”

Hearing that, Yan Qingsi was momentarily stunned. This was an open apartment balcony after all. The distance between the balconies were less than two meters. If it were not for the dark skies, Yan Qingsi would be able to witness everything in high definition.

A smile formed on her face—this was her first time meeting her neighbor. Perhaps she should say hi.

She wanted to snap a photo but remembered her phone was stolen by a certain assh*le. She shook her head regretfully.

She lit another cigarette and continued watching the couple’s silhouettes. She could not sleep and if they wanted to put on a free show, why not?

Before Yan Qingsi finished her cigarette, the woman on the balcony caught sight of the lighted cancer stick and screamed. She covered her face and pushed the man away. At her hasty retreat, her panties were abandoned on the balcony.

Yan Qingsi leaned lazily against the guard rail. It was probably time for her to go in.

“How’s your libido?” the man asked lewdly as he smoothed his clothes deliberately.

He had a raspy voice that was surprisingly attractive on this quiet night. There was no hint of embarrassment in his tone despite being caught f*cking in public.

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Yan Qingsi stared in surprise. He probably was already aware of her presence from the beginning. Oh, how shameless…

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