Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 83: He Lost His Self-Control Because Of A Woman

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The sight of that car made Mrs. Yue worried. “Why are you driving the Pagani then? Didn’t you say you won’t go around racing anymore?”

All men were fond of cars, and Yue Tingfeng was one of them. He liked them, he had the money, and he could dabble in them. His garage kept many of the world’s most luxurious supercars. The total price had already exceeded a hundred million. In his younger, wilder days, he engaged in things such as betting on racecars and even participating in those races.

That Pagani cost him about thirty-five million, yet it did not even make it to the being the top cars in his supercar collection.

Yue Tingfeng opened the car door and got in. “I’m going to settle something.”

His answer intensified Mrs. Yue’s anxiety. “What is it that you’re settling? Where are you going? You… You’re going racing with other people, aren’t you? My son, you can’t join them.”

Ignoring her completely, Yue Tingfeng closed the car door, revved the car and zoomed off. Mrs. Yue got so angry that she held her heart and cried out in pain. “Everything was perfectly fine. What happened?”

Helan Fangnian was sure that something was going on with Yue Tingfeng. After a flurry of unanswered calls, Yue Tingfeng finally picked up. Helan Fangnian asked anxiously, “Where are you, Yue Tingfeng?”

With one hand on the steering wheel, the streetlights and building lights flashed past him. He was going at such high speeds that everything outside the window was a blur.

“On the road,” Yue Tingfeng replied calmly.

“What do you mean on the road? Where are you going?”

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“Jing City.”

Helan Fangnian felt that the bugger had gone insane. “Why the hell are you going there at night…F*CK, you’re driving there. You’re crazy. It’s so far away. Even on an airplane, you’d need at least two hours.”

Yue Tingfeng hung up immediately.

It was because it was so late that he decided to do that. How would he sleep if he did not find something to do?

Yan Qingsi, that woman, hehe…

Once the call was hung up, Helan Fangnian was no longer able to call through.

Luo City and Jing City were separated by about one-thousand-and-three-hundred kilometers, and that was the distance of the direct route used by airplanes. Even if Yue Tingfeng drove four-hundred kilometers per hour, it would take him at least three hours to get there.

The crux though, was that even if he really did drive four-hundred kilometers per hour, he might face roadblocks. If he truly did encounter a roadblock set up by the traffic police, the jam would add another three hours, totaling six, for him to finally reach the city.

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Helan Fangnian sat in his car feeling worried to death. He had no hope of sleeping well that night.

He really did not know what the picture was all about.

There was never an occasion when he actually saw Yue Tingfeng lose control in such a short period of time. So be it if it was during his younger days, but after all these years, Yue Tingfeng was clearly mature enough to keep a level head!

The problem was in those pictures.

Helan Fangnian shook his head. In all his years, it scarcely occurred to him that he would see Yue Tingfeng get so mad over a girl. It was a miracle.

At exactly six-thirty-four in the morning, Yue Tingfeng finally reached Jing City after five hours of driving. The sky was just beginning to turn bright.

Throughout the journey, many traffic police cars flagged him down, but all Yue Tingfeng had to do was make a call to get them to release him.

He drove like a hurricane on the road and did not sleep throughout the night. He managed to vent out most of his anger, and slowly he was beginning to calm down.

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He lost his self-control because of a woman. He even laughed at himself when he thought about it.

A derisive expression manifested on Yue Tingfeng’s handsome face. Years had gone by since he last lost himself in such a manner. Yan Qingsi was truly an amazing woman.

Her appearance divided his life into two clear-cut worlds.

Yue Tingfeng was proud, indifferent, calm, and in control when it came to other people.

With Yan Qingsi, logic and reasoning were thrown out the window, causing him to completely lose all sense of himself.

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