Genius Warlock
Chapter 107

Oliver accidentally ended up taking Jane’s tutoring to learn common sense, not only about life but also about the outside world.

For example, he learned that Landa, where he lives currently, was part of a country called the United Kingdom.

Jane said the United Kingdom was a world superpower, a country with advanced magic, the country that rules the seas, and the world’s most powerful country that has built numerous colonies.

Although there was an exaggeration in her tone, her words were sincere, and she actually brought a world map and pointed out each place under the rule of the United Kingdom.

Surprisingly, the United Kingdom was only a small island nation, but it ruled over a vast colony that was dozens of times bigger than it.

It was said that the United Kingdom ruled over a new continent, an unknown empire in the East, and even the coastal city of the oldest Empire in the world, and when asked how it ruled this kind of territory, Jane said the Empire took over sovereignty peacefully through building trust and loyalty by implementing policies that are beneficial to them as much as possible

In truth, this part was a lie, a very big lie.

In any case, she explained that the United Kingdom was the world’s leader, peacemaker, and center of the world.

“And Landa is the most special place in the United Kingdom.”

When asked what the reason was, Jane said with her large breasts wide open.

“Landa belongs to the United Kingdom, but on the other hand, it is also on an equal footing with the United Kingdom.”

According to Jane, it was no exaggeration to say that Landa was now the second capital of the United Kingdom.

In fact, she said that Landa’s economic power was already undisputed number one and that even the capital city does not dare to come closer, and the gap was increasing every year instead of decreasing.

For that reason, 30-40% of the United kingdom’s national budget was covered by Landa’s taxes.

In such a situation, according to the city agreement signed during the initial land redevelopment, it was made sure that not only the royal family but also the Parliament could not recklessly interfere with Landa’s internal affairs.

Some people even called Landa [a country within a country].

Oliver thought it was just a big city, but it seemed like he got it all wrong.

Oliver praised Jane for being so smart, and she falsely shivered humbly as if it was nothing, and she explained everything Oliver was curious about.

For example, Landa’s corporate, political system, and election methods.

Not only that, but she also explained about the Magic User and Pink Man, which would be difficult for anyone to know about.

“A Magic User is someone who can use their mana but can’t create Magic with it. Using the Mana, they strengthen their body or use tools to create magical effects. By the way, Duncan is also a Magic User. He said he has hypertrophy of mana.”

“Um, I see…. So what is Pink Man? I’ve heard it a few times in the past, it was also said that Mr. Duncan and Ms. Nina were from Pinkman Office.”

“It’s a private security company, but they say it’s actually a highly advanced mercenary company. A mercenary company of strong individuals and organized units. In addition, there is professional manpower comparable to the police department, and it is said that big-shots such as city councilors and industrial tycoons mainly use them.’

In fact, as if to prove this, in the contents of the newspaper article, there was an article that Pinkman office was in charge of security for Members of Parliament and city council members.

In addition, there was a story about a large-scale protest of tens of thousands of people in a coal mining village in Northland, who were captured and suppressed at once by a Pink Man.

When Oliver looked at the attached picture, hundreds of people were lying on the floor, bleeding, and a person who seemed to be a Pink Man was seen smiling while posing with thumbs up.

Below the picture was written the phrase [McMahon, the human butcher, after the suppression of the protest,].

Oliver thought it was a bit overkill, but apart from that, the ability looked pretty good.

In addition, Jane said that Pinkman office also has a number of mercenary networks, so they can mobilize thousands of people in a short period of time if they wanted to.

It didn’t seem like too much of an exaggeration to say that they were one of the most powerful armed forces in Landa.

When Oliver asked how she knew so much, Jane replied that she had heard it directly from Duncan and her father.

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She said that due to the nature of her father’s business he often hires them.

Oliver learned so much from her, he thanked Jane once again, but she said it was fine with her charming smile while tapping gently on Oliver’s shoulder and chest.

Each time she tapped, the magic item on her wrist radiated magic, and Oliver couldn’t figure out what kind of magic item it was and felt it would be inappropriate to ask her.

As Oliver’s days as a bodyguard went peacefully, one day, Duncan summoned all the solvers.

“I’m going to be away for a while from today.”

As soon as the solvers gathered, he spoke at once.

Everyone was bewildered by the sudden notice, and he added further explanation as if he was aware of it too.

“I’m sorry all of a sudden. I got a call from my Master’s family, I think I have to leave for a while.”

Druid Scott raised his hand, just like at the first meeting.

“Well, it doesn’t matter, but how can you just leave so suddenly? Isn’t that… your Master’s daughter?”

“I’m sorry. I’m employed by Master, but at the same time, I have to also serve his family as well. If the Master was here, I would have been able to say no, but now I can’t.”

This time Oliver asked.

“Where did Mr. Edith go?”

“Well, he left the city for a while to get some taxes from his property. It’s kind of a business trip.”

Oliver thought for a moment. He wondered whether he would take the guards with him.

As if she had the same thoughts as Oliver, Nina sharply asked the question.

“Then, are you going to take all the employees here too?”

“No. I’m not. Everyone will remain here and do their usual business. That means there will be no reduction in security personnel.”

“Oh, I’m glad. I hate doing more work as much as I hate dying.”

Druid Scott said, flipping his green hair back.

It meant that there would actually be no hole in the work, so the other solvers also seemed relieved.

‘Something’s off.’

Oliver was also relieved, but thought, looking at a few subtle emotions.

He felt something strange, but the emotions were way too subtle to say what it was.

In the end, Duncan repeatedly apologized, promised to return as soon as possible, and then left the mansion.

There wasn’t really any big problem.

There wasn’t any change in the routine because the security personnel didn’t decrease as Duncan said. It was also because Duncan only looked around occasionally and didn’t have frequent contact with the Solvers.

On the other hand, Jane, who used to be in frequent contact with Duncan, seemed anxious and came to Oliver and other solvers with cakes and cookies more often than before.

The Solvers didn’t hate it, and it was the same for Oliver.

Jane gave a good explanation of basic common sense, current affairs, and unfamiliar groups to Oliver every time she met him.

Oliver was able to learn a lot from her, and he studied really hard.

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As days passed without much change after Duncan left, one day, Druid Scott came over to Oliver and spoke,

“Heh… Aren’t you getting too close to the girl you have to protect?”

He walked up to Oliver, who had broken up with Jane and was re-reading the newspaper.

It wasn’t that weird.

Druid Scott was someone who easily approached anyone and talked to them. Thanks to this, in his short stay at the mansion, he became close to other solvers, to the point where he joked around with them often.

“She taught me this and that.”

“Ehhh… Did you really come out of the sewer after training?”

“Um… Where did you hear that?”

“Even though I haven’t been here in a while, I have a wide network of people. Thanks to that, I picked up a lot of things. I’m a druid, aren’t I?”

He said confidently.

It was not too wrong to say it, Druids were of course special.

As evidence of that, all religions except for Parterism were called cults. Only, Druidism was implicitly recognized as a religion.

This was due to several factors, the decisive factor being that druids could use special powers as much as wizards and paladins.

They have the ability to use the power of nature to use their surroundings, strengthen their body, and even manipulate the world tree.

That was why Scott said arrogantly.

“Druids are as welcome anywhere as wizards. No, they’re more than wizards. They’re very rare, and they can work in a wider range. They’re versatile.”

“Um, I heard that too. You can connect with nature and borrow its power?”

“No, these days, we don’t call it borrowing, but using. It’s our rightful right.”

Scott said, raising his finger.

At the same time, aggressive emotions such as the desire for conquest, the need for rewards, ambition, and pleasure sparked.

“Um…..I see.”

“Of course. Remember! Old geeks see nature as something to be preserved and worshiped, but we see it as something to be used and dominated. The caliber is completely different.”

“Um.…. So can you use the World Tree?”

Scott drank the water without answering right away. He pretended to be calm, but he was actually rolling his head, which Oliver couldn’t help but notice.

“… .Why are you asking that?”

“Just? …I am interested in the world tree.”

“Kyahaha! Not a wizard, a warlock? A waste of time, waste of energy. You can’t even access the World Tree, so why?”

“…. Can’t access?”

Oliver asked in a puzzled voice.

“Of course. Didn’t you learn that? Maybe you must have learned it wrong.”

For a moment, Oliver almost said he had accessed it once in the past.

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There were some bewildering parts, but the connection itself was not that difficult. In a way, it was even natural.

It was like fitting a key into a keyhole.

However, he wasn’t ignorant enough to say this, and fortunately, Scott opened his mouth first.

“Did you think dealing with the world tree would be so easy?”

Scott placed his arm on Oliver’s shoulder in a friendly manner.

“The World Tree is something that even druids can’t easily handle, and wizards even worse. I’ve felt it from the first time I saw you, you really don’t have common sense.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Fools who don’t know anything about the World Tree think of it as a convenient tree, but that’s not the case. It’s a sea of turbulent information, and it even has its own will. So if it doesn’t like you, you’ll be lost for eternity.”

Oliver frowned.

Oliver wondered whether the world tree has its own will. This was something he didn’t know about.

“Is that so?”

“Well, the wizards deny that they don’t have one…. Anyway, using such a world tree is like swimming in the volatile sea with your bare body.

“Um… .. okay.”

“The less you know, the easier it seems. I understand.”

It certainly wasn’t wrong. Suddenly, Oliver thought of studying the world tree again.

Recently, he has been paying attention to the Corpse dolls, so he neglected to study the world tree for a while, and he felt a little guilty, but at the same time, he was happy.

There was so much to learn in this world, and it was fun.

The druid continued to explain, with his arm still on Oliver’s shoulder.

“Whether it’s a wizard or a druid, learning about World Tree is very difficult and time-consuming. With talent, it takes a year or two to access and five or six years to use it properly. So even if you can only do net sailing, anywhere you go, you’ll be treated as high-level manpower. So don’t have any hopes. Okay?”

“….Yes, I understand.”

“Ha! You’re the smartest warlock I’ve ever met.”

“I’m glad that’s the case. But why are you talking so kindly, all of a sudden?”

“Reason? Do I need one? Working together in a boring place is also a relationship, so let’s get along. How about a drink with other people today, would you like to drink together? These are all networking.”

“Is it okay to drink alcohol?”

“Well, what’s wrong with having a peg or two?”

Saying that Scott gave strength to his hand. His grip was good since his hands were large, but Oliver politely refused.

“I’m sorry. I’m not sure. What if something unexpected happens? So I’ll refuse. Also, I’m not good at drinking.”

As if the lie worked, the druid raised his hands and said.

“Well then, there’s nothing I can do about it, but you’ll regret it.”


“I got my hands on a really delicious drink.”

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As the druid said that, he grinned.

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