God Emperor

Chapter 1899: Vulnerable

Chapter 1899: Vulnerable

Outside the Sword Vault, a vast Immortal Vampire army gathered, an overwhelming blood Qi radiated from their body, and caused rolling blood clouds to form, covering the sky and shrouding over the entire Sword Vault, as if apocalypse had come.

Immortal Ming was at the last leg of breaking the ancient wards.

While the ancient wards guarding the Sword Vault was very mysterious, it was extremely incomplete, and without any array master to repair it, Immortal Ming managed to find some cracks in the wards.

They only saw Immortal Ming quickly deployed thirty-six ancient flags, and a large amount of mysterious patterns appeared, creating a thick nether fog, as if the door to the underworld was being opened.

By the effect of the flags, it was clear that the ancient wards were beginning to unravel.

In a blink of an eye, a gaping path was torn in the middle of the wards, revealing a path to the Sword Vault.

“Next, it’s all up to you lot.”

Immortal Ming looked at Xia Wenxin and the rest, and said faintly.

This time around, he came alone, so the task of attacking the Sword Vault had to be done by the Immortal Vampires.

The Sword Vault was mysterious, and it would not be too late for him to search for the Big Dapper Portrait after the Immortal Vampires had broken through and gotten a clear view of the situation.

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The Nine-eye Heavenly Lord raised his hand and yelled. “Assault the Sword Vault, set Lord Ming free, charge!”


In an instant, the vast Immortal Vampire army struck, and flooded into the gap like a raging tide.

They knew that there were many dangers in the Sword Vault, yet they still went on. Sucking on the blood of the Zhenyu clans people would strengthen them, and release Lord Ming was a great deed, so the risk was completely worth it.

The Immortal Vampires were well prepared this time, and had mobilized an army of hundred of thousand strong, and against the Sword Vault, victory was certain.

And with other forces of Kunlun Realm were pre-occupied and were unable to come to aid, it was only up to the Zhenyu clan to fend for themselves.

Just as they charged in, the Immortal Vampires ran into obstacles. A powerful formation array was activated, and killing intent gushed forth as it killed a large number of Immortal Vampires.

Clearly, the Zhenyu clan had long expected that the ancient wards cannot stop the Immortal Vampires, and so had made preparations in advance.

The cultivators of the Shen Clan were already in ambush position, and as the vanguard, they used their formation arrays to attack.

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In addition to the ancient wards outside, there were large number of formation arrays and wards in the clans ground, and were arranged by the Shen Clan across generations.

Sadly, the Shen Clan was in decline, and did not even have a array saint master, otherwise, with the Shen Clan’s inheritance in formation arrays, how could the Immortal Vampires even break into the Sword Vault?

Immediately after, the cultivators of the Shi Clan struck, and used a large number of talismans to blast out lightning, flames, ice, and wind blades. The various destructive force blasted out, and engulfed the Immortal Vampires.

“To think of resisting against my Immortal Vampire army, delusional!” the Nine-eye Heavenly Lord sneered, his eyes indifferent.

Prince Wujie stood out and said coldly. “I will lead the attack on the Sword Vault.”

His previous losses had made him feel that he had lost face, and now he was eager to redeem himself.

As long as he take the Sword Vault, who will dare to laugh at him?

“You alone won’t be enough. The seven of you go, and use the fastest speed to destroy the Zhenyu clan.” Xia Wenxin said faintly, but the words had an inviolable order to it.


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Prince Yun and the others nodded in response.

Since it was Xia Wenxin speaking, they naturally could not refuse it.

“I will meet the mysterious elite.” The third Shenzi spoke.

Before the voice trailed away, the person disappeared without a trace, as if afraid the Nine-eye Heavenly King would fight for that.

As far as they know, that mysterious powerhouse was undoubtedly the greatest threat.

If they did not hold him back, the Immortal Vampire army will certainly suffer great losses.

Against a powerhouse of that level, numbers alone was not enough to deal with him.

“What’s next?” The Nine-eye Heavenly Lord looked at Xia Wenxin and asked.

The attack this time was led by the three Shenzi, but with Xia Wenxin as the head and the one commanding the field.

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Xia Wenxin’s eyes were calm, as he said faintly. “We wait and see.”

On the surface, they looked poised to succeed, but he had a faint feeling in his heart that things were not that simple.

But no matter how arcane the Sword Vault was, they needed to rescue Lord Ming this time.

Outside the cold volcano, Bao Lie stood up, and held the golden spear in his hand, exuding a powerful battle spirit from his body.

“Junior brother, the Immortal Vampires have broken into the Sword Vault, it is time for you to get out.” Bao Lie spoke, and his deep voice transmitted clearly into the cold volcano.

The next moment, Zhang Ruochen’s figure appeared, and sighed. “They sure are fast. If I had a little more time, perhaps I can complete the cultivation of Soul Oblivion.”

Although a little reluctant, with the situation critical, he had to leave his meditation early.

A glint flashed in Bao Lie’s eyes. “Junior brother, I’ll go deal with a strong one, you be careful there!”

“Also, Luo Yi is missing!”

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“Hmm? Luo Yi is missing?” Zhang Ruochen’s expression changed slightly.

As he expected, there was something off with Luo Yi. Especially when he disappeared at this moment, leaving him worried if the latter was up to something no good.

Luo Yi better not play any tricks, or else he will certainly make the former regret.

Watching Bao Lie leave, Zhang Ruochen summoned everyone who were secluding themselves. The battle had broken out, and they can no longer seclude themselves for cultivating.

Only the Ancient Abyssal Blade remained in the cold volcano. Its form condensation had reached a critical period and cannot be interrupted.

Once interrupted, the Royal Sacred Chalcedony, Heavenly Bloodstones, Rootless Cranebloom, and the Tears of the Void, these four extremely rare materials would be wasted.

For example, the Heavenly Bloodstones were extremely rare, and only a Supreme Saint would have the opportunity to find some, so its value was immeasurable.

If these materials were wasted, he was unable to guarantee he would be able to collect them again within a short period of time.

From a distance, he could also sense a terrifying murderous aura, and saw the thick blood clouds that filled the sky, it was extremely depressing.

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A bloody battle was inevitable, and he had no idea how many people will lose their lives in this battle.

“Follow me to battle, and stop the Immortal Vampire army, protect the Sword Vault.” Zhang Ruochen roared, as he unleashed a powerful aura.

A shadow of a Luan appeared on one leg, while a shadow of a phoenix appeared on the other, as he rose into the air and charged into the fray.

Seeing this, everyone else did not hesitate, and followed closely behind, even Ji Fanxin was no exception.

She was still waiting for Zhang Ruochen to take her to collect the trunk of the Divine Sky-connecting Tree. So naturally, at this hour, she needed to advance and retreat with Zhang Ruochen, to show her sincerity.

At this moment, the Zhenyu Clansmen were being crushed by the Immortal Vampire army. Although the fighting had broke out for a short time, they have suffered heavy casualties, and were being pushed back.

Seeing the Immortal Vampires’ wanton slaughter, and sucking on the blood of the Zhenyu clansmen, Zhang Ruochen was furious.

Before he even arrived at the battlefield, he was making palm seals with both hands, and blasted out the Dragon-Elephant Prajna Palm Strike.

“Sky Soaring Dragon-Elephant ”

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Countless of dragon and elephant shadows rushed out, striking the Immortal Vampire army.


Bodies of large number of Immortal Vampire warriors burst open, and no matter how strong their vitality was, they would not survive this palm strike.

In a blink of an eye, Zhang Ruochen really appeared on the battlefield, with a dragon shadow on one arm, and a elephant shadow on the other, as he continue to blast out palm strikes.


With every strike, many Immortal Vampire warriors would be torn into pieces, and almost none could take Zhang Ruochen’s palm strike without dying.

Zhang Ruochen rampaged through the lines and slaughtered plenty, leaving a bloodied trial of bodies in his wake.

Against the Immortal Vampires, he never had been merciful.

“Zhang Ruochen, don’t even think about running rampant!”

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Prince Wujie yelled and charged from afar, blocking Zhang Ruochen’s path.

An extremely ferocious aura radiated from his body, with raging murderous intent in his eyes. Clearly he was still brooding from the earlier defeat in Zhang Ruochen’s hands.

As the descendant of a Supreme Saint, ever since he first took up cultivaton, he had never been defeated so thoroughly before, especially when he was defeated by someone whose cultivation was far lower than himself, it was an enormous dishonour.

Only by killing Zhang Ruochen, and using his blood can he wash away the shame.

Immediately afterwards, both the Long-faced Princess and Prince Yun had also arrived. There were bloodstains by the corners of their mouths, not because they were injured, but they had feasted on the blood of many Zhenyu clansmen.

In their eyes, the cultivators of the Zhenyu Clan were all food, and by consuming some would they get stronger.

Prince Wujie had sucked a lot of blood on the battle, and only tthrough that he had quickly broke through from an Eight-step Saint King to the Precept Dominion realm.

“Human blood sure is delicious. If I were to absorb more, my cultivation will reach the peak of Precept Dominion realm.” The Long-faced Princess smiled coldly.

Prince Yun snorted. “This time, I will definitely break through the Heaven’s Reach realm. Zhang Ruochen, I look forward to your blood.”

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Against the three princes and princess of the Immortal Vampires, Zhang Ruochen had no fear, and said coldly. “Now that you lot have come to my home court, you think you’ll still live?”

“Insolence, I will kill you.”

The cold light in Prince Wujie’s eyes glowed, and unleashed an extremely viscous blood Qi.

While he may look maniacal, he was obviously more cautious this time, and formed the Gate of Destiny straight off the bat.

Because he knew Zhang Ruochen had a deep attainment in the Path of Truth, and could unleash several times the combat power to pose a threat to him.

Only by using the Gate of Destiny can he hold back Zhang Ruochen’s Path of Truth.

“The Gate of Destiny? You think the same trick will work on me twice?” Zhang Ruochen sneered.

While speaking, he struck with a powerful move, and used the Dragon-Elephant Prajna Palm Strike, and blasted it towards Prince Wujie’s chest.

“Just give it a try and you’ll find out. Destiny will always restrain truth.” Prince Wujie said confidently.

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The last time, he was too careless and suffered a loss in Zhang Ruochen’s hands.

This time, he will not make the same mistake again.

A large amount of blood light condensed, and Prince Wujie blasted out a fist, sending a powerful fist strike out, creating an overwhelming fist wind sweeping towards Zhang Ruochen.


Prince Wujie flew back quickly, and the Gate of Fate behind him trembled, and almost collapsed.

“How could it be…”

A look of disbelief appeared in Prince Wujie’s eyes.

He had already fully activated the Gate of Destiny to suppress Zhang Ruochen’s strength, yet the effect was obviously not so effective, and did not achieve the expected results.

“You’ve broken through?” Finally, Prince Wujie realized something.

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Breaking through from an Eight-step Saint King to a Nine-step Saint King in a mere few days, what sort of terrifying cultivation speed is this?

What was unacceptable to him was that even with Zhang Ruochen’s breaks through, he was still only of the Lesser Precept-World realm, while he was of the Precept Dominion realm. There was still a two realm gap between them, and he was not able to defeat Zhang Ruochen.

“Let’s go in together.” Prince Yun said and motioned to the Long-faced Princess.

The Long-faced Princess did not speak, and blasted out a a blood seal.

The blood seal was a sacred artifact of Eight Radiance, and had already unleashed its full power, supposedly wanting to wound or kill Zhang Ruochen in a single strike.

While Prince Yun performed a secret technique, a series of arcane silver patterns bloomed with brilliance from his brow, almost painting the entire Sword Vault silver.

The arcane silver pattern extended and turned into countless silk threads as they spun towards Zhang Ruochen.

“Since all of you want to die so badly, I will fulfill your wishes.” Zhang Ruochen’s gaze was cold, and a powerful killing intent burst out of his body.

He used the Luoshui Fist, and a river faintly emerged, traversing the void like an heavenly river falling into the mortal realm.

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The blood seal was blocked, and then sent flying.

The silk threads transformed form the arcane silver patterns were also entangled by the river and shattered, unable to get anywhere close to Zhang Ruochen.

Both the Long-faced Princess and and Prince Yun let out a muffled grunt, and clearly had suffered some form of feedback.

“How could he be so strong?” Both the Long-faced Princess and Prince Yun could not calm themselves down.

Their cultivation bases were two levels higher than Zhang Ruochen, plus all of them had the bloodline of a Supreme Saint. Even with their joint efforts, they were actually no match for Zhang Ruochen.

If Zhang Ruochen had used his techniques of time and space, sure, but he did not. He had only used his own strength and he already had them on the back foot.


Zhang Ruochen did not stop, and blasted out another surge of Chenyan-level Divine Purification Flames, and sending it sweeping towards the Immortal Vampires with a devastating force.

With the breakthrough of his cultivation, the power of Divine Purification Flames were undoubtedly greatly increased, and he had the power to burn the skies and boil the seas.

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Under the fires of the Divine Purification Flame, the earth quickly melted and transformed into hot, sticky magma.


A series of baleful cries rang out as many Immortal Vampire warriors fell into the lava.


Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen appeared above Prince Wujie, and blasted out a palm strike.

Prince Wujie instantly sensed it, and used the chains to resist. He infused a large number of saint path precepts in to the chains, and created a nine-layer vortex.


Upon taking Zhang Ruochen’s palm strike, the nine-layer vortex immediately collapsed, and the raging cold air spread across all directions.

Then, Zhang Ruochen struck his palm at Prince Wujie’s head, slammed the latter straight into the magma.

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The palm strike was powerful, and even if Prince Wujie’s body was strong, his skull still cracked, and his brain almost pulped.

Last time around, he wanted to kill Prince Wujie, but he was stopped by Xia Wenxin.

This time, he wanted to see who would save Prince Wujie from him.


Seeing Prince Wujie suffering defeat, Prince Yun and the Long-faced Princess wanted to help. Both of them flew over with their silver wing deployed, as they struck from both left and right.

“Seven-Orifice Netherblood Palm’.

Zhang Ruochen growled, as the fourteen meridians on his both hands opened, as he blasted the attack out on both sides.

The raging blood Qi from his body formed into an peerless palm force.

Vaguely, an incredibly tall blood shadow appeared behind him, like an invincible emperor who had conquered the world.

The Seven-Orifice Netherblood Palm was a technique pioneered by Lord Ming. It was broad and profound. Only by cultivating until this level did Zhang Ruochen finally understood its essence.

At this moment, he was like Lord Ming incarnate, standing tall as he was about to turn the place to hell.

Using an ability pioneered by the Immortal Vampire against them, something about it was really enthralling.

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