Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 82: Yue Tingfeng Felt That He Had Been Played

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‘But what secret does the photograph hold? What made Yue Tingfeng so…angry?’

Helan Fangnian stared at the woman in the photograph. He had a nagging feeling that something was not quite right.

He watched as Yue Tingfeng tapped the screen and sent those photos to his phone. He then deleted the original photos from the other person’s cellphone.

Helan Fangnian was at loss for words.

Yue Tingfeng tossed the phone back to Qu Jing, then got up to leave without even saying a word of goodbye to Helan Fangnian.

Everyone in the room was in shock. What was going on with that young master?

Doubt began surfacing in Helan Fangnian’s heart. He trailed behind and asked, “Are you alright, Tingfeng? What’s up with the photo? Does that Xue Zheng have anything to do with you?”

Yue Tingfeng paused and smiled. “Xue Zheng…sure, Xue Zheng. I didn’t think she was that good.”

Yan Mingzhu thought it was Xue Zheng, and so did everyone else.

However, Yue Tingfeng was not blind. Even if he could not see her face, and even though the woman had a change of clothes and wore fake hair, he could still recognize that woman. It was…Yan Qingsi.

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Yan Qingsi!

Yan Qingsi had some f*cking guts to seduce him and Luo Jinchuan at the same time.

It was no wonder then, that she got the role again. She took it by force, of course.

Perfect, her actions were just perfect!

For the first time ever, Yue Tingfeng felt that he had been played.

He was waiting there like a fool for Yan Qingsi to come begging him, but as it turned out, he was not needed at all.

Helan Fangnian felt distressed. “What’s going on with you, really? I’ve never seen you like this.”

“I’ve got something to take care of. I’ll tell you when I’m back.”

Once Yue Tingfeng left, he called Jiang Lai.

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“Book me a flight to Jing City. Now.”

Having received a call in the middle of the night from the boss, Jiang Lai knew that something was off. He immediately said, “CEO Yue, it’s already…scheduled for tomorrow…”

Jiang Lai was hardly able to finish his sentence, as Yue Tingfeng interjected, “I want to fly there as of right now. Immediately.”

Jiang Lai’s hand, the one holding his phone, shook like a leaf immediately. Something was definitely not right!

Even with the phone separating the two of them, Jiang Lai could sense Yue Tingfeng’s frightening ruthlessness. He always knew that Yue Tingfeng had a horrible temper, but as the years went by, it toned down quite a fair bit. Despite not having the best of days as of late, Jiang Lai did not expect Yue Tingfeng to reach a point where he resembled a gunpowder barrel with an ignited detonator—at any given time, an explosion could happen.

Jiang Lai thanked his lucky stars that he was not beside Yue Tingfeng.

He was careful with his words. “Okay, I’ll check the flights.”

Climbing off the bed, Jiang Lai switched on his computer with his shivering hand and checked the flights for that night. Unfortunately, there were none.

He muttered softly, “CEO Yue, there’s no night flight to Jing City, perhaps I can get you the earliest morning flight?”

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Yue Tingfeng hung up without hearing him out.

“Hello? CEO Yue? CEO Yue?”

Jiang Lai held his cellphone in bewilderment. ‘Which bloody b*stard angered our Young Master now? Will I ever be able to spend my days in peace?”

Yue Tingfeng sped home and went straight for the garage without even going into the living room. He started the engine of his other car, a sports car.

Mrs. Yue came out feeling rather startled. “Tingfeng, what’s going on?”

“I’m going out for a bit.” Yue Tingfeng’s voice remained steady, and not even the slightest hint of anger was present.

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