Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 94: I m Pregnant With Your Son’s Child

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The needle pierced the intravenous drip bag and the sleeping pill concoction was administered by Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi smiled coldly. “Sleep a while longer, my good sister.”

She came out of the room and was bombarded by questions from Xiao Xu. “Miss, what if something happens? What if people find out?”

Yan Qingsi was nonchalant. “Let them find out if they do.”

Although Yan Qingsi wanted nothing more than the deaths of the whole Yan family, she was not dumb enough to commit murder in broad daylight. She only gave Yan Mingzhu a dosage that will make her sleep for a few days, nothing lethal.

The concoction would be delivered slowly into Yan Mingzhu’s bloodstream, making it untraceable.

There were no surveillance cameras at the door to Ward 501. No one would know.

This was just a minor lesson for Yan Mingzhu.

The fact that Yan Qingsi did not inject her with AIDS, some sexually transmitted disease, or infectious disease was already her showing mercy.

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Xiao Xu escorted Yan Qingsi to the hospital parking lot and as fate would have it, they ran into another familiar face.

Yan Qingsi locked eyes with the person and both parties were stunned. At first glance, one could tell that they hated each other.

Yan Qingsi recovered quickly and put on a smile. “What a coincidence. Didn’t think I would run into Mrs. Yue here.”

Mrs. Yue tightened her grip on her handbag and kept a stern face. She asked in a cold tone, “And why are you here?”

Looking at this little minx infuriated Mrs. Yue.

Yan Qingsi let out a deep sigh and lowered her gaze. With one hand stroking her belly, she said faintly, “You should ask your son. I’m pregnant with your son’s child. He doesn’t want me to keep it so I had to abort.”

Xiao Xu’s eyes bulged.

‘Miss, how did gastric become an abortion?’ Xiao Xu thought to himself.

Mrs. Yue’s calm composure cracked instantly. Her arrogance and indifference were abandoned. Her eyes widened as she fixed Yan Qingsi with a scrutinizing gaze.

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Yan Qingsi’s face was pale and her body shivered slightly. There was no color in her lips and she looked fragile.

Overall, Yan Qingsi had the look of someone who just underwent an abortion.

The longer Mrs. Yue looked, the more believable the story was. She pointed a finger at Yan QIngsi. “You… You…”

Mrs. Yue’s self-control was at its limits. If she had met this woman a few days back, she might have been able to carry her grandson ten months later. Now, not even one month in and she had already… she…

Mrs. Yue was starting to feel dizzy. She held onto her car and took two deep breaths. “You’re lying. How would I know if that’s my son’s child?”

Yan Qingsi laughed bitterly, feigning self-pity, she said, “No point talking about it now. The child is gone. Truly, the Yue family has nothing good. Yue Tingfeng wanted his own child dead. I’ll see how fate will treat him.”

Mrs. Yue felt a stab in her gut. She was mostly convinced by the story but she had to defend her son. She muttered disgruntledly, “Don’t you spout nonsense. My son is not that kind of person.”

Yan Qingsi pursed her lips and gave her a disdainful look. “Mrs. Yue, you should know how your son is like. Now, he doesn’t have a child and you don’t have a grandchild. With some rest, I’ll be back up on my feet. Marry whoever I want. There’s no disadvantage for me.”

In her next breath, Yan Qingsi said, “Ugh, but pity the child inside me. To be killed by your own father. This blood is on the hands of the Yue family.”

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