Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 67: She Really Did Want to Kill Him

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Yan Qingsi’s voice was pleasant and lingering, downright unforgettable for any man who heard it.

Every male who heard her speak would feel as though their ears went numb. She had precisely the charm that made men unable to let her go.

At that moment, Yue Tingfeng felt that buzzing in his ears too, but deep down, he knew that Yan Qingsi’s words were not as beautiful as her voice.

What she said was the truth.

Yan Qingsi really did want to kill him.

He had information that could be used against her since he was the one who saw what she did to Yan Mingxiu.

She was not without a heart though—it was just very black. Occasionally, Yue Tingfeng felt that its blackness reached a point where nothing he did in his lifetime could ever turn it red again.

Nevertheless, that was precisely why Yue Tingfeng wanted to make her his.

He chuckled softly. “That depends on how you’d like to kill me. If it’s on the bed…then do as you please.”

Yan Qingsi’s hand crept up slowly to Yue Tingfeng’s neck. “I guarantee that your ghost will be proud if you die by my hands.”

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She may be smiling when she said that, but no one had as clear an understanding as her regarding the true murderous intent of those words.

Yan Qingsi really, really wanted to kill Yue Tingfeng there and then, silencing him for good.

If he died, the threats would die with him.

The reality, however, was that she was incapable of doing so.

A healthy man’s strength was clearly superior to a woman’s.

Yue Tingfeng stretched his arm and hooked her waist. “Since I’m already here, why not come and give it a try?”

She cocked a brow. “Sure!”

A second later, she told him, “But…not tonight.”

He grasped the slender waist that lay beneath her tracksuit. “Why not? You up to no good?”

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She cocked her brow yet again. “It’d be better if you don’t poke your nose into my activities. Even if you know something, you’d better pretend as though you don’t know anything, otherwise… I can’t guarantee what I might do to you in the future.”

If Yue Tingfeng knew too much about her, sooner or later, she would devise the perfect crime to bury him under the ground.

Yan Qingsi would never reveal too many details about herself, especially to someone she did not know. Yue Tingfeng was a man she could not and did not plan to trust.

What use were men, anyway?

Yue Tingfeng looked at her eyes. They were truly the most beautiful and enchanting of eyes, but through them, one could distinctly discern her look of determination and ruthlessness.

Without a doubt, she was a woman who did things by hook or by crook.

Such a challenging woman stood right before his eyes, one that Yue Tingfeng was just itching to tame.

Murder and arson were such negligible acts.

Being a bad person himself, he would in no way decide to police someone and paint himself as a beacon of morality.

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Yue Tingfeng lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him. “Tsk, you say that without considering my feelings. For better or worse, you and I both have mutual secrets, don’t we?”

Her lips curled into a frigid smile. ‘Mutual secrets? Pfft, more like secrets you can threaten me with!”

“Get in the car,” Yue Tingfeng offered. “I’ll send you to wherever you want to go. Are you really considering just walking on foot at this hour? Aren’t you scared that you’ll suddenly disappear only for your corpse to be found somewhere a few days from now?”

“No need,” she declined. “I’m worried that if I get into your car, a male corpse might pop up somewhere a few days from now.”

She was worried that she might lose control and do something to him.

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