God of Fishing
Chapter 2392: Little Black and Little White’s

Chapter 2392: Little Black and Little White’s Tribulation

“How many times?”

Han Fei was shocked by the God of War’s words. Holy sh*t, he asked me to compress my Star Core a thousand times. Won’t it explode?

Fortunately, Han Fei was very accepting. He immediately asked, “Senior God of War, why don’t you directly teach me the supreme divine technique?”

The God of War responded by scolding Han Fei, “What do you know? You can’t be hasty. One step at a time. Do you think it’s difficult to compress it a thousand times? Try compressing it a thousand times in your own way first. This is the first step, but it’s actually a basic test.”

Han Fei said, “That’s not right! Senior God of War, if I keep pouring energy and vitality into it, wouldn’t I have to continuously compress it forever?”

God of War: “Well, I’ll give you a standard. When your Golden Jade Marrow is full, you can stop.”


Han Fei’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. Was it related to the Golden Jade Marrow?

Right, since he was going to continue to inject energy and vitality, this step should be injecting vitality. After injecting vitality, wouldn’t it be body tempering?

However, Han Fei didn’t know why the Golden Jade Marrow would be produced when the Star Core was compressed.

Before Han Fei was about to end the conversation, the God of War reminded him, “Remember, before you compress the Star Core a thousand times, don’t add vitality and energy to your Origin Stars. Do remember it.”

Han Fei asked, “Why?”

God of War: “You’ll find out later.”

With doubts, Han Fei ended the conversation with the God of War. In any case, he now had a direction.

Besides, a ten-percent increase in strength was still a ten-percent increase. His ten-percent increase was different from others’ ten-percent increase.

Han Fei didn’t leave the Origin Star but returned to the Star Core.

Hearing what the God of War said, he didn’t inject vitality or dig out other people’s Star Cores to replenish his energy. He needed to figure out how to compress the Star Cores first.

Logically speaking, the most basic compression method was to suppress it with pressure. This wasn’t very difficult, so Han Fei directly began.

The Star Core had just been born. Although it contained infinite energy and vitality, it was not completely solid at this time. It was more in a sticky semi-solid state, or even a loose liquid state.

Therefore, the first step, the most basic Star Core compression, was not very difficult for Han Fei. And the compression of a thousand times that the God of War said was actually to reduce the radius by ten times according to the volume formula.

Of course, if the mass was the same and the radius was compressed to one tenth the size, it meant that the density of his Star Core would inevitably skyrocket.

At first, Han Fei didn’t think too much about it. The God of War said that he would understand it if he did it. Then he would just focus on compressing the Star Core.

However, it only took Han Fei one day to reduce the size of the Star Core to 80% of its original size. Three days later, Han Fei reduced the radius of the Star Core to half its previous size, which was 2,025 kilometers.

However, Han Fei found two problems, one good and the other bad.

The good thing was that if he compressed the Star Core, his strength would increase slightly. His strength had increased by about 1%.

The bad thing was that it was more and more difficult to suppress it through pressure.

At this moment, Han Fei had to use the power of the Great Dao. He locked the space within the range and squeezed the Star Core crazily.

It was also at this moment that Han Fei felt the resistance and countershock of the Star Core’s energy.


In just three or five days, Han Fei’s battle suit had all been destroyed, melted under the unusually high temperature. Han Fei could feel that his body was burning, and the surging energy in his body was frantically washing his body.

“Phew! Power back-feeding?”

Han Fei was shocked because he sensed the abnormality of the Golden Jade Marrow.

Subconsciously, Han Fei began to operate body refining techniques.

Ten days later.

When Han Fei compressed the radius of his Star Core to 1,600 kilometers, he gave birth to a drop of Golden Jade Marrow, which made Han Fei extremely excited.

However, Han Fei knew that it was because he had received a huge amount of energy back-feeding in an extremely short period of time. In addition, the Origin Star seemed to have back-fed him to a certain extent too, so this drop of Golden Jade Marrow was produced.

If the current situation remained the same, Han Fei estimated that in the next few months, he should obtain a drop of Golden Jade Marrow every month until he completely adapted to the strength of the Star Core.

Of course, Han Fei didn’t stop there. The God of War’s instructions to him was to use his own method to compress it a thousand times, which was to reduce the radius by ten times.

His original radius was 4,050 kilometers, if it was ten times smaller, it should be 405 kilometers. Now he was still far from this goal.

One month Later.

Han Fei’s Star Core was compressed to 1,200 kilometers. At this time, Han Fei found that it was already extremely difficult to compress it with the Great Dao. When compressing the Star Core, a huge amount of energy dissipated and was absorbed by him, washing his body. In this month, Han Fei gave birth to six drops of Golden Jade Marrow.

“If one Great Dao is not powerful enough, I’ll use two. If two are not enough, I’ll use three.”

Three months later.

The radius of Han Fei’s Star Core was compressed to 800 kilometers. At this time, Han Fei felt that his Star Core had become extremely solid. The huge Star Core with a radius of 4,050 kilometers had now shrunk by nearly five times.

At this moment, Han Fei couldn’t press anymore, although in the past three months, his Golden Jade Marrow had increased by 42 drops.

Unfortunately, the compression of the Star Core still stopped. Han Fei had been sitting cross-legged here for three days.

In fact, the mission given to him by the God of War was equivalent to compressing the density of the Star Core a thousand times. And this process was getting harder and harder. Up to now, Han Fei felt that if he tried his best, it might take him half a year or even a year to compress the radius of the Star Core to about 600 kilometers, but it was too difficult. It might take him a hundred years to compress the radius to 405 kilometers.

Besides, Han Fei felt that his current Star Core seemed a little unstable. That was because he compressed it too hard, causing the internals of the Star Core to be a little imbalanced. If this went on, Han Fei suspected that the Star Core might explode.

Han Fei thought for three days. He was sure that if he wanted to compress it bit by bit, it would take him a hundred years or hundreds of years to stabilize the Star Core and reduce it to 405 kilometers.

However, if so, this step would be too slow.

“No! Keeping compressing it is definitely not the main purpose, even if it can back-feed the body and strengthen the refinement of the Golden Jade Marrow.”

Han Fei’s heart suddenly flipped. Is there any impurity in the Star Core? If so, can the Yin-Yang Millstone refine it?

Han Fei’s idea was very bold. It was like forging iron. By removing the impurities and leaving only the essence of the materials, wouldn’t the volume naturally decrease?

However, Han Fei didn’t know if Little Black and Little White could withstand the power of his Star Core! This terrifying scorching heat could even burn the battle suit of the ultra-quality Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure level, let alone Little Black and Little White who hadn’t opened the sky yet!

However, if they were a little further away from the core, it didn’t seem to be a problem.

When Han Fei summoned Little Black and Little White, the two little guys were more heat-resistant than Han Fei had imagined, mainly because Little Black could swallow fire essence.

Earlier, when Little White got a spiritual treasure, the Blue Sea Ice Sand, and Little Black went to the Fiery Tree to absorb the essence of the Heavenly Fire.

Now, Little Black was obviously more adapted to such an environment.

Little Black swam towards the Star Core. It seemed that the scorching energy of the Star Core couldn’t burn Little Black’s body at all. However, when Little Black really approached the Star Core, it melted directly into a black fog.

Three days later, Han Fei found that his guess was right. Star Cores also had impurities.

However, Little White suddenly said, “Dad, I’m going to make a breakthrough.”


Han Fei was quite surprised. She was going to make a breakthrough? Little Black and Little White had been stuck at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm for a long time.

Han Fei had always felt that there seemed to be a barrier that these two little guys, his closest spiritual beasts, couldn’t pass.

He didn’t expect that seeing his Star Core today would help them make a breakthrough.

“Wait, this is my Origin Star. This place is under my protection. These two little guys definitely won’t make a breakthrough here, which means that they have to make a breakthrough in the Sea of Stars.”

He had wanted to let the two little guys see if they could filter the impurities of the Star Core, but now it seemed that he had to let them transcend the sky opening-realm tribulation first.

Little Black was absorbing energy. After another day, Han Fei saw Little Black appear again. From the moment Little Black appeared, he saw that Little Black and Little White were glowing. It was clearly time for them to transcend the heavenly tribulation.

Above the Sea of Stars.

As soon as Little Black and Little White came out, the vast Heavenly Tribulation gathered in the Sea of Stars.

At this moment, Han Fei shouted, “Son, daughter, take these resources.”

With that said, Han Fei threw out a million spiritual fruits, hundreds of thousands of energy crystals, and millions of kilometers of resources. He thought that if necessary, he could intervene.

Even if the heavenly tribulation looked terrifying, it was not a big deal as long as they could survive it.

Now, Han Fei was curious about what would happen if Little Black and Little White transcended the tribulation.


When the first heavenly tribulation fell, Han Fei’s heart skipped a beat. This was clearly a purple lightning bolt! It looked no worse than his heavenly tribulation back then! Perhaps even stronger.

Chapter 2392: Little Black and Little White’s
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