Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 90: He Had Wrongly Accused Yan Qingsi

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Yue Tingfeng went blank. That young man took those photos… It was him…

Slowly, Yue Tingfeng began to feel that there was something really fishy about the whole thing. Although his first thought was to kick Xu Mingming out of the car, he changed his mind and asked, “Those pictures. You took them?”

The first time when he saw those pictures, he thought it was the work of paparazzi.

However, if Yan Qingsi was the one behind this, then there was definitely something fishy about the whole thing.

Lil’ Xu’s arm was nearly broken by Jiang Lai. The former did not intend to say a word, but he knew of Jiang Lai and was aware that Yue Tingfeng was conspiring against Yan Qingsi. Lil’ Xu was very loyal to Miss Qingsi.

Jiang Lai, however, was being absolutely ruthless. He would break Lil’ Xu’s arm if the lad did not talk. Unable to fight back, Lil’ Xu spilled the beans.

Having done that, he regretted it dearly. How could he have betrayed Miss Qingsi?

Yue Tingfeng asked a question with no response from Xu Mingming. This prompted Jiang Lai to exert more force on the poor lad. Xu Mingming yelled in agony and heard a snap from his bones.

“Tell me. Did you or did you not take the photos?”

With a forehead laden with cold sweat, Lil’ Xu answered, “Yes… It was me… If it wasn’t, how could Miss Qingsi’s face be covered up so perfectly in those photos?”

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Yue Tingfeng narrowed his eyes, decreasing the chilling viciousness of his gaze by half. “And after you took the pictures?”

Lil’ Xu trembled madly. “After that, I brought her away, of course. We’re definitely not going to just stay there, right? Taking those photos was Miss Qingsi’s plan but we’re not stupid. I purposely take those photos from a particular angle. Miss Qingsi didn’t even kiss the man. Our Miss Qingsi’s not a reckless woman.”

Being a man himself, Lil’ Xu could roughly make out what Yue Tingfeng really wanted to know, which was nothing more than to find out whether Yan Qingsi slept with Luo Jinchuan.

That was the only thing men were concerned about, right?

Judging from CEO Yue’s looks, he seemed to care about it a lot.

Yue Tingfeng was silent.

Yan Qingsi’s last words surfaced abruptly in the recesses of his mind! A tiny, piercing pain appeared in his heart.

Love? Heh…

Yue Tingfeng felt a sudden uneasiness in his chest but he suppressed and said, “Scram.”

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Hearing that, Lil’ Xu bolted out of the car immediately and dashed into the building.

Jiang Lai saw the uneasiness in Yue Tingfeng’s expression. He muttered, “CEO Yue…”

Yue Tingfeng closed his eyes and kept quiet, making Jiang Lai wary of doing anything.

After some time, Yue Tingfeng said, “Let’s go and meet Helan.”

Yue Tingfeng told himself that even though Yan Qingsi did not actually sleep with Luo Jinchuan, she still seduced Luo Jinchuan on purpose. She was in the wrong because she teased Luo Jinchuan while flirting with himself at the same time.

Though it may be a false accusation, it was she who brought it onto herself.

That day should be treated as a lesson for her. He would give her the cold shoulder and coax her a bit after a day or two. All she wanted was to be famous and shoot movies, so he could simply invest in two movies for her.

After all, women were all the same!

One should never indulge them because the more they were indulged, the pushier they would become.

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His entire day’s labor would have been in vain if he went up there at that moment. Yan Qingsi was a woman who loved taking advantage of others’ weaknesses.

Yue Tingfeng told himself that what he did was right and he was not the culpable party!

Out of the blue, he asked, “Has Luo Jinchuan been having it too easily recently?”

Jiang Lai’s hand shuddered. He knew what that question meant and so nodded. “I… think so…”

A chilling grin came over Yue Tingfeng and his eyes filled murderous intent!


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