Glory [e-sports]

Chapter 172.1: Across the whole of Glory, there was only one Yan Jiang.

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So this was the number one support player in Glory?

This was the previous Captain of the FTW’s Team of Gods?

Sure enough, he was really powerful!

Compared to hearing about it, some things were better understood when experienced.

Captain Yan’s support made people feel very comfortable. For example, Brother Cai was the other number one support player besides Captain Yan, but compared with Captain Yan, it was like comparing an eunuch with the emperor.

The difference was really too great!

Brother Cai, who was hugging Brother Soy and making up for his sleep, “Achoo!” He sneezed loud enough to shake the heavens.

Wei Xiao had always been generous with his praise, “Badass, Captain Yan.”

Yan Jiang: “……”

Wei Xiao’s keyboard crackled as he typed, “Your control just now was really absolute. Isn’t the control from the light bullet random? How did you control it to this level?”

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The holy priest’s light gate could be targeted. As long as it was placed accurately and the player’s judgement was good enough, it wouldn’t be difficult for the player to frame people with the gate. The skill that was difficult to control was the light bullet.

The light bullet was also a holy priest core skill. It would bounce off several targets repeatedly, causing a stun that lasted for a short period of time. But because it would bounce back and forth, it could be played out to good effect in group fights.

Of course, it was already pretty good like that, but this skill couldn’t be controlled too much. The trajectory of the light bullet, the velocity, and the stun time…

This control required too much detail and it was almost impossible to track everything.

But Yan Jiang could.

Yan Jiang: “Because of the light gate.”

These five words left the audience in the live broadcast room confused. “What-what does he mean?”

“What about the light gate?”

“Because of the light gate, what?”

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The audience didn’t understand, but Wei Xiao understood instantly. “So that’s how it is!”

Then, he was surprised, too. “Your understanding of the holy priest is too thorough!”

Yan Jiang didn’t continue the conversation.

Someone in the scrolling comments realized, “I get it! The reason why God Yan can control the light bullet so accurately and make a seemingly uncontrollable skill stable enough to lock their opponents in the dragon cave relies on the range determined by the light gate…”

This person had spoken the truth.

It was really difficult to determine the trajectory in a large space, but when the range was limited to just the light gate, then it became possible to calculate.

“Um… I understand the logic, but even with the light gate, it requires judging an opponent’s position in such a short time, selecting the right target, using the right angle, and calculating the trajectory and speed of the light bullet…”

“Sorry, I’ve disturbed you. I don’t deserve to play holy priest!”

During this 5v5 game, Yan Jiang displayed the limits of a support player’s ability to control their opponents.

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Wei Xiao was really in a bad state, and his mind was really restless, but towards the mid and late stages of the game, he became completely immersed in the game, slaughtering his way across all three lanes and leaving the other side with no course of resistance.

His mood wasn’t great, and he was in a bad state.

But it didn’t matter, he just had to play casually.

Yan Jiang could easily mobilize all his fighting power, going up against the heavens, the earth, and even the air.


Wei Xiao stared at the settlement panel for a long time.

I Like Close The Most: 18 kills, 0 deaths, 0 assists. He’d dealt 50% of the team’s damage.

Yan: 0 kills, 1 death, 18 assists. His effective healing rate was 79%.

This data could be seen throughout the live broadcast room.

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The audience sucked in a breath and exclaimed––

What kind of immortal support player was this!

Wei Xiao had 18 kills and zero deaths, but the most important thing was his 0 assists.

What did this mean? It meant that in all the kills he’d participated in, all of the kills had been his. All of them! This head harvesting ability was so strong that it didn’t seem human.

50% of the team’s total damage was also a very exaggerated value. It was important to know that Wei Xiao was playing the jungler position. Although the jungler position was a strong DPS dealing position, there was still a big gap when it was compared with the mid-laner and ADC.

In general, in a normal match, the mid-lane and ADC should account for over 60% of the total damage dealt. Now, Wei Xiao’s jungler had dealt more damage than the mid-laner and ADC put together.

Was it that Wei Xiao was too strong?

He really was strong.

But he really wasn’t that strong.

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It was completely because Yan Jiang had fed him well, seizing the right timing so that Wei Xiao could fearlessly show off his operations.

Looking at Yan Jiang’s data was also enough to make others feel a thrill.

The essence of a support player was to not snatch kills and take resources so he’d gotten 18 assists with no kills, and the number of his assists equaled the same number of kills Wei Xiao had obtained. This meant that he’d been involved in all of Wei Xiao’s kills.

Then, looking at the only death in his stats.

The audience had already memorised that scene a long time ago.

The other side had been beaten until their mentality collapsed like a bloody avalanche. The four of them piled up on Wei Xiao at a spot where he had to pass by, wanting to put their lives on the line to kill him at least once.

Yan Jiang’s vision had been cleared, and he couldn’t see anything, but the overall situation was so quiet that it could be inferred that their opponents were waiting to gank. Wei Xiao understood this even without Yan Jiang’s prompting.

He stepped into the trap, using his amazing hand speed to pull back, but who could’ve known that Yan Jiang would type out a single word, “Go.”

Wei Xiao: “!”

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There wasn’t enough time to communicate. The holy priest’s skills popped up, healing him while exposing the positions of all four players.

Wei Xiao instinctively knew what to do.

Captain Yan had controlled them so well, he wouldn’t be a man if he didn’t go up and fight!

Making use of his hand speed and his superior farm, Wei Xiao’s light arcs covered the sky, and he took down a quadrakill in exchange for Yan Jiang’s life.

Captain Yan died.

But he’d let Wei Xiao take down four people on his own, making the other side’s mentality explode completely.

This death was too worth it!

Looking at the nearly 80% of effective healing, if they really released this screenshot, it would make countless senior Glory fans laugh. “This photoshopped image is really too much!”

“79% effective healing? Why not just photoshop it to be 100%.”

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However, this was the live broadcast, and they’d seen it with their own eyes. It was impossible to falsify.

It had really happened!

Effective healing and total healing were two different pieces of data.

The former was useful healing, while the latter number included a large amount of overhealing.

The former could turn the tides and extend teammates’ lives indefinitely; the latter could be achieved with one’s eyes closed.

Effective healing was also an important piece of data when judging the level of a healer.

As everyone knew, ordinary players were already considered little immortals if they could reach 20%, and professional players could pass the standard if they reached 30%. If they exceeded 40%, then the game MVP would be given to the support player…

What kind of concept was 79%?

Across the whole of Glory, there was only one Yan Jiang.

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Wei Xiao was thinking about such things in his heart, but his mouth said, “Are FTW’s captains all so powerful?”

There was no need to mention Close; his strength was well known.

Yan Jiang……

Previously, Wei Xiao couldn’t understand how a support player could be acknowledged as a god, but now he understood.

No matter which position it was, it could be exceedingly tyrannical when played at an extreme level.

Wei Xiao was now enjoying himself. “Again!” This time, he would try to appreciate it seriously. There were too many places where he could learn from Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang: “Okay.”

The two of them queued up for three games in a row without stopping.

During these three games, Wei Xiao was lucky enough to get the shadow thief each time. He took this opportunity to experience how it felt to brush out nine light arcs all the time.

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Previously, he was in a very dazed state when he brushed out the nine light arcs.

When he learned about Close’s shoulder injury, his brain was blank, leaving nothing but restless energy, and he didn’t even know what he was doing.

After the event, he’d gone over it in his mind carefully, but the more he tried to deliberately find the same feeling, the harder it seemed to be able to find it.

The nine light arcs he’d brushed out during the big brawl had been completed with Close’s guidance. This was very normal; when the two of them soloed, Wei Xiao was always pushed to extremes by Lu Feng and would be able to brush it out.

But the nine light arcs he played out at this kind of time was also too difficult for him to understand.

Perhaps it was something that needed to be repeated in order to capture the essence, but Wei Xiao didn’t know the number of repetitions he needed.

Today when he double queued with Yan Jiang, Wei Xiao’s feeling for it was very different.

This time, his nine light arcs weren’t emotional, and it wasn’t because his brain was blank. He had space to think, and it was like there was a camera providing him with a slow-motion visual experience.

Perhaps it was Yan Jiang’s control that spared him the effort so that he could have space to think.

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The more he played, the more immersed he grew. Wei Xiao had just been about to say that they should play again.

Yan Jiang spoke, “Big brawl?”

Wei Xiao was stunned for a moment.

Yan Jiang: “Doubles.”

Wei Xiao: “Let’s go!”

The fans who’d been watching the live broadcast for two hours went crazy.

“What did Captain Yan say????”

“Fellow sisters, take a screenshot!”

“If this is let out, it’ll make everyone’s chins drop.”

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“It’s well known that God Yan never plays in singles or doubles.”

“What kind of big treasure is Quiet? He actually made God Yan break his own rules on his own initiative!”

There were two modes for the big brawl. One mode was to enter the arena on their own, which was just like the opening game where 100 players fought against each other, and other than themselves, the other 99 players were all opponents that they should kill when they meet.

The second mode was to team up, but it wasn’t a team battle like 5v5, but a team of two. It had replaced the previous doubles competition.

When the two-man team entered the arena, they wouldn’t harm their teammates when they used their skills, and at the same time, support players could also be of use.

Yan Jiang and Wei Xiao switched out of the professional server and went to the international server.

The big brawl naturally couldn’t be held in the professional server. There weren’t enough people, and they might have to queue until they died.

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