God Emperor

Chapter 1967: The Battle With Cang Long

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Chapter 1967: The Battle With Cang Long

In the blink of an eye, Zhang Ruochen had taken Ling Feiyu and Ruan Ling out of the Moon Worship Demonic Sect and appeared on the vast Copper Furnace Plains.

Opening the Qiankun Realm, Zhang Ruochen summoned the Evil Spirit, and the three then landed on his head.

Zhang Ruochen handed the Saint Binding Rope to Ling Feiyu and said, “Stay back and watch her. I’ll deal with Cang Long.”

Ling Feiyu took the Saint Binding Rope and looked at Cang Long, as well as the others, fly over rapidly. A look of worry flitted past her eyes, and she said, “Cang Long is very strong, and he won’t be easy to deal with. Let’s go back to Mount Wuding first. Let me mobilize the sect’s entire power, then we’ll fight him together.”

The Mount Wuding earlier had just been an illusion. It was not the real Mount Wuding that housed the sect’s base.

“Don’t worry, as long as Ruan Ling is in our hands, the initiative is with us. It’s precisely because Cang Long is very strong that I want to fight him,” Zhang Ruochen replied.

Hearing this, Ling Feiyu could not help but take a deep look at Zhang Ruochen before she said, “Be careful.”

Zhang Ruochen revealed a confident smile as his figure flickered, and met the pursuing Cang Long and the others.


Ling Feiyu drew the Heaven’s Fall Blade and pointed it at Ruan Ling’s forehead.

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If she noticed something wrong, she would take Ruan Ling’s life without any hesitation.

Ruan Ling sneered and said, “Zhang Ruochen is just too conceited. He will definitely die in Cang Long’s hands. Just wait to collect his corpse. Watching your beloved getting killed must be very painful?”

“Zhang Ruochen will not die. You, on the contrary, just look so pitiful. You thought you had control of everything, but you were outsmarted instead. You totally did not expect to fall into Zhang Ruochen’s hands, right? This is the price for underestimating him!” Ling Feiyu sneered in return.

Fortunately, Cang Long and Ruan Ling had been overconfident. They had felt that they could toy with Zhang Ruochen, so they never used her to threaten him. Otherwise, it would have been really troublesome.

Ruan Ling remained silent as cold killing intent flashed past her eyes. She had indeed screwed up big time. Not only had she gotten nothing out of this, but she had even allowed Zhang Ruochen to take advantage of her.

If she had acted any slower, her virgin, immaculate body would have been sullied by Zhang Ruochen.

With things as they were now, she could only hope that Cang Long could take Zhang Ruochen and let her slowly torture him later.

“Zhang Ruochen, you dare fight me?” Cang Long roared.

Zhang Ruochen stood in midair as he casually swept his gaze past Cang Long and the rest, faintly saying, “Why wouldn’t I? I’ve come to Mount Wuding just to fight you. I wonder, what kind of look will Youshen have once I kill you?”

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When he had just returned to the Kunlun Realm, he had encountered many elites from the Fane of Youshen. It was clear that Youshen had been targeting him and deliberately sending many elites to the Kunlun Realm to deal with him.

Come to think of it, it was normal. Youshen had two sons; one had been killed by Zhang Ruochen and another had died because of him. How could Youshen not hate him?

To get a god to be vengeful against you was not something an average person could pull off.

“Cut the nonsense. Die!” Cang Long roared as he went straight into the offensive.

He had long been on the verge of losing it. At that moment, he vented everything out, wanting to tear Zhang Ruochen into pieces.

A dark light circulated around Cang Long’s body and converged on his fist as he blasted out a fist strike at Zhang Ruochen.


A sky-shaking dragon’s roar rang out as a black dragon, which was several hundred feet long, flew out of Cang Long’s fist.

Zhang Ruochen was not afraid, and he immediately responded with a palm strike. A Supreme Saint Dragon Soul appeared and met the giant black dragon that Cang Long had unleashed.

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The black dragon collided violently with the azure dragon, and both of them recoiled from the impact.

Neither side was able to get the upper hand during the first exchange.


Cang Long unleashed a phantom-like technique as he instantly came to Zhang Ruochen’s side. His hand simultaneously transformed into a dragon claw, and he tried to mutilate Zhang Ruochen with it.

The dragon claw was not a phantasmic transformation but a real dragon claw. It had been taken from a Neverwither black dragon.

Cang Long had expended a great deal of effort to refine the Neverwither black dragon claw and the black dragon soul into his arm. It had become one of his biggest trump cards.

With this black dragon arm, he could easily kill any ordinary Path Anterior elite.

Seeing the black dragon claw attack coming at him, Zhang Ruochen did not dodge. Instead, he clenched one hand into a fist and struck.

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A surge of Saint Qi manifested and infused into his Fire God’s Gauntlet and Fire God’s Armguards. They suddenly turned bright red with raging flames, causing a red fire cloud to rise.


Zhang Ruochen’s body shook, he took three steps back as he completely neutralized the terrifying force from the black dragon claw.

His body was very strong and had reached the realm of Beneath a Supreme Saint. However, Cang Long had a Neverwither black dragon claw, which was undoubtedly even stronger.

If it were not for the Fire God’s Gauntlet and Armguards, he would have suffered even more than he did from that head-on clash.

His figure flickered as Zhang Ruochen pulled some distance from Cang Long as he quickly took out the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light and put it on himself.

“You think you’re the only one to have a Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light?” Cang Long snorted coldly as he took out the armor and put it on.

As the Fane of Youshen’s leader and even the entire Ruiya Realm, Cang Long had climbed onto the Celestial Court’s Saint King Merit List for an extended period of time. Plus, he was ranked very high. That meant he had gotten the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light long before Zhang Ruochen had.

After putting on the armor, Cang Long’s speed became even faster, and like a flowing light, he once against closed in on Zhang Ruochen as he struck at the latter’s heart with his black dragon claw.

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With his strength and the Neverwither black dragon claw, even if Zhang Ruochen was clad in the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light, Cang Long was confident that he could dig Zhang Ruochen’s heart out with one strike of his claw.


The Eight-Dragon Umbrella appeared as more than 120,000 inscription patterns emerged, and a series of perfect power surges were unleashed one after another.


The Eight-Dragon Umbrella blocked the black dragon claw and did not let Cang Long do as he pleased.

Immediately after, eight golden dragons flew out of the umbrella, and like a real dragon, all crashed into Cang Long.

While Cang Long was not wounded, he was pushed backward by the impact of the eight golden dragons.


Cang Long roared, and a silver sword appeared in his hand as he slashed down at the Eight-Dragon Umbrella with a murderous, lightning-fast stroke.

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The eight golden dragons instantly burst into pieces, unable to withstand the attack of the sword light.

The sword light was unstoppable. It then fell upon the surface of the Eight-Dragon Umbrella.

With that single slash alone, the golden light on the Eight-Dragon Umbrella’s surface faded. All of its inscriptions were blocked, and a shallow white crack appeared on its surface.

“A King’s Weapon.”

Zhang Ruochen expression changed slightly as he immediately stored the Eight-Dragon Umbrella away.

Although the quality of the Eight-Dragon Umbrella was very close to that of a King’s Weapon, it was in essence still very far away from one. It could not really withstand attacks from a King’s Weapon. If it were to take another blow or two, it might be damaged.

Compared with Bi Yunhai’s King’s Weapon, the one in Cang Long’s hand was far more powerful, with nearly 300,000 King inscriptions on it. Its blade was razor-sharp, and there was nothing it could not destroy.

“Zhang Ruochen, my master gave me this Hidden Moon Saber to specifically deal with you. I want to see how many blows you can actually take.” A cold light appeared in Cang Long’s eyes.

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A King’s Weapon was extremely precious. If it had not been for the purpose of dealing with Zhang Ruochen, Youshen would not have given him the Hidden Moon Saber.

Cang Long lifted the Hidden Moon Saber up high as nearly half a million Saint Path Precepts converged around it. They surged alongside the Saint Qi and flowed into the saber.

At the same time, almost thirty percent of the heavenly and earthly precepts within a radius of 4,005 miles were being roused. They all gathered toward the Hidden Moon Saber in the process.

To be able to mobilize thirty percent of the heavenly and earthly precepts within a radius of 4,005 miles meant that Cang Long was extremely powerful. It indicated that he was already not too far away from a Neverwither Supreme Saint’s power level.

In fact, with the Neverwither-realm black dragon claw, Cang Long was already able to somewhat fight against a Neverwither Supreme Saint for a few bouts.

Seeing this, Ling Feiyu could not help but to show look of worry, wishing she could help Zhang Ruochen.

Ruan Ling sneered and said, “By angering Cang Long, Zhang Ruochen’s death has been determined. He won’t be able to survive more than a few hits. Release me now, then perhaps both you and Zhang Ruochen may be able to live a bit longer. Otherwise, both of you will only end up as a dead couple in the underworld.”

Ling Feiyu’s eyes were cold as the hand that held the Heaven’s Fall Blade trembled slightly. Its tip bit into Ruan Ling’s forehead, causing a drop of red blood to flow out.

Sensing Ling Feiyu’s killing intent, Ruan Ling dared not say anything else. She was really worried that Ling Feiyu would stab her in the head.

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At that moment, the Great Dragon Spirit Lord, the Nine-headed Dragon Prince, the Zifeng Saint King, and other five Fane of Youshen elites were all standing by. They actually wanted to rescue Ruan Ling.

However, they were afraid that Ling Feiyu would simply off her, and they were also quite wary of the Evil Spirit at the same time.

A vast divine might emanated from the Evil Spirit’s body, and anyone could clearly feel it. That caused the Great Dragon Spirit Lord and the others to feel somewhat threatened.


When Cang Long slashed his saber down, Zhang Ruochen used the Dimensional Shift and avoided the blow in an instant, choosing not to take the attack head-on.

“You think you can dodge this?”

Cang Long roared as the light blade suddenly changed directions and slashed straight at Zhang Ruochen.

Seeing that he could not avoid the light blade, Zhang Ruochen pulled the Secret Tome of Time and Space out. He formed a multi-dimensional space as he sheltered himself within it.


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The multi-dimension space was unable to withstand the light blade, and several layers of space were instantly shattered.

Zhang Ruochen did not panic and stretched his hand forward a little as a massive Dimensional Rift appeared, swallowing the light blade whole.

With the aid of the Secret Tome of Time and Space‘s dimensional techniques, be it his speed or power would be greatly increased.

With another hand stretched out, the Azuresky Pagoda appeared, and as it spun it released an azure radiance.

When Cang Long slashed again, Zhang Ruochen blasted out the Azuresky Pagoda without any hesitation.


The Azuresky Pagoda shook as it unleashed bursts of formidable supreme power, smashing the light blade into smithereens.

Looking at the Azuresky Pagoda, Cang Long could not help but sneer, “For you to use a Supreme Sacred Artifact without its vessel spirit against my Hidden Moon Saber… Your foolishness knows no bounds!”

As he said that, Cang Long swung the Hidden Moon Saber, and slashed out more than a dozen times in a flurry.

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In the end, the Azuresky Pagoda could not withstand the Hidden Moon Saber’s attacks. Its glow gradually became dim, and it flew backward.

Cang Long was indeed too strong, and he possessed a complete King’s Weapon. Even a Neverwither Supreme Saint would not dare to underestimate him.


A fuzzy sword soul flew out of Zhang Ruochen’s body holding the Ancient Abyssal Blade as it slashed at Cang Long.

Countless Marks of Time appeared in the air and desnly enveloped Cang Long.

“Moonlight Song.”

The sword soul swung the sword, and captured each and every Mark of Time as it used the Swordsmanship of Time and slashed at Cang Long’s neck.


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Cang Long let out a heavy, cold sneer as tens of millions of Saint Path Precepts appeared, forming a powerful Precept Dominion.

Since they were foes, Cang Long naturally had a detailed understanding of Zhang Ruochen’s abilities from long ago. He knew how arcane and unpredictable the Swordsmanship of Time was, so he was always on guard against it.

Although he had never fought against Zhang Ruochen before, he had simulated his combat with Zhang Ruochen many times in his mind, especially in terms of how to deal with the Swordsmanship of Time.

Therefore, he was fully confident he could resist Zhang Ruochen’s Swordsmanship of Time.


The black light instantly shattered, and the Precept Dominion was cut open next.


Cang Long’s reacted very quickly, but a wound still appeared on his neck as blood gushed out of it.

If the wound had been any deeper, his head would have been separated from his body.

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“How can this be?”

Cang Long quickly pulled back as a shock filled his eyes.

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