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God and Devil World

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God and Devil World novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Lolicon, and Action genres. Written by the Author Zi Chan Bao Zeng. 1212 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


In less than an instant the world as we knew it was at its end. That’s right. The Apocalypse. In a single blink Zombies appeared and mutated monsters began to rampage all throughout the world. Now it was the human species turn to fight for survival and planetary dominance! On the same day that the world descends into chaos we meet Yue Zhong. Initially only hoping to get to his friends and escape to a refugee camp our protagonist sets out, inadvertently building a team along the way. After a series of fortuitous events and a few serious hunches our hero decides it’s time to do more than just survive! Yue Zhong begins to form the foundations of an enormous survival plan… before he suddenly discovers that he has only gotten over the first hurdle….

Unbeknownst to Yue Zhong and company, the world outside of China is mostly a wasteland! Country sized swathes of nuclear radiation and an extreme shortage of supplies in the world after the nuclear explosions was quickly becoming the “norm”. Mutants, Evolved animals and what’s worse, intelligent out of control dinosaurs had quickly appeared and claimed their own sections of the planet. There were several innately powerful Evolved races which appeared that were more than 10 times stronger than humans, nearly all of them possessing bodies impenetrable by normal bullets. The fabled orcs’ were another of these Evolved races, the leader of which had in fact enslaved many of the remaining human beings. Unceremoniously exposed to such a cold and heartless new world, Yue Zhong is faced with a choice: Find a deep dark hole and hope it goes back to “normal”? Or overcome all obstacles and struggle towards Evolution!!!

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  • lackadaisical
    Feb 18, 2021

    Missing three chapters (1215 to 1217).

  • lnwUser36015
    Feb 13, 2021

    One of the first novels i have ever read. This got me into reading even more novels. I loved the story.

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First : I gave 1 Star for how good the writer is in writing the action and thrilling scenes, you can tell he has a natural talent for writing.

BUT : Do you guys know that over-thinking is the same as under-thinking. both are equally trash. So, let me tell you in short to not waste you time (Spoiler alert) :
The main character start the novel with [skeleton summon] skill, but without class ( by luck ), which helped him a loooot BUT when it was time to choose a class ( at level 10 ), hear this, from a list of : warrior, mage(necromancer included), SUMMONER , WARLOCK , BEASTMASTER , doctor , soldier ,...,dark knight ( which is basically a type of Knight ). He (Smartly) thought the MAGE and WARLOCK are just nothing much to look at ( I just want to spit on him at that point, when life is really hard in the story ) and AND he instantly thinks that the best class is a SOLDIER?! can you believe it? a soldier class ( you can't change it later ) cuz he wants to use guns and thinks guns are stronger than MAGIC , NECROMANCY , SUMMONING , WIZADRY ..... . then he says oh no the dark knight is cooler ( no difference that much from a soldier which uses guns ) . Guys there is nothing more to say at that point but to close this sht novel and rate it badly. I cannot describe how mad and disgusted i am at that MC. Like even a donkey is better than him , like he managed to fight his way and become stronger that the people around him with only a single skill to summon ONE skeleton and he still didn't realize the power of MAGIC and SUMMONING, and want to use some guns which is common and not able to do anything in the face of the zombies evolution which is insane. I want to just say screw your 9thies ancestor.

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Good beginning but as story goes on I actually start to think author is going out of mind. Just too much racism. Too much of nationalism. It's not a healthy read material.

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Good beginning.
Liked the idea of zombie and lvl up. Not really incredibly original but quite well done until the author forgot that it was a story meant to entertain his readers.
Long story short, the MC (who is now OP) go on a quest of conquest of the world: Highly repeatitive, boring, with girls falling from the sky falling in love with the MC each time and with a fair bit of chinese nationalism (racism) in prime. This country has a bad history with mine so everyone of them are rapist, back stabbing monster except for this cute chick who is abnormaly attract with the MC. No plot anymore at this point.
Didn't read all of it (it became that bad) but I doubt it gets any better.
Wants a good read? Avoid it
Want to kill some time? Read a 1/4 of this story then stop. Trust me, you won't miss anything.

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