Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 48: If You Wanted A Kiss, Just Say So

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Yue Tingfeng was determined to take her here and now.

If not, he would never be relieved of the flame that had been suppressed inside him for the past few days.


Someone just had to interrupt them.

A series of quick knocks later, the door opened. “Qing…”

Yue Tingfeng’s tall frame blocked Yan Qingsi completely. He growled angrily. “Get out…”

Xiao Xu was startled and quickly shut the door behind him. He shouted through the divide, “Miss Qingsi we’re leaving soon. I… I’ll wait for you in the car. You… You just hurry up…”

Yan Qingsi let out a relieved breath. She pushed Yue Tingfeng away. “Let go.”

Yue Tingfeng remained unflinching.

He was not letting her go so easily.

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“Let go,” she repeated.

Yue Tingfeng was stone-faced as he tugged at his tie. “I get whoever I want. No exceptions.”

Yan Qingsi’s heart pounded—he truly could take her against her will if he wanted to.

In a contest of stubbornness, she would lose out in the end.

She cursed him in her heart as she bit her lip and softened her demeanor. “Not now. I have other things to attend to.”

“But I don’t.”

There was no bottom line when it came to irrational people.

Yan Qingsi shivered with anger. She honestly hated Yue Tingfeng’s supercilious behavior. He had no regard for anyone. The only thing that mattered was his own wants and needs.

Yan Qingsi squeezed out a sliver of a smile. “Uncle, I really have business to attend to. Next time?”

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“Tonight,” Yue Tingfeng said.

She had an internal struggle in her heart but eventually agreed with a smile. “Sure thing.”

Yue Tingfeng kept a close eye on Yan Qingsi to decipher if she was telling a bluff. Seeing that her smile was somewhat sincere, he slowly released her. “I’ll send someone to pick you up tonight.”

Yan Qingsi ignored his words and said, “Can you leave the room? I want to change into my clothes.”

Yue Tingfeng plucked at the dress that was barely hanging onto Yan Qingsi’s frame. “This is not the first time you’ve undressed before me. Still shy?”

Yan Qingsi choked back her anger. She nodded. “That’s true. Me taking off my clothes is much better than putting them on, especially for the men.”

Yue Tingfeng…

She clenched her jaw as she kicked away her shoes and disrobed. She quickly changed into her own clothes.

In her heart, she pictured cutting Yue Tingfeng up into pieces and feeding him to the dogs.

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As Yan Qingsi wore her clothes, she asked, “Uncle, you get a kick out of sleeping with your niece, don’t you?”

Yue Tingfeng’s eyes stayed on Yan Qingsi. He realized now that letting her go was a mistake. Why did he go soft on her?

“Sure. It’s interesting.” Yue Tingfeng eyed her warily.

A chilling smile appeared on her face. “Getting caught by my aunt was fun, wasn’t it?”

Yue Tingfeng hooked his arm around her waist. “Why? You want a repeat of last time?”

Yan Qingsi stared at him. “I think about it… even in my dreams.”

After that, she pushed him. “Alright, I gotta go now. Goodbye, Mr. Yue.”

Yue Tingfeng did not budge. He had a stoic expression but spoke with a hint of danger, “No parting gift before you leave?”

At the end of his sentence, Yan Qingsi made him shut up.

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The kiss was akin to gasoline poured onto a meteorite, with all the sparks and explosions.

Yan Qingsi kissed him until she was out of breath. She wiped her lower lip with her thumb and said breathily, “If you wanted a kiss, don’t talk so much, just do it…”

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