Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 45: Yue Tingfeng’s Daunting Gaze

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Yan Qingsi’s heart jumped when she heard the phrase ‘CEO Yue’. She turned around and was greeted with the sight of that bastard Yue Tingfeng.

He was, as usual, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That high and mighty demeanor, as if no one deserved his attention, made Yan Qingsi laugh internally.

She already knew this movie was never going to be smooth sailing.

Yue Tingfeng did not forgive so easily.

He tipped his head slightly. There was no humor on his face, unlike their previous meeting.

Special Assistant Jiang quickly stepped forward. “CEO Yue happened to be around the area and decided to come to have a look at the photoshoot.”

Director Cai’s project was funded by the Yue family. The studio that they were currently at was one of the many under the Yue family’s banner. Director Cai did not think twice.

Yan Qingsi pursed her lips and thought, ‘F*cking coincidence.’

Director Cai said, “Oh, we’re ending soon. Just left with the couple photos which we can finish in an hour.”

Yue Tingfeng’s gaze fell on Yan Qingsi who was behind Director Cai. His eyes narrowed. “Carry on.”

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Yan Qingsi was wearing a dark purple off-the-shoulder formal dress and makeup that was attractive in a delicate manner. The smirk on her face only enhanced her sexual appeal.

Special Assistant Jiang sensed that there was something off with Yue Tingfeng’s demeanor but when he saw Yan Qingsi’s outfit, he understood.

Director Cai said to the young actor, Leng Ran, “Okay, okay, let’s continue… Xiao Leng, focus this time.”

The photographer allowed the couple to change pose. This time, their side profile was facing the camera. Yan Qingsi leaned back against Leng Ran’s chest while his arms circled her waist.

Yan Qingsi felt the young actor tense up and asked, “Still nervous?”

“Fine… I’m fine…”

“Don’t worry. Just relax and you’ll get used to it. Just treat me as your pillow…”

“Thank you Miss Qingsi. I’ll do my best.”

Yan Qingsi could feel a daunting gaze on her. She did not need to look to know who was responsible for it.

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She played dumb and did not turn to look.

She was still deliberating on how to face Yue Tingfeng.

Meanwhile, Yue Tingfeng was staring daggers at the hands around Yan Qingsi’s waist. A heavy undertone of viciousness was forming and he side-eyed Jiang Lai beside him.

Jiang Lai took the cue and went up to Director Cai. “Director, may I have a word…”

Director Cai was stunned for a second. “Sure…”

The two walked aside and talked for half a minute. When they came back, Director Cai avoided Yue Tingfeng’s gaze. She looked at Yan Qingsi with confusion on her face.

Director Cai interrupted the shoot. “The effects are not really good with Leng Ran wrapped so tightly around Yan Qingsi…”

“Director, Leng Ran is doing well…” the photographer said.

Before he could finish, Director Cai spoke, “I feel that there’s no need for such intimate stills. How about this, let’s get a chair and use some of the props for the shoot.”

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“Hear, hear.”

A chair was brought over and the shots after that were mild. There was no intimacy or physical contact—they were kept at least an arm’s length apart in all the shots.

When the photoshoot was done, Yue Tingfeng was still there. Yan Qingsi ignored his presence and thanked the people on set. “Thank you, everyone, for your efforts today.”

Xiao Xu hurriedly covered Yan Qingsi with a jacket while she spoke to the director, “Director, I’ll go change first.”

Before Director Cai said anything, Yan Qingsi was already gone.

Director Cai looked sheepishly over to Yue Tingfeng. “CEO Yue…”

Yue Tingfeng left with a dark expression. Jiang Lai said, “Director Cai, thank you for the effort.”

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