Genius Sword Immortal (Feng Yin Zi Chen)
Chapter 1: Urban rebirth

“Ah – someone’s peeping!”

Under the night sky of a city, within a certain villa district, a loud panic-stricken and angry voice resounded. Then, suddenly, the sound of a heavy object falling on the ground echoed.

“Damn, it hurts ……”

It seemed as if someone had fallen from a high altitude, and Ye Feng stood up unsteadily, swaying from one side to the other.

“No! Master has been captured by the monster, I must hurry …… Hey, where is this place?”

When he opened his eyes, he actually discovered that he was no longer present in front of the Fire Dragon Cave, but a completely unknown and strange place.

There was a villa on his front and when he turned back, he saw yet another villa behind him. The whole area was illuminated with city lights and he could clearly see a bustling metropolis under the night sky.

“How did this happen, I was undoubtedly in front of……..”

Ye Feng was totally bewildered.

He distinctly remembered that he was chasing the trail of a monster, and had entered the Fire Dragon Cave, but accidentally stepped on a mechanism, and the very next instant, he was falling down and when he landed on the ground, he found himself in a metropolis!

In his memories, a city like this didn’t exist in the ‘World of the immortals’.

He stood up, but right at that moment, a series of memories, which did not belong to him, flooded into his mind causing a severe headache. This headache was unbearable and he could not help but shake his head to get rid of this sudden headache.

“This guy is also called Ye Feng? He didn’t have the keys and wanted to reach the second floor of his villa, so he had tried to climb by crawling up the water pipe? But, after climbing halfway, he startled when heard a loud scream of a girl and fell to his death?”

Ye Feng almost cursed out loud at this ridiculous incident, present in the memories that he had just got after the severe headache.

From the memories, Ye Feng found out that ‘Ye Feng’ of this world had left home and gone out in the evening to play online games, but unbelievably, the body of ‘Ye Feng’ had been possessed by him when ‘Ye Feng’ had fallen to his death. (NT: ‘Ye Feng’ is the guy of modern world and Ye Feng is the MC who has come from ‘the world of the immortals’)

“Hold on!”

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Ye Feng’s complexion changed when he recalled the memory of the snow white and creamy smooth body of a girl that had come into the sight of this guy when he had climbed up the water pipe and had accidentally seen the naked body of that girl taking bath.

He was a smart person and quickly realized that he would soon be in danger!

“Ye Feng, you’re so dead!”

At that moment, an anger-filled, sweet and pleasant voice of a girl resounded in his ears.

Ye Feng shivered and looked back and saw a beautiful girl, clad in white dress, and she looked exactly the same in his new memories that he had got after coming to this world. However, right now, she was holding a fruit knife in her tender hand and with a haze of anger on her face, she menacingly rushed towards Ye Feng through the small alley, located between the two villas.


Ye Feng instantly understood that this beauty was a serious threat to him because if he got stabbed by that knife, then he would most likely die!

If Ye Feng possessed his previous strength then he would certainly not be afraid of a little girl. But right now, he possessed the body of this world’s ‘Ye Feng’, and that guy’s body was feeble and lacked strength.

Ye Feng immediately decided to escape from this so-called Xiaohua, who was chasing after him with a knife in her hand. Ye Feng felt that he needed to practice as soon as possible and gain the ability to protect himself in this new world. Only then, he would be able to investigate why he had suddenly appeared in this damned place.

He started to run, guided by the memories of ‘Ye Feng’, and since it would be impossible to hide in the interiors of the villa district, he ran straight towards the gate.

At this time, it seemed as if the big beautiful eyes of this school beauty were spraying fire, and she kept on pursuing after him.

She had entered the bathroom and prepared hot water to have a comfortable bath, but just when she had taken off her clothes, revealing her creamy jade like skin, she looked outside the window and actually saw a figure climbing up the wall of the adjacent villa.

This stinky neighbor had just now tried to shamelessly peep on her?

He actually dared to peep on a girl taking bath!

Too shameless!

She had panicked and did not notice that her scream had scared that boy so much, that he lost his grip on the pipe and fell down on the ground. However, how could she forget that her naked body had already been seen?

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She had become furious and had finally decided that she must catch this peeper and turn him over to the cops!

“Stop, don’t run!”

That Xiaohua was in a constant pursuit of Ye Feng holding a fruit knife in her hand, and it did not take long for them to run out of the gate of villa district.

In the security room, a young security guard saw a young boy running out of the gate and a young girl chasing after him, but he did not care, and thought that this might have been the result of couple’s argument and continued to watch television.

“This body is really weak and runs quite slow…… However I must escape, and who can win against me in a race?”

Ye Feng was soon out of breath, but in the world of the immortals, he was known as the ‘famous escape master’, who had once survived after being chased down by numerous strong masters.

If he was to get caught by a little girl and the word about it spread out, then won’t he become a laughingstock?

He ran past many streets and soon arrived at a bustling place. In his memories, this place was called Bar Street and he had decided to come to this place because it was stuffed with various kinds of people and it would be quite easy to blend in the crowd to hide from that Xiaohua.

He looked back and saw he had left her far behind, but she was still chasing after him and this time, she was hiding the knife from the eyes of the people.

“Listen, I climbed up because I didn’t have the keys and i was just trying to open the door. It was not my intention to peep, so why are you behaving so violently over a misunderstanding? However…… This little girl is really in a good shape, and her snow white figure is quite exquisite ……”

Ye Feng started to think about her exquisite figure and admired it, but he quickly shook his head because now was not the time to have such thoughts.

Ye Feng rushed towards the Bar Street, and quickly disappeared in the crowd.

Su Menghan had chased all the way after Ye Feng, but when she saw him running towards the Bar street, she hesitated to proceed. She had heard bad rumors about this place, that it was definitely not an appropriate place for a pretty girl walking all alone. (NT: Here, author has used her name for the first time. But MC prefers to call her Xiaohua, which also means a ‘school beauty’)

However, just the thought of her whole body being looked at by this stinky brat had made her even more furious.

“Today, I will definitely catch you!”

She gritted her teeth and ran after him into the Bar street.

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When a beautiful girl like her entered the Bar Street, her presence immediately attracted the attention of many people with their gazes filled with desire, greed and lust.

Su Menghan was a little scared, but was bold enough to keep on searching for that hateful figure in the crowd.


After about half an hour, Ye Feng had finally arrived in the central area of Bar Street.

When he was sure that Su Menghan was no longer following him, he was relieved.

“She is such a violent woman, just like my master.”

Ye Feng was walking on the Street, and at the same time, he looked at the scene of debauchery in the colorful Bars, located on both sides of the Street. He had never seen such a scene in his world of the immortals.

He tried to find a quiet place where he could begin his practice, but finding a quiet place in the Bar street was certainly impossible, and quickly understood that his only option was to get out of there.

As he was about to go elsewhere to start practicing, suddenly, he heard desperate cries of a female coming from an alley.

“Help ……”

Ye Feng heard faint cries of a girl and the origin of this voice was definitely close to him, otherwise, he certainly would not have heard those cries in a noisy place like the Bar Street.

“Isn’t this the voice of that Xiaohua?”

When Ye Feng heard this voice and confirmed that these cries belonged to that Xiaohua, he felt somewhat strange, because he did not expect that the so-called Xiaohua would continue to chase after him and enter the Bar Street. She had entered the Bar Street and seemed to have encountered a dangerous situation.

Although, he did not want to interfere, but then he realized that this little girl had chased after him all the way to this place, which was definitely dangerous and scary for a young and pretty girl like her. And if anything bad happened to her, then he would not be able to forgive himself!

Ye Feng slightly hesitated then finally entered the alley and prepared to take a look at what was actually going on.


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Genius Sword Immortal (Feng Yin Zi Chen) Chapter 1: Urban rebirth
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