Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 56: Men Are All Trash

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She was not even trying to play hard to get.

Jin Xuechu went back into the apartment. He had not stayed there for a long time, and it was a surprise to him that he would bump into a playful woman when he went back there on a whim.

Early the next morning, Yan Qingsi was woken up by a ringing cellphone.

She was in a deep sleep, but the ringing was so annoying that her brain started to hurt.

Yan Qingsi then began wondering whose phone it was that rang incessantly. She got up and rummaged around for a bit before finding the culprit—it was none other than the phone Yue Tingfeng had given her the day prior.

She was so exasperated that she nearly plucked out her own hair. “F*cking hell. Didn’t I switch it off yesterday? How did it switch on by itself?”

The only likely explanation was that it was set up to switch on automatically in the morning if it had been switched off.

Yan Qingsi grabbed the phone resentfully. She knew that the number belonged to Yue Tingfeng.

Her first reaction was: hang up, hang up, hang up!

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Not even a second passed when the phone rang again.

She gnashed her teeth audibly. That damn b*stard Yue Tingfeng would continue harassing her if she did not pick up the call.


“Not bad. You’re still brave enough to pick up the call.”

Once she heard his aloof and lofty voice, she smiled coldly to herself and yawned sleepily. “Why would I be afraid of picking up your call? You say it as though I’ve done something shameful. I’m not the one who stole someone else’s phone, you know.”

Yan Qingsi did not for once think that there was anything wrong in not picking up his call.

Why should she give him whatever he wanted?

Even if she really did want to sleep with him, she would not bow to his wishes without first getting what she wanted.

Men were all trash. If she just gave him what he asked for, how would she be able to seduce him in the future?

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Yue Tingfeng held the phone in one hand and used the other to pick his outfit for the day. His face was filled with serenity and composure, making him look exceptionally calm. The only part of his body that displayed his fieriness was the hand that held his phone.

He knew though, that Yan Qingsi was a woman who had enough guts to stand him up the previous night.

Nevertheless, she said it as though her actions were entirely justified, and because of that, the anger in his heart was firing up once again.

Up until then, his words were gospel—no one would ever dare to go against him.

Yan Qingsi had left him waiting until midnight, and he was not about to just let that matter end there.

The woman stood him up but showed absolutely no signs of remorse. Her first words were not an apology or something similar, but rather, she felt that it was justified for her not to go. She promised to sleep with him earlier in the day, but the truth was that she never intended to do so in the first place—she was merely stringing him along all that time.

Yue Tingfeng let out a spiteful chuckle. “Yan Qingsi, you’re probably the most skilled woman that I know. Did you really think that these underhanded tactics would work on me?”

Yan Qingsi opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water. “I’m not worthy of your praise, Mr. Yue. Aren’t you the one that’s always seducing me?”

Yue Tingfeng slammed his wardrobe shut. “You never intended on coming last night, right?”

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“Last night? What was supposed to happen last night?”

“If you keep playing the fool, trust me, I’ll make your boss go bankrupt today.”

Yan Qingsi tightened her grip on the mineral water bottle. ‘Bankruptcy eh? See, that’s how powerful the Yue family heir is. If he wants to mess someone up, he’ll be able to do so immediately.’

She replied nonchalantly, “Oh, you mean last night. The battery ran out.”

Yue Tingfeng snickered. “You’d better f*cking cut your crap. Do you really think I don’t know how long the battery on that phone lasts?”

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