Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 81: The Pressure Is Killing Me

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Qu Jing shook his head. “Our CEO Yue has been like this for a few days now. The pressure is killing me.”

Yue Tingfeng rocked the wine glass in his hand, saying lazily, “If you don’t want the pressure to kill you, then perhaps you’d be better off joining Wu Fang.”

Upon hearing that, Qu Jing waved his hands immediately and declined. “No, no…I’m good. I still have a lot of energy; I have no problem working overtime the entire night.”

Joining Wu Fang in the highlands was the last thing on Qu Jing’s mind. He saw Wu Fang’s picture a few days ago, and the man’s face had already changed beyond recognition. Qu Jing was shocked by Wu Fang’s hobo-like appearance.

Helan Fangnian chuckled, and the corners of his eyes revealed a spellbinding charm when he laughed. He had a handsome and aloof expression, but it changed instantly into one that made others feel shy and nervous.

Most of the women in that private room could not help but look over to him.

The rest of those rich young men were unhappy. ‘Motherf*cker,’ they thought, ‘this is bad for our reputation.’

One of those young men then decided to attract attention to himself, saying loudly, “Hey, I really wonder what it is about Yan Mingzhu that Luo Jinchuan likes. She’s a complete b*tch. A few days ago, she beat up a small-time female celebrity. The girl had to be hospitalized and her face was completely destroyed by that Yan Mingzhu. My God…seriously…if it was me, I’d have kicked her away long ago. What’s the Yan family playing at anyway? They’re that brave to do such a thing?”

His words drew scrutiny from the people around him.

A young woman opined, “Maybe Young Master Jin is truly in love with Miss Yan? Maybe he likes her temper?”

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“Tch, don’t be ridiculous. If it was true love, why would he have gotten into an affair with the celebrity? Have you even seen the pictures? I have them on my phone. He was hugging and kissing her in the parking lot. I think Luo Jinchuan would’ve just went into action right then and there. He’s a man, right? Men are all the same. Luo Jinchuan’s just pretending to be all proper, but the truth is, deep down, he’s just the same as any other man when he takes off his pants.”

Curious, Qu Jing asked, “What picture? Can I take a look?”

The man tapped into his gallery at once, then handed the phone over to Qu Jing.

Taking the phone, Qu Jing laid eyes on the picture and remarked, “It really is him. Luo Jinchuan looks like he’s raging with lust. He usually acts very proper, right? He doesn’t look decent at all here. From the picture, it’s like he’s going to just…at the parking lot…sigh…”

Before Qu Jing could finish his sentence, the phone was snatched away. He looked up to see Yue Tingfeng looking rather peculiar while holding the phone.

Qu Jing chuckled. “Hehe, Big Brother, this Jinchuan is very different in private.”

“This woman is Xue Zheng?”

Yue Tingfeng’s voice was unnervingly calm, prompting Helan Fangnian to stare at him.

Helan Fangnian knew Yue Tingfeng for quite a long time, and as a big shot lawyer, his perception and vision was particularly sharp. One look was all it took for him to realize that something was off with Yue Tingfeng.

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The cellphone’s owner nodded. “Yes, Young Master Yue. That’s the celebrity, Xue Zheng. Yan Mingzhu wanted to kill her after seeing the picture. She knocked Xue Zheng unconscious and called the ambulance after that. I’m guessing the poor girl will have to be hospitalized for a couple of months.”

Yue Tingfeng stared at the picture and smiled all of a sudden.

Everyone present there knew how handsome he was, but the mesmerizing qualities of his smile were known only to a few who had seen it before. Those who had that pleasure would go around telling others the same thing: one did not truly witness what it meant to see the sunrise if one had yet to gaze upon his smile.

The entire room was stumped, and no one dared to say anything.

Childhood friend, Helan Fangnian, was the sole person who understood that ‘sinister’ was the one and only one word capable of describing Yue Tingfeng’s smile. The latter was teetering on the edge of flying into a rage.

Helan Fangnian snuck a look at the photograph and noticed the male subject seemingly kissing with the female subject. The female’s face was fully obscured, and the only thing that could be seen was her rather beautiful figure.

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