God of Tricksters
Chapter 1668: Threatened

"Tell Theodore Griffith to hand over the Mafia Queen to us!" said the president with a commanding tone, glaring at Rea.

Rea was staring at the screen with a calm expression and replied, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Do you think we don't know that you're hiding the Mafia Queen from us? The people who have integrated into the base are saying the same thing. They've been saved by both the Mafia Queen and Theodore Griffith! Are you trying to rebel?"

"I seriously don't know what you're talking about. You're assuming everything to the point it becomes funny." She narrowed her eyes, showing an expression the exact opposite of funny.

Theo's existence alone was already extremely dangerous to the base, considering a single word from him could cause chaos in the base. If Theo ever said the base had expelled him, the people might lose trust in the government, thinking they would become the second union.

After that, there would be even greater chaos that might destroy the base completely.

At the same time, Theo's existence was crucial to their stability. Not only did Theo promise to assist them in reclaiming the land, but he also brought hope to the people.

He couldn't control Theo completely due to the latter being sneaky and overbearing. If he didn't have the people's support, he would have sent the Time God to capture him immediately.

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So, the base had been split into two after Theo's arrival. The government had the Time God, the current strongest person in the world. On the other hand, Theo could be considered two Authority Level Figures. This was enough to create a balance between them.

Theo might lose against the Time God in a frontal attack, but Theo could split into two and attack them from two different directions, tricking the Time God. That was why their existence was equal.

And with Alexandra Boric on Theo's side, that balance was broken. If Theo and Alexa wanted the base, they could simply attack the white house. Theo's prestige would give them enough justification and Alexa's power would be effective in a huge war.

So, this was a threat to the government. What if they tried to implement a new policy and those two didn't agree? They couldn't do it. That was why they had to control the Mafia Queen at the very least.

And this was also the reason why Theo didn't give Alexa to them. Having her on his side gave him a lot of bargaining power.

The president gritted his teeth, glaring at Rea. "Can we assume that this is Theodore Griffith's stance?"

"As I already said earlier, we don't know anything about the Mafia Queen. Besides, you are the one who should stop trying to put a leash on us… Are you going to use the Mafia Queen to try to control us?" Rea narrowed her eyes. "It seems that you've forgotten why this base is still standing…

"We've protected this side with only this many soldiers, giving you the opportunity to protect yourself from the other side. If you tried to protect both sides without us, the base would suffer great damage, considering the Time God wouldn't be enough to stop two World Class Monsters, right?

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"Ah, don't forget that my teacher, Theodore Griffith, killed the World Class Monster on our side. We've shown the power of humanity that wouldn't lose against any invasion. Can I safely assume that the government is trying to make my teacher your slave?"

"Don't twist my words as you please! All I want is the Mafia Queen!" The president slammed the table.

"I've been telling you that we don't know any Mafia Queen. My Teacher found a group of refugees in Mexico and because of his big heart, he decided to take them back to the base, not only to allow them to have a better life but also to increase the population of this base. That's all."

Rea remained calm this whole time because she had the upper hand in this conversation.

The president stated with a cold tone. "If that's the case, we might send the Time God to knock on your door."

"Is this a threat?" Rea didn't like it as her tone became cold.

"I'm simply warning you. I won't let you threaten the stability of the base."

"Threatening the stability of the base? I think you're trying to do that by trespassing in our territory. Don't forget that you've promised us to not interfere with what we're doing. Are you perhaps trying to break the contract? If so, then I will consider this as an act of aggression."

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The two glared at each other. There was a fierce spark in their gaze as they tried to challenge each other.

"I've told you everything. We don't provoke everyone, but we won't just stand still if we're being provoked." Rea harrumphed and hung up the call. She truly had a headache in this politics.

But this was also important since Theo's plan also considered politics and the economy to achieve the greatest result. So, she couldn't escape from this.

She let out a long sigh and left her room. She realized that they were having a small party in the hall, so she immediately joined them, wanting to wash away this tired mind.

"Oh! She has arrived!" Agata smirked while waving her hand. "Come, come. You must be angry. We have been waiting for you."

"Mhm." Rea smiled as she didn't hesitate to take her portion.

As soon as they finished eating, they were sitting close to Theo as if they wanted to hear how he killed his first World Class Monster.

After all, this was a story that would become a legend. Theo wasn't the only person who knew it. There were many people who witnessed that battle, and some of them had become citizens. They were going to spread that story to the people around them.

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Theo smiled and said, "Well, how do I start this…"

Theo thought for a moment before smiling. "Ah, yes. If I want to start, I have to start from this. This is a story from four days ago…"

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