Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 93: Think of Me Constantly

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Yan Qingsi’s eyebrow quirked upwards. “Of course I have changed. I have gotten prettier, and definitely more attractive than three years back. Or else, why would you be so fascinated by me?”

Luo Jinchuan had to concur. “True.”


He knew that Yan Qingsi had set herself up but still, he did not reveal her homecoming to anyone. He was enthralled by her.

These few days had been hell for Luo Jinchuan all because of the scandal with Xue Zheng, and yet, never once had the thought of revealing Yan Qingsi’s return crossed his mind.

One of the reasons was as Yan Qingsi had said, he had his reputation to maintain. However, there was another reason—he wanted to see how far she could go.

Luo Jinchuan spoke, “Since you have the supporting role in ‘Beauty’s Rival in Palace’ now, play it well. At least Xue Zheng wouldn’t have got caught in the crossfire for nothing.”

Despite everything, Luo Jinchuan still felt that it was unfair to Xue Zheng. She was the collateral in Yan Qingsi’s scheme—she was framed and sabotaged.

Yan Qingsi let out a chilling laugh. “Tsk, you say it as if you’re the one who gave the role to me. That was my role from the get-go. I’m just taking back what’s mine, no thanks to you. Xue Zheng was caught in the crossfire? As if you’ve never slept with her.”

That elicited an angry stare from Luo Jinchuan. “You…”

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“I’m leaving. Oh, right… Let me advise you, please don’t orchestrate another Lee Zheng or Wang Zheng or whatever. What’s mine, is mine. No one can take that away from me. I’ll tear them to shreds.” Yan Qingsi growled.

Luo Jinchuan’s eyes narrowed. This animalistic side of Yan Qingsi had a certain allure that only strengthened his desire to have her. He was completely enraptured by Yan Qingsi.

Had they been in somewhere more private, he would have taken her.

He watched Yan Qingsi saunter away and spoke casually, “Oh, forgot to let you know. I’m not here for Xue Zheng. I’m here for your sister… She slit her wrist.”

Xue Zheng was badly injured by Yan Mingzhu and Luo Jinchuan had wanted to break up with her after the incident. Yan Mingzhu reacted badly and in order to scare Luo Jinchuan, she sliced her wrist yesterday. Although she was not truly seeking death, the wound on her wrist was real.

The news brought joy to Yan Qingsi.

Who knew that this chain reaction would lead to Yan Mingzhu’s suicide.

“Aiya, no wonder I had a good feeling today. Is she dead?”


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“Tough luck,” Yan Qingsi said.

She meant what she said. If Yan Mingzhu would just die, there would be one less problem for her.

“She’s in Ward 501,” Luo Jinchuan said before leaving.

Xiao Xue said, “Miss, let’s go.”

Yan Qingsi remained at her spot. “There’s something I need to do first.”

“What’s that?”

“Go and get me some sleeping pills from your relative.”


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There was no one in Ward 501 but a patient who appeared to be asleep.

Xiao Xu gripped Yan Qingsi’s arm as she walked forward. His face was pale from fear. “Miss, this… this isn’t good.”

Yan Qingsi halted her footsteps. “It isn’t. Go make some potassium chloride solution.”

Hearing that, Xiao Xu reconsidered. “That… Sleeping pills will be better.”

Yan Qingsi pushed open the door. On the hospital bed, Yan Mingzhu’s complexion was pale and sickly. She was given an intravenous drip on the back of her hand, covered by thick layers of gauze.

Yan Qingsi pulled out a hypodermic needle. A cloudy liquid filled the syringe.

She had crushed the sleeping pills and dissolved it in a few milliliters of glucose solution.

The needle pierced the IV bag and the sleeping pill concoction was administered.

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