Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World
Chapter 310: Florida Man Hires Sexy Strippers to Join Kid’s Parade in Public Shopping Mall

Chapter 310 – Florida Man Hires Sexy Strippers to Join Kid's Parade in Public Shopping Mall.

Leo left the Qi generator's planet alone. But when he returned, he told the manager of the fifth floor about the resources, ordering her to send someone to collect some grasses.

Unfortunately, the gacha system no longer existed. Leo's company was short on staff members again. He needed to designate this task to the local employees.

But there was a problem. As the employees from the Life Sword Sect were responsible for harvesting crops from the farms and transporting items from Orlando to warehouses. As the farms kept printing fruits and vegetables, a thousand disciples barely kept up.

The Tang Clan also had a lot of people, but most of them were sent to maintain order in the slum area. Without them, the vagrants and commoners-turned-cultivators might start rioting or bullying the commoners and merchants.

But then, Leo remembered that Meowmeow had scored so many wives that they overpopulated the mystic realm platform. There were also the guys from Esen's subordinates that he could use.

Leo started drafting his plan. He visited every generator and inspected the environment of each star.

Fortunately, all stars looked the same. The generators turned 50 barren wastelands into 50 realms full of immortal grasses and immortal flowers.

Leo called Meowmeow right away and assigned him a task. He sent the guy a sound transmission.

"Meowmeow, are your girls free?" Asked Leo.

Meowmeow replied, but his voice cracked. He was surprised.

"A-Are you asking me to share my wives, master?!"

"What the hell?! Of course not! I'm not a sicko like you. Who wants to hump those stone pussies anyway?! My foreskin would have been scratched and peeled from the scrubbing!"

Meowmeow was relieved, "If that's so. Well, that's a relief. What do you want them to do, master?"

"I'm merging the mystic realm platform with my shopping complex soon. Tell everybody to enter the main building and meet me on the fifth floor."

"Okay, boss!"


Five minutes later, Meowmeow and his 1,003 wives arrived. Some of the elves who refused to join the harem also followed them to join the meeting.

A total of 3,000 elves, including Meowmeow's wives showed up in total!

Leo was surprised to see so many people. He looked at the perverted golem.

"I told you to only bring your wives here. Why are you taking the outsiders with you?"

Meowmeow snickered, "They kind of follow us here. You know, master. These girls just want a job. As a gentleman, I can't deny their requests."

"I bet you put some weird conditions to the requests: For example, they must become your wives if I assign them a job and pay them wages."

Meowmeow sweated profusely even though he was a rock golem. He averted his eyes and looked away.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about, master."


Leo gave the perverted angel a meaningful look. He couldn't get used to this guy's antics.

"Fine. I want you to form 50 teams. Your girls shall work as supervisors while the other volunteers here will be your subordinates. Your main task is to protect the Qi generators and ensure the safety of the workers. As for your subordinates, they only have two jobs – Harvest immortal grasses and flowers. Then, transport them to the underground warehouse of this shopping complex. Any question?"

"Qi generator, master?"

Meowmeow raised his eyebrows and closed one eye to read Leo's memory. Instantly, he understood the new mechanism of Leo's new system.

"Alright. A team of 20, a total of 50 teams will be allocated to the new stars. The volunteering elves will follow us to harvest the immortal grasses and flowers, got it!"

Meowmeow turned around and relayed Leo's order. The high elves from Simba's planet cheered and followed the stone elves to the new workplaces.


The parade of the elves was noisy. Even Wu Buyi and Tang San in the workshops could hear them from inside the observation room.

Curious, Tang San exited the workshop. Then, he found a thousand beautiful elves passing by. Several of them looked like stone golems, but their gorgeous face and their sexy naked figure caught him off guard.

This was something that always annoyed Leo. The wives of Meowmeow never wore clothes. However, for Tang San, the stimulation was too much.

Tang San bent forward and pulled his crotch back to hide his boner, yet his eyes were glued to the sexy stone elves.

One of the girls noticed Tang San's reaction. She giggled and massaged her chest in front of the young man.


Tang San's face reddened. He fell on his butt and accidentally showed his pitched tent.

The elves turned around and saw him. The stone elves laughed while the high elves clicked their tongues in disgust. Then, they walked away.

Kishin Douji, on the other hand, was amused. He contemplated out loud, but only Tang San could hear him.

'How amusing. Who would have thought that the prideful elves of Eleanor have fallen this low?'

Tang San was surprised, "Master, do you know them?"

'More than that. Have I told you that I was once a consort of some queen?'

Tang San remembered, "Yes, you told me that you were a prince of the universe and the king of your race or something."

'Yeah, the queen that I used to date was the leader of those people. Her name was Eleanor, and she was an entity… Well, a karmic sovereign by now. I haven't chatted with her since my sworn brother joined her harem. I wonder if she's still out there trying to steal her daughter's body.'


Tang San had no comment as he wasn't familiar with a matriarchal country's system. In addition, the idea of a queen having many husbands disgusted him.

His respect toward Kishin slightly dropped due to this information. Still, he believed that his master was still the strongest entity out there.

Kishin changed the topic. "Anyway, associating with Eleanor's minions is not recommended. That wench is not trustworthy. Even though I'm her consort, she sent assassins after me to steal my fate crystals and seize my territory. I wish she died."

"…She sounds like a bad person."

'A very wicked woman, if I say it from my experience. Remember, don't join forces or befriend any elf. They're bad news.'

"…Got it, master."

Because of the conversation, Tang San's boner was killed. He managed to stand up straight and gazed at the naked stone elves without getting aroused.

While observing the elves, the corner of his eyes spotted the movements of two men. One of them was a stone golem like the others, but he was an angel. As for the other one, he was a refined and handsome middle-aged man who had a similar facial outline as the angel.


Because of Tang San's vision, Kishin Douji also noticed the duo. He found Leo and Meowmeow.

'Those men…'

Kishin Douji was astonished as he couldn't figure out Leo's cultivation base. Moreover, he gave off the same air as Sieg, who almost killed him.

Afraid of revealing his weaknesses, Kishin remained silent, not telling his disciples about Leo and Meowmeow.

As for Tang San, he was relieved to see more people here. As he wished to make friends with the locals, he approached the two to introduce himself.

"Sir, senior! Greetings, senior! I'm Tang San, a member of the Tang Clan. I've just moved in today, and this is the first time I've visited this place. Pleased to meet you!"

Meowmeow and Leo turned around and gazed at the young man.

Meanwhile, Wu Buyi was worried that Tang San might run into a problem. He exited the workshop and discovered the commotion.

"Oh, wow! Sexy! Nice fapping materials, hehehe!"

Wu Buyi scratched his balls in his pants. Then, he pulled his hand to his nose and sniffed it like how a culture monkey would.

While sniffing the foreskin of his balls, he looked around and found Tang San, Leo, and Meowmeow together.

"Oh, shit!"



Leo stared at the young man and knitted his eyebrows. He listened through Tang San's introduction and hesitatingly nodded.


Meowmeow noticed Leo's dark expression. He coughed and warned Tang San.

"Hey, boy. You're not supposed to be rude in front of the lord. Fortunately, our lord is benevolent and kind. Otherwise, he would have beheaded you for this insolence! Got it?"

Tang San sweated profusely. He wondered what he did wrong.

"I-I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

Meowmeow teased him enough. He patted Tang San's shoulders and laughed, "Just kidding. Anyway, that attitude is very good. You introduce yourself to the adults, not waiting for the adults to ask for your name. That's how you climb up the ladders in life, boy!"


Leo deeply sighed as his subordinate talked too much. He silently uttered.




Name: Tang San

Alias: None

Race: Yan Human

Age: 19

Cultivation Base: Quasi-Immortal

Thoughts: Interested, Happy

System Note: This man was born under the bad stars: He was born with a unique constitution that rejected yin and yang essence in favor of the monster Qi. His parents engraved the fate crystal into Tang San's soul when he was a baby to seal his monster Qi. But by doing so, Tang San was fated to become a cripple for life.

For 18 years, Tang San was bullied because of his disabilities. He tried his best to cultivate and train, but his dantian and body kept rejecting Qi. After his parents passed away, his fiancé annulled their engagement in favor of marrying another prominent young master from a bigger family. Afterward, the young master sent his men to kill Tang San. He fought back, but he was beaten half-dead. Then, the assailants threw him into a frozen river.

As someone with a heavenly fate crystal, he was saved by destiny and great luck. While being in the bottom of the river, he stumbled upon a rusty ring. Miraculously, the ring was the secret hiding place of the Overlord of the Oni Tribe, Kishin Douji.

Kishin Douji saved Tang San's life and corrected his meridians. He also imparted the right cultivation method to him, allowing Tang San to refine yin and yang Qi into monster Qi.

Under Kishin Douji's guidance, Tang San's cultivation base soared. He surpassed his peers and overshadowed his fiancé and his rivals.

A year after the fateful comeback, Tang San migrated south and rejoined with the main clan. Then, he found you and your domain.


Leo appreciated the background information of this young man even though he didn't ask for it.

'Oh, boy. Why does his story sound like one of those cliché wuxia stories so much? Is he a protagonist or something? Wait, come to think of it, Gao Yan is similar to this guy except he wasn't as cliché… Welp, whatever. It's not like he's a threat to me or something.'

Leo shrugged and was about to chat with Tang San. However, Meowmeow interrupted him with a sound transmission.

'Master, every villain in those stories had the same thought as you. They were like 'He can't possibly do anything!' for a dozen chapters. Then, boom! The main character gets a power-up arc and returns to beat the hell out of those villains. Please don't treat this lightly.'

Leo rolled his eyes, 'Can he even reach the transcendent realm? He only has a heavenly fate crystal in his soul. It's not like his cultivation ceiling is superior to mine. I have the TRUE ENTITY FATE CRYSTAL, you know. The quality of luck and fate is different!'

'Just… don't look down on main characters, master. Sometimes, it's better to be overthinking or pessimistic. You can't be disappointed if you already expect the worst-case scenario.'


Leo shook his head as he disagreed with Meowmeow. He gazed at Tang San, who had been waiting for Leo's response.

"Tang San, is it?"

Tang San brightly smiled, "Yes, senior! I'm Tang San."

Leo glanced at the rusty ring necklace of Tang San. His mouth curved up into a grin.

"I'm Florida Man, the lord of this domain. Welcome to Florida!"

"T-Thank you, senior."

Tang San heard this term many times before, but he still couldn't figure out what the dao of Florida was.

Suddenly, Leo uttered something that shocked Tang San.

"Also, can you relay my greetings to your master in that ring? Kishin Douji, is this his name?"


Chapter 310: Florida Man Hires Sexy Strippers to Join Kid’s Parade in Public Shopping Mall
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