Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1553: Sneaking Around

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Chapter 1553: Sneaking Around


Jiang Yi quickly realized that there was something different about his body. The heavenly powers in his body were changing color, and it was already reaching the level of Demon-Killing Battle Gods. He thought he had sensed this wrongly so he used his divine senses to scan his body, but he found the same result.

“Am I dreaming? Is this an illusion?”

Jiang Yi pinched his own face. As his heavenly powers surged, he struck his front with one palm. Thick heavenly powers emerged from his hand, congealing into a huge handprint that traveled forward and reduced the countless Lunar Beast and Sword Emanations Race corpses in front of him to dust.

“My heavenly powers have indeed reached the Demon-Killing Battle God Realm. Er… the blood on the Lunar Beasts’ corpses has dried. They’re going to decompose soon. Has so much time gone by? How can that be?”

Jiang Yi was even more confused now. He felt like only a moment had passed. The Lunar Beasts did not even come out to attack him. This meant that twenty hours had not even passed. How could his heavenly powers have improved so quickly? Even the Lunar Beast corpses were starting to decompose?

“Forget it. Let’s go!”

Jiang Yi felt the hair on his arms stand. After pondering for a moment, he decided not to bother too much about it. The Sky Thunder true essence in his body was still surging. Whether Yi Chan had really come to the Purgatory Mystic Realm or not, he had to rush back to the starting point at once. This mystic realm was too dangerous.

“Sword Emanations King!”

He studied his own body closely and confirmed that there was nothing wrong with him before he shouted, causing the Fire Dragon Sword to light up. The Sword Emanations King appeared in front of him and led him back towards the north.

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The moment Jiang Yi left, the divine tree’s light kept flashing non-stop. Then, something incredibly strange happened. The light around the divine tree became brighter and brighter until one could not even make out the shape of the divine tree within. A while later, the white light disappeared, as did the divine tree. A pretty and coquettish woman stood in its place.

The beautiful woman looked very young, but Jiang Yi felt like she was much older than she looked. She had a head of silver hair, which were tied together in clumps, like the venomous-snake-like branches on the divine tree. It was a very interesting hairstyle. Two long locks of hair hung down from her temples, and her gaze looked bright. Her body was glowing purple, making her look exceptionally bewitching.

“Little fella, where are you rushing to?”

She gazed in the direction in which Jiang Yi disappeared. After thinking for a moment, she flew up off the ground and flew in the same direction. She did not look like she was flying quickly, but in the blink of an eye, she covered tens of thousands of miles. What’s more… wherever she passed by, not one Lunar Beast jumped out of the ground. It was almost as if they could not even see her.

Two hours since Jiang Yi and the seductive lady took off, the red light appeared in the sky once again.

Of course, the attack of the Lunar Beasts that came with the red light no longer scared Jiang Yi. He had already improved his Massacre Intent, and the power of his Divine Sound Heaven Skill had multiplied. What’s more, he had gotten started realizing the Heaven and Earth Quintessence already. Although he still had a long way to go in order to realize it better, the fact that he had achieved that first breakthrough meant that he had gained some realization of the heavenly spring rhythmic movement. If he applied this understanding on his Divine Sound Heaven Skill, his powers would surely improve even further.

At the same time…

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Around the lighthouse-like mountain, the Heaven-Splitting Army was beginning its mission to get rid of the Lunar Beasts.

Since there were powerful restrictions set up around the peak of the mountain, not many Lunar Beasts emerged from the ground in that area. When the red light appeared and the Lunar Beasts got moving, the Heaven-Splitting Army did not panic.

“Use your offensive and defensive arrays!”

General Ren Tianfan looked like a middle-aged man. His features were magnificent, his eyes glinted, and his nose was high. Onlookers would definitely see him as an incredibly strict and powerful man, who showed no mercy. The moment the Lunar Beasts started their attack, he shouted out orders. His Heaven-Splitting Army was very prestigious indeed. Even though the army seemed a bit disturbed initially—the moment they heard his orders, they got into their battle formation. A portion of the army even charged downwards and began attacking the beasts.


Once the red light appeared, the Poison Spirit started to leave the mountain peak. He wanted to quietly join the huge army and then sneak off. However, the portion of the army below did not descend into chaos. If he appeared at that moment, his identity would be exposed for sure. Thus, he had no choice but to sit down and continue waiting.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

One by one, the Lunar Beasts flew up towards them. The Lunar Beasts far away were also attracted by the aura of humans; they kept coming in waves. Ren Tianfan did not make any moves yet. Instead, he remained in midair, keeping an eye on the big picture. The Little Eagle King and the other commanders were all fighting by now. Forming streams of rainbow light, they shot back and forth, tackling the high-grade Lunar Beasts.

The high-grade Lunar Beasts were very powerful. The speed of their attacks and their defensive powers were all quite pervertic; comparable to that of King-Ranked martial artists. However, they did not know any mystical abilities or techniques; neither were they very intelligent. This was why their combined battle skills were still only similar to that of Titled Battle Gods.

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Even so!

As tens of high-grade Lunar Beasts charged towards them, the army began to be messed up. The ordinary soldiers sent countless attacks towards the high-grade Lunar Beasts, but they were not hurt at all. By the time they got near, the low-grade soldiers were reduced to pieces.

“Soul-Exterminating Team, attack! Commanders, attack! Clear out the high-grade lunar beasts!”

Ren Tianfan still did not move. Once again, he gave an order. Hundreds of soldiers flew out from the peak of the mountain. In groups, they tackled one high-grade Lunar Beast each. They did not use heavenly powers, nomological mystical abilities, or mystical ability to attack. Instead, they used soul spirit attacks.

The high-grade Lunar Beasts attacked and defended too quickly. However, they had weak soul spirits. Ren Tianfan accepted this mission because there was a Soul-Exterminating Team within the Heaven-Splitting Army, made up of about four hundred people. All of them were formidable martial artists who knew powerful soul spirit attacks.

As expected!

The moment the Soul-Exterminating Team was activated, the high-grade Lunar Beasts were suppressed. In addition to the cooperation of Little Eagle King and the other commanders, it became much easier to massacre the high-grade Lunar Beasts. The low-grade Lunar Beasts, on the other hand, did not pose a problem. With the assistance of the junior commanders and their groups, the Heaven-Splitting Army managed to take control of the entire situation. Quite easily, they eliminated the Lunar Beasts one by one, using several rounds of attacks.

The Heaven-Splitting Army is indeed the most powerful of the ten armies in the Demon-Buster Army. They live up to their reputation indeed!

The Poison Spirit subtly nodded his head. The Heaven-Splitting Army worked extremely well together. As long as they did not descend into chaos, they could work together to carry out excellent battle strategies. Any nomological mystical abilities, mystical ability, or techniques—when used together—would be invincible. For example, the spatial dimension laws and wind-elemental laws could reduce the speed of the Lunar Beasts. On the other hand, great earth laws and time dimension laws could protect the army. Fire-elemental laws and wind-elemental laws together could kill ferociously.

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What should we do?

Although waves and waves of Lunar Beasts kept charging towards them, the Heaven-Splitting Army did not descend into chaos at all. The ten teams each guarded one area, with Ren Tianfan remaining right on top, keeping an eye on the whole situation. Everything was under his control. If the Poison Spirit made one wrong move, Ren Tianfan would immediately find out. It was said that this man was the most powerful apart from King-Ranked martial artists. Although he was not yet a King-Ranked martial artist, his battle skills were not far off from Qi Qingchen’s.

Five minutes soon passed by quickly. If he did not take this chance to move now, the Poison Spirit would have to wait another twenty hours.

Like a venomous snake, he surveyed his surroundings and found a wave of powerful Lunar Beasts coming from the east. This wave of Lunar Beasts caught the attention of Ren Tianfan and many other people on the mountain peak. The Poison Spirit immediately sent a voice transmission to Yi Chan and the others, warning them not to leave the mountain peak. Then, he activated his Art of Concealment and headed out towards the south.

“Who is sneaking around?”

Unexpectedly… the moment he got out of the protective layer of light, the King-Ranked guardian sitting in the corner opened his eyes. His dagger-like gaze focused on the Poison Spirit, and a powerful, overwhelming aura suppressed him. It caused the Poison Spirit to immediately back out of his concealment and expose himself to countless pairs of eyes.

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