Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 99: She Was Determined to Get Him

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The week went by quietly for Yan Qingsi, allowing her to recharge.

The Yan family was in a chaotic state, with Yan Mingzhu unconscious for days and Yan Mingxiu’s hopeless condition.

Luo Jinchuan also did not stir up any trouble for Yan Qingsi.

Same went for Yue Tingfeng. After that day, Yan Qingsi had not seen him around.

After being back in the country for a month, Yan Qingsi could finally rest for a few days.

She still wanted revenge on Yue Tingfeng but she knew there was no rush. She had to mull over her plans. Yue Tingfeng was not a target she could just let go of. She was determined to get him.

The best way to get revenge on a man is to make him fall deeply in love with you. Then, you will have everything.

Yan Qingsi would not make the first move. She waited patiently for him. Her tip for picking up guys was to never let them know that you are actually interested.

Yan Qingsi joined the cast and crew of ‘Requiem’ for a few days of shooting. She was slowly getting familiar with Director Cai. Everyone assumed that Yan Qingsi was close to Yue Tingfeng and treated her exceptionally well.

After five days of shooting, the crew of ‘Beauty’s Rival in Palace’ called her to inform her about the schedule. She was asked to go to Jing City for her scenes.

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As she was packing her things at home, Miss Mai received calls from two producers who enjoyed a certain degree of fame in the entertainment industry. They told Miss Mai that they wanted Yan Qingsi in their movies as the lead actress.

The directors said that if there are schedule clashes, they would accommodate Yan Qingsi regardless of the wait time.

Such privileges did not apply even to A-list celebrities.

The news did not brighten Miss Mai’s mood. She hung up the calls and asked Yan Qingsi, “Suddenly we have two big movie productions calling. They’re both under the Yue Clan. I assume this has to do with Yue Tingfeng?”

“Possibly.” Yan Qingsi nodded.

“Do you want to go?” Miss Mai asked.

Yan Qingsi grinned. Taking a deep breath, she said, “Sure… Why wouldn’t I? I’m a wh*re in his eyes. Of course I’m going to show up. I’m reaping what I sow. Plus, this is his repayment for the debt.”

Yan Qingsi believed that she no longer had any dignity in Yue Tingfeng’s eyes. There was no point in acting coy now.

Getting the role was the main priority.

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The food has to be eaten in order for the stomach to feel full. Yan Qingsi understood that more than anyone else.

Miss Mai patted her shoulders and said, “One day, you will stand on the highest stage and be crowned best actress.”

“That I do not doubt.” Yan Qingsi smiled.

The day will come.

Revenge was not the only things she wanted, success was the other.

Miss Mai said, “I have decided to sign Leng Ran. The boy’s not bad. Look out for him.”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Sure.”

Leng Ran was the young, handsome lad that acted alongside Yan Qingsi as the male lead. He was polite and had an air of elegance. He was a bashful guy who blushed whenever he saw Yan Qingsi. She could not hate the child.

Miss Mai thought of something else. “Right, King Jin’s MV might not go through.”

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“Why?” Yan Qingsi frowned.

Miss Mai spoke hesitantly, “The two music companies backing him are being bought over by the Yue Clan.”

Yan Qingsi was silent.

After a while, she continued packing her clothes.

“I understand…”

No wonder the music video shooting got interrupted midway. This explained the inactivity for the next two days.

Yan Qingsi smiled.

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