Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 76: Don’t Even Think About Touching What Belongs to Me

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With a son who encountered a car accident, a daughter who cried to no end, and a company that had been facing difficulties for two days straight, Yan Songnan had never felt so tired in his entire life.

He shook his head irritably, grabbed his clothes, then went out of the house and drove off.

Yan Songnan drove to a rather ordinary-looking residential area.

Two rings of the doorbell and the door swung open. He went in and hugged a young lady. “Your place is the only place I can feel at peace.”

The young lady replied softly, “Take a seat. I’ll pour you a glass of water.”

Yan Songnan sat on the sofa. The young lady turned around and went to pour him some water. She took a bit of white powder from a little jar and placed it into the water, melting immediately upon contact. It was completely undetectable.

She carried the glass out and put on a warm, gentle smile.

By the time Yan Qingsi reached home, Miss Mai was already there.

Yan Qingsi showed her the photo that was taken the night before. “What do you think? Can you make out that it’s me?”

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Miss Mai was stunned. “This is you?”

The woman in the photo sported a bob and wore a peaked cap, a stark contrast to Yan Qingsi’s usual attire. Only the body figure looked similar, but Miss Mai dared not jump to conclusions.

“That means you can’t see that it’s me. Say, what do you think will happen if I gave this photo to Yan Mingzhu?”

Miss Mai had knowledge of some of the things regarding Yan Qingsi’s family, so she asked, “You’re not afraid that they’ll come looking for you?”

Yan Qingsi flung her long hair back. “Looking for me? Of course not. If they’re looking for someone, they’ll have to look for Xue Zheng. What does it have to do with me?”

When Yan Qingsi met with Luo Jinchuan the night prior, she made a point to dress up like Xue Zheng, be it in the way she did her hair or her dress.

Sympathizing for Xue Zheng somewhat, Miss Mai asked, “Is Xue Zheng just collateral damage?”

“Of course not,” Yan Qingsi said. “No one told her to come and steal my role. I’m just taking back what’s rightfully mine, that’s all. In other words, it’s not unjust because she did actually sleep with Luo Jinchuan.”

Yan Qingsi said it before, ‘Don’t even think about touching what belongs to me.’

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Even if it was taken away, she would still take it back. What was hers would always be hers. The rest should scrap their intention to dip their fingers in it.

Miss Mai questioned, “If you release this photo, you’ll get the role? Luo Jinchuan will help you?”

Yan Qingsi’s finger scrolled down the phone screen. She looked at each picture and beamed with a smile. “Whether he’s willing to help me or not isn’t important now. What’s important is that Xue Zheng won’t have the role anymore.”

“And why is that?”

“You have no idea how much of a temper my sweet big sister has. If she thinks the woman in the photo is Xue Zheng, she’ll come knocking on Xue Zheng’s door. Luo Jinchuan might underestimate the Yan family, but the Yan family still has some connections in Luo City. They can still kill off the career of a small-time actress.”

In an instant, Miss Mai understood everything. Yan Qingsi was getting someone to do all the dirty work, killing not two but three birds with one stone. She would not only get her revenge on Yan Mingzhu, but she would also be able to reclaim her role, in addition to dealing with a severe blow to Luo Jinchuan.

“F*CK… You… You… It’s all so simple for you…”

Yan Qingsi inserted into her phone the SIM card that Lil’ Xu had bought for her from some roadside shop. She chose ten photographs and sent them to Yan Mingzhu’s number. A notification from the phone and the photographs were successfully sent.

She took out the SIM card from the phone and broke it in half before discarding it in a nearby dustbin.

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Flashing a cold smile, she said, “Let’s wait and see. Director Feng will call you in less than two days.”


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