Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 92: Yan Qingsi, You Are Shameless

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Yan Qingsi gave him a perfunctory nod. “Thank you, Doctor.”

The doctor shook his head. From the looks of it, his advice had fallen on deaf ears.

The doctor prescribed a drip and some medication. After the nurse had set up an intravenous line, Xiao Xu carried the IV bag and helped Yan Qingsi up. They went out to sit in the corridor.

The drip was slow—it took nearly an hour to finish the whole IV bag. By that time, Yan Qingsi’s stomach was feeling much better.

In the passing hour, her mind was haunted by Yue Tingfeng’s visage.

She would not let him go so easily.

Even though he was out of her league, she wanted to toy with him. She had nothing to lose, so why should she be scared.

Yan Qingsi was an expert in staking everything on one roll of dice.

Xiao Xu noticed the diminishing fluid in the IV bag and said, “It’s empty. Let me get the nurse to…”

Midway through his sentence, Yan Qingsi had already ripped off the tape and needle on the back of her hand. Blood rushed out of the open wound.

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Xiao Xu cried out in shock, “Miss!”

Yan Qingsi just stood up and shrugged. “Let’s go.”

“Okay… Okay…” Xiao Xu swallowed his protest.

He took out two sheets of tissues and gave them to Yan Qingsi. “Miss, here, to wipe away the blood.”

Yan Qingsi pressed the tissues against the IV site. Xiao Xu’s heart ached as he watched the blood soak through the tissues and yet, Yan Qingsi’s face remained stoic throughout the whole exchange.

Yan Qingsi discarded the tissues into the trash can and put on her face mask. She only managed to take a few steps.

“Yan Qingsi…”

Someone was calling her name. She turned around and saw the person behind her laughing.

“What a coincidence! To run into my sister’s boyfriend… Oh, you must be here to visit Miss Xue. How is your mistress? Her face healing?”

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Luo Jinchuan looked perfectly healthy. On the other hand, Xue Zheng had been hospitalized a week ago after being assaulted by Yan Mingzhu. Luo Jinchuan was likely here for a visit.

Luo Jinchuan slowly stepped forward. He stood in front of Yan Qingsi and said, “Those photos were by you, weren’t they? You gave them to Mingzhu and made her think it was Xue Zheng. This was all part of your plan, wasn’t it?”

Yan Qingsi sized him up as Luo Jinchuan spoke calmly. After Xue Zheng was hospitalized, Yan Mingzhu should be throwing a fit at home and yet, Luo Jinchuan seemed unaffected. Perhaps it was true that he had no feelings for Yan Mingzhu.

This man was not fooling around.

Then again, it was Yan Mingzhu who chose him.

Yan Qingsi had no intention to hide her involvement. “Yes, it was me. Are you impressed with the photography skills? You looked oh-so dashing in the photos.”

Her admission did not anger him one bit. Instead, he played along and said, “Not worried that I tell the Yan family that you’re back?”

Yan Qingsi threw out her arms and challenged him. “Up to you. You can tell them the woman in the photo is me. Let them know that you’re sleeping with the eldest daughter of the Yan family while hooking up with her sister. If you’re shameless enough to admit it, I won’t hold you back.”

Luo Jinchuan might not like Yan Mingzhu, but the man had a reputation to maintain.

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If it were not for that, Yan Qingsi would not be so daring.

Luo Jinchuan regarded Yan Qingsi as a troublemaker and a nuisance—just as she was three years ago when they sent her away at the airport.

A smile broke across his face and his eyes crinkled devilishly. “You have not changed since three years back. Brazen as always.”

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