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Chapter 306: Terrifying Greedy Wolf Avatar!

"Well done."

Zhou Zhou was not stingy with his praise at all.

Then, he looked in the direction of Lord Father City with a cold gaze.

"Bai Yun, Wu Xin."

"I'm here!"

"Lead our troops to attack and capture Lord Father City!"


The two of them said in unison.

Then, they immediately led an army of 80,000 out of Blazing Sun City, leaving only 20,000 Poison Crossbow soldiers in charge of guarding the city.

Zhou Zhou was not idle either.

He took out the Emperor of Sand's Glory Scepter and used half of the energy in his body to summon 50 White Silver-Tier Advance Grade Sand Cavalrymen!

Then, under the Desert Protection Effect of the scepter, these 50 White Silver-Tier Advance Grade Sand Cavalrymen were all upgraded to Yellow Gold-Tier Elementary Grade.

Then, he used a quarter of his energy to summon a White Silver-Tier Advance Grade Chaos Tree Demon Boss.

Zhou Zhou looked at the Chaos Tree Demon Boss.

This Chaos Tree Demon Boss was more than a hundred meters tall.

It was completely grayish-black and was surrounded by chaotic fog.

A pair of blood-red eyes appeared and disappeared in the Chaotic Fog, looking quite terrifying.

However, Zhou Zhou could feel that

when the other party's gaze landed on it, its eyes were immediately filled with extremely pure loyalty.

He nodded slightly in his heart.

Then, when he felt the energy contained in the other party's body, he was immediately shocked.

The feeling that the other party gave him was not inferior to a White Silver-Tier Advance Grade Regional Scarlet Lord.

It had clearly far exceeded it!

According to Zhou Zhou's experience,

This Chaos Tree Demon Boss was probably not inferior to a Yellow Gold-Tier Regional Scarlet Lord.

"Go on."

"Follow my army and destroy the enemies in front!"

Zhou Zhou did not think too much about it and ordered the Chaos Tree Demon Boss and 50 Sand Cavalrymen.

They silently accepted the order and left Blazing Sun City, following the army towards Lord Father City.

Just as they were about to approach Lord Father City,

Wu Xin, who was riding on the Blinding Light and standing at the front of the soldiers, suddenly took out a Blood Wolf Totem.

It was the Greedy Wolf Totem!

He looked at the Greedy Wolf Painting.

After two days of practice,

he could use it freely.

"Activate the array!"

"Greedy Wolf Moon Howling Array!"

Wu Xin immediately ordered.

Under the influence of the hero skill, Desired Military Morale, the soldiers began to change their formation rapidly after receiving the order.

In the blink of an eye.

80,000 soldiers arranged themselves in a vivid Greedy Wolf posture on the snow.


Wu Xin shouted.

Blood-colored military formation murderous auras formed by essence, qi, and spirit flew out of the bodies of the 80,000 soldiers.

The murderous aura of the blood-colored military formation gathered in the sky and finally formed a blood-colored Divine Wolf.

It was three to four hundred meters tall. Its entire body was blood-red and there were blood-colored stars flickering faintly in its body.

It was wearing blood-red ferocious armor, and its eyes were actually dark silver, revealing a high and mighty feeling of ignoring life forms.

It was the Greedy Wolf Avatar!

Moreover, because the soldiers forming it were all extraordinary and the number of soldiers had reached 80,000, its strength had shockingly reached the limit of the Extraordinary-Tier Intermediate Grade!

Extraordinary-Tier Intermediate Grade was the upper limit of the strength that the Greedy Wolf Totem could reach.

Otherwise, with the strength of these 80,000 soldiers, they could form an Extraordinary-Tier Advance Grade Greedy Wolf Avatar!

However, it was no longer important.

Even if it could only reach the Extraordinary-Tier Intermediate Grade, it was also enough to make it impossible for the Yellow Gold-Tier Advance Grade Nezario and the Yellow Gold-Tier Elementary Grade Auguste to resist.

Not to mention Lord Father.

However, this Lord Father did not give up easily.

He did not want to fall from his ranking so easily.

[All Machina race soldiers!]

[All of you, leave the city and kill the enemy!]

[Prepare to fire the Four Phases Origin Cannon!]

[Divine Armament Energy Shield activated!]

He quickly conveyed his orders to his 60,000 Machina race Subjects.


The door of Lord Father City automatically opened.

60,000 Machina race soldiers walked out of the city in an orderly manner and rushed towards Greedy Wolf Avatar.

While charging,

all kinds of high-tech Arms appeared on their bodies and they shot at the Greedy Wolf Avatar.

Countless high-energy bullets and cannonballs tore through the sky towards the Greedy Wolf Avatar.

However, it floated and stopped a few meters away from Greedy Wolf Avatar.

The Greedy Wolf Avatar did not even need to spend any effort to defend.

The invisible and qualitative pressure on its body alone was enough to isolate these attacks below White Platinum-Tier.

The next second.

On the city wall of Lord Father City.

A hundred-meter-tall silver-white cannon slowly raised the barrel. Then, it began to condense yellowish-brown, aqua-blue, sky-blue, and scarlet energy at the mouth of the cannon.

It was the Four Phases Origin Cannon!

This was also an invention created by Lord Father through the Ultimate Algorithm.

Even though it was only a White Platinum-Tier Advance Grade cannon,

it could crush any life form below the Extraordinary-Tier level.

Three seconds later.

These four energies gathered into a four-colored ball of light.

With a buzzing sound,

the four-colored ball of light shot towards Greedy Wolf Avatar.

In just an instant.

It flew in front of the Greedy Wolf Avatar.

The Greedy Wolf Avatar opened its bloody mouth calmly and swallowed the four-colored ball of light under Lord Father's shocked gaze.

It smacked its lips and opened its mouth again.

A ball of blood-red Army Extermination Light Ball condensed in its mouth and shot towards Lord Father City.

In the blink of an eye, it hit the Supreme Barrier of Father City and quickly broke it. Right on the heels of that, it hit the Divine Armament Energy Barrier again.

This was also a city defense invention created by Lord Father with the Ultimate Algorithm.

It could withstand Diamond-Tier energy attacks at most.

However, it only lasted for a second before shattering with a bang and crashing into Lord Father City against this blood-red Army Extermination Light Ball.


It was as if lightning had destroyed the world, and light and darkness alternated.

The ground shook violently.

Lord Father was obliterated in the terrifying military explosion before he could even react.

When the Machina race soldiers who had just left the city looked back,

Blood-red ruins were already everywhere.


'Where's my home?'

'Where's my f*cking big Lord Father City?'

All the Machina race soldiers were stunned.

Zhou Zhou was also stunned.


This Greedy Wolf Totem was actually so powerful???

This was a top Lord of all races ranked number sixth after all!

His home was actually destroyed by the Greedy Wolf Avatar cannon?


Only then did Zhou Zhou realize.

What kind of shocking treasure did he exchange for from the King of Eternal Silence and his wife?

At the same time…

Even though Bai Yun, Wu Xin, and the others were also shocked by the combat strength of the Greedy Wolf Avatar, they quickly came back to their senses and immediately controlled Greedy Wolf Avatar to sweep through the Machina race soldiers wantonly.

Its casual strike could kill dozens or hundreds of Machina race soldiers.

Occasionally, a large amount of Violent Storm would spew out of its mouth, causing the Machina race soldiers to suffer heavy losses.

In addition, Nezario, Auguste, Maris, and the others were killed at the side.

In less than half an hour, all the remaining Machina race soldiers fell on the battlefield.

During this slaughter,

Zhou Zhou had also successfully broken through to the Yellow Gold-Tier Elementary Grade!

A text notification appeared.

[You have defeated the Machina Race Lord—Lord Father (Mythical-Tier Advance Grade Lord). You have won this ranking competition!]

[Congratulations, you have obtained 100,000 battlefield points!]

[Congratulations, you have obtained 45 ranking points!]

[Ranking System Notification: Your current ranking score is '45'. Please continue ranking and obtain ranking scores to increase your ranking!]

[You need to participate in at least one ranking competition every three days. Otherwise, your ranking score will drop!]

Chapter 306: Terrifying Greedy Wolf Avatar!
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