Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 44: Yan Qingsi, That Interesting Woman!

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Those almond-shaped eyes twinkled with excitement in the dark night.

Yan Qingsi was such an interesting person!

The driver was shocked and quickly called out, “Young Master, that is the Yan family’s young master… We need to dial 120 for the ambulance.”

Yue Tingfeng’s gaze landed on him. Under those cold, piercing eyes, he felt as if a sharpened blade was pressed against his carotid. The look was detached and sinister.

Yue Tingfeng spoke in a calm voice, “What young master? I saw nothing.”

“Wasn’t that…”

A smile crept on Yue Tingfeng’s face. “Dead or alive, does he concern you?”

“No. No…”

“Turn around and drive home.”


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At home, Mrs. Yue found Yue Tingfeng to be in a good mood today.

She was contemplating on whether to bring up Yan Ruke when Yue Tingfeng spoke, “Ma, I’m in a good mood now. Don’t mention anything that will make me unhappy.”

Mrs. Yue immediately killed the thought and said, “Hehe, okay… Okay… I won’t say anything.”

Back in his room, Yue Tingfeng made a call.

“Hello, Qin Er. I heard you were transferred to the traffic bureau. I need a small favor.”

The next day, Miss Mai came over early in the morning. “Go get dressed. We’re going to the studio for the photoshoot.”

Yan Qingsi scrolled the news on her phone and asked, “Huh, wasn’t that role a bust?”

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She figured after the stunt she pulled on Yue Tingfeng, the bastard would not forgive her so easily. Yet, she still got the role?

Miss Mai poked Yan Qingsi in the head. “Can’t you say something nice?”

Yan Qingsi chuckled. “I’m sorry.”

“Tsk, aren’t you in a good mood today.”

“Em, quite good…”

Miss Mai eyed the article on Yan Qingsi’s phone with curiosity. It was just the current news. “Young people these days are so reckless on the road.”

Yan Qingsi swiped the news aside. “Ain’t that true? It’s the rich who like to show off.”

On the news, it was written, ‘Yesterday night, at 2300 hours, a youth was speeding on his motorbike and ran a red light which led to an unfortunate collision with an SUV. The youth was flung from his motorbike and suffered multiple bone fractures. He was found in an unconscious state and is currently still in critical condition. A reminder to the general public about road safety: obey the traffic rules and do not speed within the city limits…’

Yan Qingsi switched off her phone. At 8 am, Xiao Xu came to pick her up to go to the studio.

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Director Cai’s drama was set in the modern day with a supernatural twist—a theme that was uncommon. After some discussion between Miss Mai and Director Cai, it was decided that Yan Qingsi would be the female lead.

As per Director Cai’s words, Yan Qingsi was too eye-catching to be relegated to a secondary role. Even if she was given the secondary role, her beauty would only overshadow the lead actress so they might as well give her the lead role.

She was to play a woman who oozed sex appeal and had a venomous tongue. The description matched Yan Qingsi to the tee.

Yan Qingsi changed into the costume and got her makeup done. Then, she did a few poses for the photographer.

Once the solo photoshoot was done, she had to do another round with the male lead.

The male lead was a greenhorn called Leng Ran. He had an innocent but handsome face. He was a bit nervous throughout the shoot.

Yan Qingsi had his arms around her waist when shooting the couple photos. She could feel the tense muscles. They had to pause a few times to get him to relax.

The director teased him. “Xiao Leng, is Qingsi so pretty that you want to hold on for a little longer?”

“No, no. I didn’t.”

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“Is it not done?” An indifferent masculine voice cut through.

The director turned around and said hurriedly, “CEO Yue, you’re here.”

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