Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 77: It Never Ends Well for Those Who Offend Him

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Miss Mai felt a chill up her spine. “Can you guarantee that Director Feng will look for me once Xue Zheng is out of the picture?”

Yan Qingsi raised her chin arrogantly and confidently. “Yes…I guarantee. In Director Feng’s heart, he likes it the most if I am his Consort Zhao.”

Beautiful and charming despite the lack of slovenliness, Yan Qingsi was bursting with confidence, making her radiate like a sparkling diamond.

Miss Mai remarked in earnest, “You’ll get angry. Very angry.”

Yan Qingsi curled the corner of her lips. “Oh, that’s a must. Heaven won’t permit it if Yan Qingsi isn’t angry.”

“Tsk. Cocky, aren’t you? You didn’t respond to Young Master Yue the other night. Has there been any news in the past two days?”

Recalling the previous night, she smiled. “None…”

Whatever happened the night before was between her, Yue Tingfeng, the sky, and the earth!

However, Yue Tingfeng did not do anything after that, which made Yan Qingsi feel rather suspicious.

Miss Mai asked, “What do you plan on doing? Yue Tingfeng isn’t someone to be provoked. It never ends well for those who offend him.”

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Yan Qingsi worked up her spirit and said, “I’m not one to be provoked as well.”

“You? Please…”

Barely an hour after Yan Mingzhu received the photos, she knew instantly who that ‘horny slut’ was—Yan Qingsi told Miss Mai to get someone who could purposely leak out the news involving Luo Jinchuan and Xue Zheng.

Once Yan Mingzhu got that news, she smashed an antique vase at home before bringing Ye Lingzhi to deal with Xue Zheng.

She called Luo Jinchuan but was unable to get through. She tried to find him, but he could not be located. Luo Jinchuan’s attitude was unequivocally telling her that they were done.

Therefore, all of Yan Mingzhu’s hatred was directed onto Xue Zheng.

Yan Mingzhu was deeply in love with Luo Jinchuan. Although her man might get cozy with a small-time actress, Yan Mingzhu would always cook up excuses for him, saying that it had to be Xue Zheng who seduced Luo Jinchuan. Otherwise, why would he do something so unworthy of her when she loved him with all her heart?

Yan Qingsi had no idea what Yan Mingzhu did, but Miss Mai kept tabs on the situation. She told Yan Qingsi as soon as she got the news: Xue Zheng had been hospitalized.

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Indeed, it was Yan Mingzhu who clobbered Xue Zheng.

Yan Qingsi sneered. She had no pity for Xue Zheng at all. They had never spoken a word to each other, and in truth, it did seem pretty evil to hold a grudge against Xue Zheng.

The only thing to blame was that Xue Zheng stole Yan Qingsi’s role.

That was exactly how the entertainment circle worked: if one was not evil enough, then others would snatch away one’s opportunities time and again.

After a gap of only one day from Xue Zheng’s hospitalization, Miss Mai received Director Feng’s call.

She picked up the call in the calmest manner possible, without any hint of being too demanding or subservient, and with an absence of any anxiety or delight. “Alright. I’ll tell Qingsi and ask for her opinion. I’ll get back to you soonest. Goodbye, Director Feng.”

Having hung up the phone, Miss Mai rejoiced and threw her hundred-and-fifty-kilogram body over Yan Qingsi.

“Director Feng called! Consort Zhao’s role is yours! It’s still yours! Qingsi, you’re really…”

Suffocated by Miss Mai, Yan Qingsi wheezed. “You’re…crushing me to death…”

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Miss Mai was so emotional that her face turned red. “In another twenty minutes, I’ll call him back and tell him that you agreed. Qingsi, I’m just so happy right now!”

She did not want to answer too quickly because that would lower their value significantly. It was best to remain slightly unenthusiastic, so Director Feng’s side would feel that they were not indispensable in Yan Qingsi and Miss Mai’s eyes.

Confidence may be lacking, but pride must always be upheld.

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