Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 42: Crying Will Not Avenge Her I

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Yan Qingsi said, “I take it you have not found your sister who has been missing for eight years.”

A loud sound akin to glass breaking was heard from the other end of the phone. The tone of the woman changed. “Who are you?”

Yan Qingsi slowly lifted her chin. “I am the person who can help you. If you want to know more about your sister, meet me at Central Square now.”

She hung up the phone and switched off the computer. She dressed herself in a casual black sports attire, complete with a cap. She put on a face mask and went out into the night.

It was ten o’clock at night and Central Square was buzzing with activity. The plaza dance session had ended and the old ladies were leaving. There were still skateboarders riding around and couples in love. A group of hip hop dancers were having a showdown. The city night was as vibrant as it was in the day.

Yan Qingsi saw a thin figure sitting by one of the flowerbeds. After a moment of observation, she walked over.

She sat down behind the figure so that they were back to back.

Yan Qingsi chuckled. “Not bad with punctuality. Don’t turn around. If you try, I won’t give you anything.”

Tang Yuyao froze in surprise. Her body was already halfway through the motion of turning. She slowly retracted her body and faced the front. “Who are you and what do you know? Where is my sister now?”

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Yan Qingsi detected the urgency in the woman’s tone—there was a tremble in her voice. She looked up at the sky above and said, “Stop your search. She’s already dead.”

Tang Yuyao immediately crumbled. “No… I don’t believe you. My sister… She’s alive.”

“Whether you believe me, it’s up to you. Three years ago, I used this secret to threaten Yan Songnan and prevented an unexpected calamity.”

“I don’t believe you. I… I…”

Yan Qingsi interjected her. “Eight years ago, Tang Yuyan was the secretary for Yan Songnan. She caught his eye. He drugged her and took obscene photos of her as blackmail, so she obediently did what he wanted. She got pregnant and his wife, Ye Lingzhi, found out about the affair. She went straight to your sister and kicked her in the stomach multiple times. Your sister was four months pregnant then. She miscarried and due to the excessive blood loss, passed away with the baby. The dead cannot rise again, so the couple worked together to get rid of the body and falsified documents stating your sister left her job and country.”

Yan Qingsi tossed an envelope to Tang Yuyao.

Tang Yuyao opened it and a slew of obscene photos assaulted her senses. One of them showed a pregnant Tang Yuyan. Her hands were shaking badly at this point. She covered her mouth but there was no stopping the anguished cries that escaped her throat.

Yan Qingsi narrowed her eyes. The cries reminded her of herself when her mother died.

As the years passed, Yan Qingsi had slowly forgotten how to cry.

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“Crying is not going to help. Your sister cannot be revived but she can be avenged.”

Tang Yuyao rubbed away her tears and gritted her teeth. “I want to avenge my sister’s death.”

“Then ruin his family. Strip him of everything he owns—his reputation, his wealth, his life… A life for a life, that is the best way.”

“Why are you helping me?”

The red lips twisted into a smile. “Why wouldn’t I? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Tang Yuyao clenched her fingers around the photos. “Okay, I will work with you but where do I start?”

Yan Qingsi said coldly, “Your beauty is your weapon. The easiest way to get close to a man is naturally through sex. Make him fall so deeply for you that he’s willing to abandon his wife and grant you the Yan family fortune. Then, lastly…”

A smile crept up her face and malice danced in her eyes. “Lastly, a life for a life!”

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