Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 95: Her Son Was A Horrible Person

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Mrs. Yue felt like there was a knife twisting in her gut. “You… Don’t you talk nonsense.”

“Nonsense? Go and ask your own son,” Yan Qingsi retorted.

Mrs. Yue raised her chin and said, “I will. My son would never have an affair with a minx like you. Don’t try to threaten me. I will not stand for it.”

Yan Qingsi gave a mirthless chuckle. “And yet a minx like me was carrying your unborn grandchild.”

That made Mrs. Yue’s heart ache. She could no longer face Yan Qingsi. She puffed her chest and made a disgruntled noise before walking away.

Xiao Xu whispered, “Miss, why did you lie to her?”

Yan Qingsi replied, “For fun. She’s gullible.”

Yue Tingfeng’s mother was such an easier target in comparison.

It was obvious how much Mrs. Yue wanted a grandchild. Yan Qingsi only had to make up a simple lie to destabilize the Yue family.

‘Yue Tingfeng, you made my life difficult. Now, it’s my turn.’

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Mrs. Yue rushed to the department of gynecology and obstetrics to find a doctor.

A nurse happened to walk out and yelled, “Next, Xin Wei!”

Mrs. Yue quick went up to the nurse and asked, “Nurse, did a pretty lady come in for a check-up? She’s pregnant. Good-looking, attractive.”

The nurse nodded. “Yes.”

The number of young, beautiful ladies that came to their department was pretty high.

Mrs. Yue pressed on. “And what happened?”

The nurse’s face pinched into a scowl. “Ugh, her useless boyfriend made her abort the baby. Men these days are horrible.”

The nurse had condemned the man twice and Mrs. Yue’s blood ran cold.

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She knew in her heart, her son was a horrible person.

Mrs. Yue clutched her chest. Her grandchild… Gone…

The nurse watched as Mrs. Yue walk off with a blank stare. She shook her head and muttered to herself, “Men these days only care about their own pleasure. They don’t care about women. Today alone, I already encountered four of such incidents.”

The driver questioned from behind, “Mrs. Yue, do we still need to pay a visit to Superintendent Lee?”

Mrs. Yue barked back, “Visit Superintendent Lee? We’re going home now!”

She went to the hospital for a heart check-up by Superintendent Lee but her mood had soured.

In the car, the more she thought about it, the angrier she was and the harder the loss.

That minx was a source of annoyance but the child was not.

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By the time she got home, Mrs. Yue was so angry that her head throbbed. With one hand rubbing her temple, she told the housekeeper, Aunt Wu, “Call that brat to come home this instant. I need a word with him. That brat… I might die from the anger…”

Mrs. Yue was usually a mild-tempered person. She did not get angry often as she did not want wrinkles. This was the first time Aunt Wu has seen her this mad. “Mrs. Yue, don’t be angry. I will call the young master back now.”

When Aunt Wu’s call came, Yue Tingfeng was with Helan Fangnian.

Aunt Wu asked, “Young Master, did you do something to irritate your mother? She’s absolutely livid. She wants you back now.”

Yue Tingfeng was already in a bad mood before the call. He said coldly, “Tell her I’m busy.”

The moment he finished speaking, the person on the call changed from Aunt Wu to Mrs. Yue. “You come back home now! You better come back this instant or I will drag your corpse back!”

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