Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1546: : That Look in the Eyes…

Chapter 1546: That Look in the Eyes…

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‘These geniuses are kind of cute…’ Yes, in Bu Fang’s eyes, the geniuses of the Titan Divine Dynasty, who were charging at him, were very cute.


In the sky, the crown prince’s whole body bloomed with light. That was the sign that his barbaric glyphs were completely activated. He began to grow taller, from ten feet to one hundred feet, then a thousand feet! In just the blink of an eye, he had turned into a towering giant, and the barbaric glyphs on his skin were glowing, revealing the image of a slithering divine dragon.

His eyes were blazing as his hands clutched a divine dragon, his aura fluctuating. He was truly the crown prince of a divine dynasty. The pressure he was emanating now was even stronger than a mid-grade God King!

Foxy opened her mouth. Flames spread out in all directions, accompanied by a rapid-firing sound as one explosive meatball after another shot out from between her jaws. Although it was comical, the power was not to be underestimated.

As the crown prince had grown to a thousand feet high, his flesh seemed to have become much stronger. No matter how those meatballs struck him and kept exploding, he was unscathed.

“How dare a mere beast to provoke me!”

The Titan crown prince’s eyes shone like torches. He was the prince, and now that he had become a crown prince, he was naturally very proud of himself. How could a man like him tolerate the provocation of a spirit beast?

Many people went wild when they saw the crown prince’s mighty appearance. They roared excitedly, cheering for him following the Titan Divine Dynasty’s custom. This was how they expressed their deep respect for him.

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On the ground, smoke and dust billowed as one expert after another approached Bu Fang at high speed. He was the foreigner who their Divine Emperor wanted, so they would not let him escape!

Bu Fang took a sip of water and exhaled deeply. Drinking hot water was good for one’s health. The next moment, he raised his head and looked indifferently at those approaching geniuses. Then, he lifted his Taotie Arm. As light swirled, the arm seemed to turn transparent, and the bones inside seemed to become visible to the naked eyes.

If it was in the past, Bu Fang would have just taken out the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and swatted these cute, silly fellows. But he could not do that now because the wok was broken. So, he could only choose a more simple, direct method.

A man drew nearer. His barbaric glyphs surged, and the terrible rumbling sound caused by his blood and energy seemed to crack the void. With a thunderous roar, he threw out a punch.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, lightly waved his glittering, almost translucent arm.


An explosive noise echoed out. Bu Fang was unmoving like a great mountain, but the genius’s arm twisted grotesquely, and he was thrown flying backward in a flash. A miserable howl filled the air.

The scene made the pupils of the surrounding people constrict. They were slightly taken aback.

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Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Bu Fang casually threw out four palms, and the four geniuses who charged at him all flew back at the same time. Soon, the smoke and dust on the ground scattered and dissipated, revealing the four geniuses.

All the people gasped and could only feel chills rise and spread from the bottom of their feet. The parts where the four geniuses were hit by Bu Fang seemed to have burst apart, and they looked extremely miserable.

‘Is this really a sickly… Demigod? A Demigod? Is there such a terrible Demigod in the world? Could this fellow still have some tricks up his sleeves?’ Many people were recalling Bu Fang’s information in their heads.

‘He had defeated the Xiayi crown prince and suppressed many geniuses, and he had comprehended three supreme Laws of the Universe… Can even a Demigod be so fearsome by comprehending three supreme Laws?’

The people of the Titan Divine Dynasty did not care much about the Laws. They only cared about barbaric glyphs, which were the source of their strength. So, they had no idea what a horrible concept it was to comprehend the three supreme Laws of the Universe.

‘It may be… scary, but will it be as scary as the crown prince’s divine dragon barbaric glyphs?’

“Even though he had comprehended three supreme Laws of the Universe, he is still just a Demigod…” someone murmured. However, even he himself was not confident about what he just said.

The cultivation base of the four men who just attacked Bu Fang was already the best among these geniuses. Maybe it was because they did not use their barbaric glyphs so they were knocked flying away, but that was still incredible.

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They rolled to their sides and jumped to their feet. They were all high-grade Gods, so they were very resilient and would not be easily defeated by Bu Fang. Rumbling filled the air as their eyes turned red, and the barbaric glyphs on their skins began to wriggle.

Barbaric glyphs were made up of various images. Inspired by all kinds of savage beasts, the ancestors of the Titan Divine Dynasty created the barbaric glyphs and drew them on their bodies to obtain great strength, as well as the attributes of those savage beasts.

The four geniuses in front of Bu Fang were demonstrating this special effect. The barbaric glyphs on them were a lion, an elephant, a leopard, and a crocodile, respectively. As these barbaric glyphs were activated, their bodies grew taller abruptly. Although they were not as tall as the crown prince, they managed to reach hundreds of feet high.

For a moment, four towering giants looked down at Bu Fang at the same time.

“I’m going to tear you into pieces, you pig from the Xiayi Divine Dynasty!” growled one of the geniuses. The barbaric glyphs on him gleamed, while the shadow of an element seemed to emerge behind him. The next moment, the force of an elephant gathered in his arms, which seemed to turn into an elephant trunk and swept out toward Bu Fang.


The ground was hit, and a large rock was picked up and thrown at Bu Fang. However, as he was surrounded by the Law of Space, the rock went straight through him as if he did not exist and flew in the direction of the Keepers.


The Keeper raised a withered arm, caught the rock, and crushed it into powder.

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The genius was dripping with cold sweat, feeling grateful that the Keeper did not give him any trouble. Then, he turned and vented all his anger on Bu Fang. “You damned pig of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty!”

The few geniuses struck at the same time, their fists smashing down hard. Just the mere sight of these hill-like fists was enough to make one’s scalp go numb. A loud rumble echoed out as an explosion erupted from where the four fists hit.

However, Bu Fang stood where he was, unscathed. The invisible Power of Law floated around him, blocking all the dust, smoke, forces, and noises.

“Borrowing the power of the barbaric glyphs… This is quite interesting.”

Bu Fang’s face was pale with weakness. The Heavengod’s power, though suppressed, was still raging within him. But it was no big deal. He could not turn his body bigger, but when it came to the clash of physical strength, he had no fear at all. He lightly kicked the ground with his toe and shot into the sky.

A genius roared. The shadow of a lion emerged and gathered over his fist, then he threw it at Bu Fang. Instead of avoiding the punch, Bu Fang swept out his Taotie Arm. The next moment, the tiny arm collided with the fist that was as huge as a hill.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The genius’s pupils constricted as he let out a tragic shriek. Every joint in the bones of his enormous arm was blown apart, and blood sprayed out of them, turning into a bloody mist that spread in all directions. His body shrank in a flash, and then he flew backward, spitting mouthfuls of blood.

In just the blink of an eye, the other three geniuses were crushed and defeated as well. This, to Bu Fang, was just something very normal. He raised his head and looked at the Keepers in the distance, who still showed no sign of making a move…

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Bu Fang twitched the corner of his mouth. At this moment, Foxy flew back and sat on his shoulder. Wisps of smoke rose from her mouth, and her head was bowed as if she was tired. He rubbed her head, took out an explosive meatball, and shoved it into her mouth.

“Well, I’ll take it from here…” Bu Fang did not want to delay any longer. Everything in the Titan Divine Dynasty was getting weirder. Of course, that did not include the cute little geniuses around him.

The crown prince’s one-thousand-foot-high body stood where it was, and he stared proudly at Bu Fang. The supreme Law of the Universe, coupled with the divine dragon barbaric glyphs, had made his strength very close to that of a high-grade God King.

Bu Fang’s ability to defeat the combined forces of the four geniuses was not what he had expected, but it did not bother him. Instead, he felt somewhat embarrassed because he, a crown prince, had failed to kill a fox. That fox was just too slippery.

“It seems that… you’re not without merit. An expert who could defeat the Xiayi crown prince indeed possesses some incredible abilities!”

The Titan crown prince grinned. Then, his figure vanished as if he had teleported away. His body was enormous, but his movements were extremely agile. In just a flash, he appeared at Bu Fang’s side and threw out his palm. He wanted to kill Bu Fang like swatting a mosquito.

The giants of the Titan Divine Dynasty always used this trick to deal with existences from the other divine dynasties, and it was particularly useful.

Bu Fang glanced lightly at the crown prince. The Law of Space spread around him, and he stepped into the void. The next moment, when he reappeared, he was already at another location. The void kept being torn apart, and Bu Fang walked through them as if he was just strolling. However, with every step he took, he always appeared in a different spot.

The crown prince’s huge hand kept waving and swatting in the sky. Suddenly, Bu Fang’s figure appeared on the side of his cheek. He rolled his eyes, then lifted his palm and slapped down hard. Just then, Bu Fang stepped into the void again and disappeared.

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The crown prince’s palm slapped himself on the face, producing a sound so loud that it made those who heard it feel the pain in their faces. The experts in the warships all fell silent. They did not know what to say now. Was the crown prince too stupid? If not, how did he get played around by the pig from the Xiayi Divine Dynasty? However… that guy’s power was too bizarre.

“Is that the Law of Space… one of the supreme Laws of the Universe?!”

“It’s so… strong and agile! It’s the bane of us, the Titans!”

“That’s right, the Law of Space is definitely our bane!”

The crown prince covered his cheek with one hand, and his eyes were bloodshot with rage. “If you have balls, don’t keep running away from me!” he growled.

Bu Fang glanced at the crown prince as if he was looking at an idiot. His figure flashed and appeared in front of the crown prince’s forehead. Then, he flicked his fingers.

The crown prince’s eyes seemed to glaze over. In a flash, a burst of blood exploded out from his forehead, and his whole figure flew backward. He felt as if his head had been blown apart!


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He fell to the ground with a crash, and his one-thousand-foot-high body shrank in an instant. With a blank face, he lay on the ground and was unable to move at all. Bu Fang’s move had filled him with chills.

The moment Bu Fang flicked his fingers, the crown prince saw four Wheels of Law emerged around him: the Law of Space, the Law of Life, the Law of Destruction, and the Law of Transmigration. Those were the four supreme Laws of the Universe!

‘Four supreme Laws? Isn’t he supposed to have comprehended only three supreme Laws of the Universe?!’

The crown prince was instantly defeated, and his defeat was so dramatic.

Glancing at the crown prince, who lay on the ground with hands and legs stretched out, Bu Fang twitched the corner of his mouth and said, “So cute.”

The surrounding geniuses were struck dumb. “Did he just say His Highness is… cute?”

Suddenly, Bu Fang felt an explosion of terrible power. Frowning, he turned and looked into the distance. There, the Keeper finally… moved. The latter looked up and revealed an old face with a pair of eyes that shone with a black light.

“That look in the eyes…” Bu Fang’s mind trembled, and through those eyes, he was able to confirm something…


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In the sky, the warship suddenly exploded. Then, two figures appeared on either side of Bu Fang, sealing off his retreat paths. They were the two guards who the Divine Emperor sent to escort the crown prince.

“What…” The crown prince focused his eyes. He did not understand why the guards his father gave him made a move at this moment. And, what made it feel even more incredible was that the appearance of the two guards changed in the next instant.

A black aura filled the air as the two guards fixed their eyes on Bu Fang with a greedy look on their faces. Suddenly, black insect-scaled knives materialized in their hands, and their aura locked on Bu Fang instantly.

‘Sure enough, when compared with these Titan experts whose bodies are occupied by the Soul Demons, those geniuses are really cute…’

Bu Fang exhaled deeply. The next moment, knife light tore through the air as the two black insect-scaled knives slashed toward him. The fighting prowess of Numbered Soul Demons engulfed him in an instant!

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