Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 41: Why Do I Feel Like He Is Interested In Me

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There was only one way for men to pick up girls.

Jin Xuechu said, “I will get my agent to contact you. If possible, I would like the shooting to be done as soon as possible.”

Miss Mai nodded excitedly. “Yes, yes. We can accommodate anytime.”

“I have some business to tend to. Goodbye,” Jin Xuechu said.

Yan Qingsi was still bewildered by the whole exchange when Miss Mai pulled her in. “Excellent! Truly… excellent! King Jin is quite a nice person. I used to think that he was too proud and egotistical.”

Yan Qingsi yawned and said, “Why do I feel like he’s trying to bed me?”

Miss Mai poked at Yan Qingsi’s head. “Hey… Even if he wants to sleep with you, you are going for the shoot. That’s the one and only Jin Xuechu, you know?”

Yan Qingsi was jolted awake by the news, any signs of sleepiness faded as she exclaimed, “Ah… He’s Jin Xuechu?”

“You’re finally awake?”

Yan Qingsi muttered, “Yes, I am awake. Xue God…”

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Jin Xuechu was regarded as a god in the music industry for the decade. He debuted at the age of sixteen with a single that quickly blew up the charts. As the years passed, the popularity of music records fell and many artists ended up unemployed. Despite the hard times, the sales of every Jin Xuechu album easily hit the millionth mark. His fanbase was loyal to the end.

Every concert drew a crowd of tens of thousands.

Today, a million record sales was equivalent to what?

Jin Xuechu dominated every awards ceremony in the music industry.

Other than the fact that every song he put out became a classic, his success was also fueled by his natural good looks. He was a fashion icon. How else would he gain the love of the gaggles of fangirls? He was known as Xue God beyond the industry.

Back then, when Yan Qingsi was still young and naive, she had been a fan of Jin Xuechu.

Miss Mai pinched Yan Qingsi’s arm. “Yes, that was Xue God. Truly, every cloud has a silver lining. If you can debut in Jin Xuechu’s MV, it’ll be a good starting point.”

Yan Qingsi nodded in agreement. It would be good for her.

The determination in her heart flared up. God was indeed giving her a different path.

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From her memory, Jin Xuechu was the embodiment of youth and beauty. He stood out with his dashing good looks, an unparalleled talent for music, and a wild temperament.

The man from last night… He was f*cking the lady on the balcony and even wanted to have a go with Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi smirked and shook her head.

Evidently, this idol was only perfect on screen.

Before departing, Miss Mai handed Yan Qingsi a secondhand phone. “Use this phone in the meantime, the number is new. We’ll get a better one when you have the money. Rest for today and I’ll pick you up tomorrow afternoon.”

Yan Qingsi shrugged. “Okay.”

Regardless, being cast in Jin Xuechu’s MV made Yan Qingsi rather excited.

Jin Xuechu’s name in the entertainment industry was gold-rated which would boost her reputation.

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It did not matter if Jin Xuechu wanted to bed her, she would use whatever advantage she had. Her end-goal did not waver and she would reach it by any means necessary.

That night, Yan Qingsi received a mail from Country M.

After reading the contents, Yan Qingsi’s lips quirked upwards—her smile looked as if it was dipped in poison. A deep-seated hatred radiated from her very core.

Yan Qingsi took her phone and dialed the number in the mail.

The call was answered seconds later.

“Is this Tang Yuyao?”

There was a pause before the voice spoke, “It’s me. Who are you?”

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