God of Fishing
God of Fishing

God of Fishing

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God of Fishing novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Pig That Can Howl Like A Wolf. 2424 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In a world where humanity lives in suspended space, children undergo a fishing test when they come of age. Those with immaculate talents have the possibility of becoming great fishing masters.

In the endless sea, every life is imbued with a sacred mission. There are fish that can fly, turtles that have absorbed the worldly essence, and whales that can devour the heaven and earth… There are also countless fishers.

Fishing is an art.

There is an ancient saying: If you can’t fish, you might as well be bait.

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  • Erebos

    Hmmmm seem like if I read this I might fish up some b*tch*s, truly fishing is a art

  • Sleep9Deprivation

    how is there 2k+ Chapters on fishing? is it any good?

  • EatApples

    Honestly I was just reading this because of the world building which I find very interesting because the characters aren't very charismatic

  • lnwUser65834

    man sucks how the author drops how you fuse with pets when fusing pet is a main function of the cheat. and there is no longer any fishing

    Edited: 1mo
  • Muhtasim

    Does hanfei get together with jiuyin ling

    • TwilightHunter

      Basically No... Check the wiki fandom of Han Fei.. it says that they are only friends, like one sided love I guess

  • InnkO

    What even is that summary? “Fwishin cool?”

  • EternalMelee


  • strawhatmattad

    Also can anyone tell me when he is gonna lose all that weight?

  • strawhatmattad

    Kinda pisses me off how he is suppose to be an adult but is attracted to a 13 year old girl and to make it worse he lets her just do whatever she wants. it’s just annoying I hate these type of cliche women that the authors write about

    • Shouste_Zetsu

      Fr those girls that feel like they can dominate the MC anyhow and how the MC also allow it😒🤦

  • Alonix

    Can anyone tell me if he's going to eat that fruit that gives him the talent to go against the skies that he got on the stairs of the level three fishing, and if so in which chapter it will be.