Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 97: Yan Qingsi Really Was a Monster

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Yue Tingfeng asked, “Without the child, that woman you hate won’t demand for marriage. Isn’t that better for us? If she actually came into our family, your life would be quite difficult.”

Mrs. Yue huffed angrily. “Whether my life will be difficult or not is my problem. Don’t try to change the topic. You’re already in your thirties. Do you think getting a baby is as easy as that? You killed your own child, you better be wary… You… You…”

Yue Tingfeng rubbed his forehead. Mrs. Yue’s ranting was giving him a headache.

Yan Qingsi really was a monster. Yue Tingfeng got up and said, “Ma, I have some business. I’ll take my leave.”

Mrs. Yue yelled from behind, “Yue Tingfeng! Don’t think you can weasel out of this!”

Yue Tingfeng took two steps and said to his mother, “Ma, learn to be less gullible.”

Mrs. Yue…

“Who are you calling gullible? Stop right there!”

Yue Tingfeng dialed for Jiang Lai. “Jiang Lai, help me investigate why Yan Qingsi was in the hospital today.”

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Disgust simmered in his heart even though he was inclined to believe that Yan Qingsi was only trying to complicate his life.

However, what if she really was pregnant?

Yue Tingfeng had the urge to find Yan Qingsi and make her clarify the situation, but he controlled himself.

The truth was revealed to him the next day in his office.

Jiang Lai handed Yue Tingfeng the dossier. “CEO Yue, Yan Qingsi went to the hospital yesterday for gastric pains. She was prescribed a drip. Also, these are the information covering the three years when she was abroad. She moved a lot in Country M, so it took some time to gather the info… and it’s not a hundred percent complete.”

Learning about the gastric pain made the tightness in Yue Tingfeng’s chest disappear. As long as it was not an abortion.

From the thickness of the binder, Yue Tingfeng was surprised that it was an incomplete file.

“You’re dismissed,” Yue Tingfeng said.

The amount of information could fill a book. At the start, Yue Tingfeng was only flipping impassionately through the pages but his mood deteriorated as he went on. His hands were trembling slightly when he was done.

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In the three years abroad, Yan Qingsi’s life consisted of only two things, work, and escape.

The Yan family had continued to pursue her while she was away.

Sabotage, set up, assault, assassination.

At one point, Yan Qingsi was on the streets, homeless, hungry, and freezing.

She was sick to the point of almost dying, yet no one gave her a helping hand or warmth. No one offered her shelter from the wind and rain.

She was alone in a faraway land, neglected by the society’s uncaring attitude. Adding to that, her own family was constantly threatening her safety. Yan Qingsi was like a wild animal trapped in a cage—bleeding but still fighting.

Sometimes, a woman’s beauty is a curse.

In the current society, the prettier a woman was, the harder life was on her.

No one knew of the hard parts of Yan Qingsi’s life, just like no one knew how much she had suffered.

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Yue Tingfeng was unclear as to what happened in the past. Why was there such a deep hatred between the Yan family and Yan Qingsi to the point of plotting murder?

Years ago, Yue Tingfeng never paid attention to the intricacies of the Yan family dynamics. He only knew that Yan Qingsi hated the family, likely because of the incident with her mother.

He did not care to press for any details when he unintentionally botched Yan Ruke’s plan for Yan Qingsi.

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